Europa Universalis 4 | Extended Timeline | World War 2 | AI Only #1


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20 Responses

  1. Frithmister says:

    I've just found a hidden gem on YouTube. Your channel is amazing! Keep this series up :D

  2. Rexusa says:

    wonder if india actually gains independence

  3. Gotta go with Germany… What's the worst that could happen eh?

  4. Alton Bishop says:

    This looks like a cool idea.

  5. Alton Bishop says:

    What mod is this btw

  6. Ulm will go wild, no matter what

  7. ImpossiBlock says:

    Why not just play hoi3?

  8. Company007 says:

    "If we get over 10 likes"


  9. Company007 says:

    The Winter War started on 30th of November and ended on 13th of March :)

  10. Joe Mc says:

    Cool vid bit like ba start gaming

  11. Joe Mc says:

    Come on Germany

  12. Robert Ttt says:

    Why on earth does us start with 500 k army?

  13. in 1930 murica had under 100.000 troops
    if there was a mod that will go then and murica had that number of soldiers

  14. How do you only have 3000 subs?

  15. Darkshark says:

    yugo, yugo, yugo. go my precious Bosnia, make me proud!

  16. Jo Green says:

    how do you ai only?

  17. why dont you use spectator mode its way better. if you dont know how to open it you ill tell you when open the game you press esc and click exit game and then click spectator mode after that you want be able to move you mouse all you do is press esc twice and do console command ti and good to go.

  18. megamania123 says:

    How can I make an AI only?

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