ET Mummy Found In Egypt


By Terrence Aym

Buried in a dark corner of the Cairo Museum is a mummy that could change the world and our view of humanity’s place in the universe. Tucked away from the political turmoil on the streets and the rising surge of the Muslim Brotherhood is a mummified creature from the stars. Entombed thousands of years ago with the body of a Pharoah, the small, frail-looking creature is easily recognizable to any present day UFO investigator: the body of an alien, mummified Grey.

What secrets did the Egyptian High Priests bury with their dead as they sent them into the afterlife on their voyage to the stars? Precious jewels, gold, food, the personal possessions of the deceased including the most devout slavesand sometimes an alienwere all stored in the dead’s subterranean Ark of the Ages.

The ancient Egyptians were artists and meticulous chroniclers of history. They adorned the walls of the tombs of the mighty with a record of the great person’s life, deeds, accomplishments. The paintings on the walls of the tomb also recorded for the gods the worthy one’s relationships and momentous occassions.

Especially relationships with the Sky Gods and the meetings between gods and humans.

Records of alien relationships found in Egyptian tombs

Famous Egyptologists like the now deposed Antiquities Minister, Zahi Hawass, found bizarre artifacts and disturbing tomb paintings and clamped down on the embarrassing finds with a tight lid of security. Any leaks that emerged concerning the discoveries were met with denials, derision, and sometimes veiled threats.

Former Egyptian Antiquities Minister Zahi Hawass

Egypt’s Antiquities Minister, a powerful and prestigious post that oversees the protection and research activity of every historical site that spans the ancient Egyptian dynasties, is responsible for being the State guardian of ancient knowledge and what’s permitted to reach the outside world.

Still, information and photos made it past the phalanx of the many layers of Egyptian obfuscation.

Some information that found its way to the public was of little consequence except to researchers of the arcane. Other information, however, is potentially world-changing, like the paintings of aliens that adorn some tombs of the ancient Egyptian kings.

Alien Grey in the Valley of the Kings

Near the bottom of a mural: an alien Grey [Courtesy Egyptian Museum]

Close-up of tomb wall portion with alien Grey [Courtesy Egyptian Museum]

The sensational discovery of an extraterrestrial depicted by ancient Egyptian artist-chroniclers is not unique. Other such finds have been alluded to by researchers for more than 120 years. This is the first, however, that’s been smuggled out of the research archive division of the Egyptian Antiquities department of the governmental authorities in Cairo.

Other examples are claimed to be in the British Royal Museum of Natural History. If true, the London curator and staff are not talking.

Mummified Grey discovered in sarcophogus

Photographic evidence of an mummified Egyptian mummy sealed withing an ancient sarcophogus and entombed with a Pharoah, has been revealed by researcher David Innis at

Innis writes in part:

“What you are about to see is something you have never heard of….What you haven’t been told is that when the boy-king Tutankhamun’s mummy was unearthed by Howard Carter and his team back in the 1920s there was buried, along with all of the priceless gold artifacts, two ‘baby’ mummies. One of these mummies is an alien Grey!”

The short article is accompanied by photos alleged to be of the Pharoah and the two small companion mummies.

Photo series of sarcophagus and child (top), Grey (bottom)

Enlargement of the Grey’s mummified head

Photo of alleged alien mummy unwrapped on research table at Cairo University

The Egyptian culture was obsessed with the cosmos, the constellation Orion , and the planet Mars. Perhaps this mummy and the painting on the tomb walls reveal why.

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  1. Bringing Chaos says:

    Not a single picture displayed. Good job government. You may fool the simple minded God fearing people, but you will never fool me. I am God.

  2. felio says:

    It’s not an alien depicted, it’ a vase of some sort. google it. let’s have real proof..

  3. akiko says:

    yeah, and two pictures are now not loading… hmmm…

  4. Allanah Stanhope says:

    Yes, I truly believe that all humanity is from the STARS, regardless, its about time, we all woke up, and stopped being shoved around, ET’s exist, God, Source, Creator, are all one…LIFE ENERGY, that is in the Soul, we are a collective of all that is, doesnt matter what colour,religion,cause only 2 things matter NOW…love of god, truth of knowing,light of who u are…thats it..simple….WE ARE ONE!….of everthing that is….look into THYSELF, …its all infront of us…please, please, men, governments of middle east, all governments, stop, forgive, and let go of old wounds, hate, hurt, pain, anguish…for it is time, of the coming of ALMIGHT GOD!…there is nothing else….and yes the UFO’s will be seen more and more, until you all realize, that all that every was, will be, and future, is created out of LOVE BY me, THY GOD!…I SPEAK THROUGH THIS WOMAN….like the days of old when i SPOKE THROUGH THE PROPHETS….sit and listen to your inner self, that is me, they soul/spirit…time is now moving faster than, any of you could ever imagine, PUT DOWN YOUR WEAPONS, and STOP!…
    Today is SATURDAY 29/09/2012….channelled through Medium, ….

  5. Gemaeus Daylark says:

    I give you props on your efforts here and as such will let you in on a few other.things. This is linked to the glyphs of the helicopter, plane.and spaceship. It means, “Arrival”. As far as the Alien bodies go, they they are.female fetuses. Lol! Really? Take a closer look. And then ask yourselves, when was the last time you saw a human fetuses with such long arms and hands. But that’s not the real juice of it all. If you want to know what Juice is, goto my page entitled, “Total Disclosure” on fB.

  6. Gemaeus Daylark says:

    Yes. I know. I was the first to discover it and can prove it to profound measures.

  7. Darrow says:

    Sorry people this is a hoax and shouldn’t be on here, The reason these pictures look like “alien grays” is because they have been deliberately blurred to make it appear that way. For the REAL story and original unedited versions of these images go to the link below. Sorry.

    What’s wrong here? – Catchpenny Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

  8. J0d says:

    “Some information that found its way to the public was of little consequence except to researchers of the arcane.”
    Perhaps it is this you should be more worried about, or interested in.

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