If you have been searching for a good World War 2 game like I have then I have something special for you. This mod is absolutely awesome!! DOWNLOAD …


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  1. SirGmodAlot says:

    Red Orchestra is still better than this mod

  2. DrTubeman says:

    Yeah nothing really in this that appeals to me looks fine, but not for me.
    Will you be giving the new Arma 3 Exile Tanoa map a run Deadly, its a stunning map well worth getting, and the new AI are fricken op. cheers Dude

  3. Wazzabi says:

    What is the name on the servers?

  4. Savage says:

    literally addicted to this mod i highly recommend it! :D

  5. Tinypeanut says:

    This mod is awesome. Been playing it a lot.

  6. I'd like to see u play this mod with other people and by urself

  7. plzzzz that would be cool.

  8. Post more gameplay!

  9. andre guedes says:

    i love that mod !

  10. Grape Slushy says:

    BEST GRAPHICS 2016!!!!!

  11. Ramon Lewis says:

    The first couple of minutes look like a map of "Day of Defeat Source"

  12. Deadly, here's a tip that will make this game a lot of fun. Get a friend who is high enough level to buy a JU87 bomber plane, have them land it near base. It's got a rear gunners seat. Enjoy surprising those fighter planes that get behind your friend, only for you light them up with twin rear mounted machine guns. :)

  13. Dave says:

    World At War

  14. sparklestone says:

    deserve more subs

  15. How do you find the King of the hill servers? I can only find the wasteland servers with this mod:(

  16. you should play the darkest hour mod for red orchestra ostfront 41-45 its a great realistic ww2 shooter

  17. what are the servers?

  18. Yo deadly, every time I try and join a server it says "you were kicked off the server". Got any idea why? All I did was run the IFA3LITE mod and that it.

  19. Loic Ok says:

    what is the name of the server ?

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