Evacuate Earth – Neutron Star Doomsday Scenario (Documentary)


In this edition of The End Of The World videos and documentaries, we are going to take you through a journey where you can learn about the Neutron Star …


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  1. Ironically enough, with 75 years of time, humans left on Earth could simply not reproduce anymore. By the time the apocalypse comes, there may very well be no more humans to suffer through it.

  2. Daniel Jones says:

    If those kids are looking out the window seeing earth that closely getting destroyed that ship would also get destroyed.

  3. David Keyes says:

    Orion nuclear pulse propulsion; warts and all its still the mostly engineered and on paper designed method that could be used to send an ark like the one shown on its way to another star. Its a shame Kennedy killed its development off entirely (due to the test ban treaty and the cold war) – Now Nasa is dusting off variations on it and had to go to Freeman Dysons son to get documents they had lost concerning it.

  4. Cesar Hake says:

    What happens if we do get there and there’s already Intelligent Life there?

  5. Stacy Elliot says:

    If this is going to happen, I will go around the earth before I leave it.

  6. On the subject of people protesting about the selection criteria, I don't get it. At the very least half of them will die from old age by the time the project is completed anyway. Protesting now would be an effort in futility. Besides, by the time people realise this, the birth rate will more than likely plumet. Who would seriously want to reproduce knowing their offspring will face certain annihilation?

  7. the closest neutron star to earth is hundreds of light years away dude, there's no way it will reach earth in 75 years

  8. im 9 so if i get kulled by this star its messed up

  9. 1:00:10 I like how they couldn't resist getting in a subtle jab at capitalism and free enterprise.

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