EPIC WORLD WAR 2 DOGFIGHT! :: Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Epic Challenges!


Just Cause 3 Epic World War 2 Dogfight! Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Awesome WW2 Plane Battle! Just Cause 3 Epic Stunts Funny Epic Moments! Get Just Cause …


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  1. Nick Kortz says:

    That jet pack thing he does, is it a mod?

  2. Zombito 67 says:

    Vadact I got an idea and what if you can do a legit bombing run with the squad to attack bases

  3. LilWolfy 55 says:

    I can't identify if it's an F4u vought corsair or a stuka

  4. Leon Pschinn says:

    pls do a Big war with much members this would be so epic

  5. sub to his youtube and mines

  6. Vadact you're awesome

  7. JammyMan says:

    Do a mech fight! Like so vadact can see!

  8. Sweg Master says:

    How did you get multiplayer?!

  9. Do that again but with jets so you have to evade missiles and shit

  10. do someone knows if online is coming to console?

  11. Umair Wafri says:

    i have a stunt for you,spawn 2 cargo planes.Spawn a car at the top of the cargo plane.While flying,drive the car into the cargo bay of the other cargo plane.

  12. u guys should play chicken in plains

  13. jaime diaz says:

    this game is online now

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