Everything Is A Rich Mans Trick / Part 2


Includes a history of the Secret Societies, Ancient Beliefs and the Control that has shaped human history for thousands of years. Celebrity’s, Politian’s, Religious Leaders All Agree. No on Can Escape the ILLUMINATI! See This Video Before YouTube pulls it Down.


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  1. Audit the federal reserve and IRS to mandatory

  2. Plus ; government HAS NO MONEY. Who's the tax payers ? Overthrowment Time.

  3. TATER CoC says:

    This is a fisher of men video that you stole and changed the voice.

  4. Stole the title and got me to click on it, and this one sucked…the original is much better. the disguised voice and the music are stupid.

  5. Anglovox says:

    Good stuff…..but, SPELLCHECK, man……Spellcheck

  6. Rich Red says:

    tom brady 2 all

  7. Why copy the name though… This isn't good enough be called a part 2

  8. Swoll Man says:

    Thought this was a 2nd part to rich mans trick but its not and its not as good as the original this is basically a bit of a ramble but having said that is still quite interesting but is rather amateurish compared to the real rich mans trick.

  9. truthistruth says:

    this channel is a their steals other people's hard work and videos like some scum of the earth

  10. 03056932R says:

    flag this shit for stealing the title of the original uploader

  11. kia akie says:

    oh and it dose not matter that September 11 was an inside job or who did it. officially it was terrorist. we can have the actually person who did commit that horrific event on video and that person would get and did get a paid vacation. just like how we all watch police officers kill innocent or not people. just like pizza gate. hey all of those people get to do anything they want and right on video right in front of all of us and if you or me park in a wrong place we pay. those people do all kinds of evil things and yep its all og us who pay for it. the drug problems in the U.S.A. is their business but its all of us the people,,(WE THE PEOPLE) WHO PAY and PAY very very HRAD. with much more than money…truthful facts and no one will do anything about how things are and they know thats a fact to.

  12. kia akie says:

    wow the beginning of this video Jefferson called it. homeless children is the result. your own relative your blood related family member is on need and so many of you have way more than you will ever need. its hard to understand how and why we do this to our pwn family members or i guess some of you call them friends. im not sure, how the individual to the one family,,treat one another with such lack. so many of you treat others so lame because you see or just think they got less than you but that homeless person doesn't owe a bank or anuone eles a thing. he or she has much more actually wealth because they are nothundreads of thousands of dollars in dept. its funny being in debt means you got a lot when you only owe a lot. this reality everyone creates is fucking crazy!!!! its sucks for most everyone and i do not get why it keeps being this way everyday. its insanity.

  13. This should have way more view, this should be in the thousands.

  14. Jim Johnson says:

    Not NEARLY as good as the original.

  15. who is the man giving the lecture at 1:09:38

  16. Kyle Matlock says:

    7:19 "All Currency other than American Currency is backed by gold." LMAO

  17. Jason Bourne says:

    Your telling me everything I've known.

  18. of we are scared and divided we become frantic then petrified and confused hence they control our money and attempt to controlled our thoughts and action. educate people ov these totalitarianism tech. in the west and urged people to stand up peacefully like Martin Luther King urged us to God bless the peace maker?

  19. tell everyone u about this film if they think it bobbins u know there banal bovine and profane beware 1 third ov everyone is ether one ov the above the other 3 are rolled by them. then 10per cent have run away to save them self's

  20. Unfortunately, the music backround is incredibly annoying.

  21. CNN sucks., pass it on, help make them disappear.

  22. Damoin Black says:

    there a another old saying,when you start to dig a hole for someone gid two one for me one for u

  23. Damoin Black says:

    haha ha u can't stop or silence everyone, there's a old saying I'm telling the Mason the free mason 33 degrees u can trick everyone something but u can't trick everyone all the time !

  24. Damoin Black says:

    haha ha u can't stop or silence everyone, there's a old saying I'm telling the Mason the free mason 33 degrees u can trick everyone something but u can't trick everyone all the time !

  25. this is crap guy doesn't know his ass from a hole

  26. RubberDuck14 says:

    1:18:11 it's a damn lie its always been the same!

  27. I really don't like that way Oprah is looking at Chappelle when he speaking about wearing that damn dress you mean to tell me this b** been apart of the Illuminati the whole time

  28. GenXgypsy says:

    Would of watched the whole video if it wasn't for your stupid fucking music. Dead giveaway that you are a fraud.

  29. Very cheap, should be reported and banned

  30. daftweebrush says:

    you, little girl, are a fucktard. How dare you disrespect ultimately superior film making with this cheap nasty tacky shit?! Like the comment next to mine, cheap trick and i wouldnt be surprised if youre sued

  31. Kay K says:

    This video was so irritating. The voices, the beat – I could not stand listening to too much.

  32. "All currencies besides Americas currenvy are backed by Gold"? What have you been smoking? Why make a video with false facts? Sorry this is not worth my time!! Thumbs down!

  33. Bry K says:

    wtf??? lasted until the screwed up voice over. iv'e witnessed some crappy plagarism but this takes it.

  34. The secret societies that control our government are secret for a reason. The freemasons, skull and bonsers and bohemian grovers are all into luciferian sodomite rituals and pedophilia. These wretched devil worshippers rule the world, they are inbred retards, horny zipper licking pedophiles and shit eating sodomites.

  35. Very. Scsrey. Video. Withnnsoundvvfrom thevoccult. Eyes wide shut. Video,,,

  36. John P says:

    They have lied about every war. They have controlled and deceived the world through monopoly power in banking, oil, diamonds and gold. The city of London is a sovereign state and an offshore finance centre. The District of Columbia and the Vatican are equally powerful independent and secretive. All are part of satanic control of the world. As the KJV Bible says, the devil rules the world and has deceived the nations. The biggest lie is that the earth is a globe. It is not. No one is spinning. It is flat as it says in the KJV Bible. for truth Texe Marrs, Edward Hendrie, William Guy Carr, Carrol Quigley, Stephen Mitford Goodson, Antony Sutton, Stanley Monteith, Eustace Mullins, Docherty and MacGregor. Jesus Christ will be back to punish or reward accordingly. Almighty God made all and sees all. He knows everyone's motives.Helliocentircity and evolution are equally satanic deception. Nature is full of God's miracles. 911 was a satanic spiritual event so do not try and rationalise it. I would say life is God's test of each person's nature to establish their role in heaven or hell. Either you're with God or you're with satan.

  37. paul kg says:

    This is an insult to all those docs on you tube, especialy the original E.I.A.R.M.T. All you've done is rip other docs off. FAKE AS FUCK

  38. Warren Smith says:

    The people that control the world were identified by Plato as the Sophists. Plato's Allegory of the Cave is about the world created by the Sophists. They employ an allegoric code to hide everything in plain sight. Plato himself was a Sophist and this is why he is treated as a great philosopher when in the literal world he was nothing more than a scribe who recorded the conversations of Socrates.

    I believe that John Nash of A Beautiful Mind stumbled onto this code when he found patterns of word usage in various periodicals that could not be explained as occurring by chance. Nash was then gas-lighted so that no one would take him seriously.

    The "Matrix" is made up of all the materials that employ this allegoric code. Crack the code and you will see the truth. Here is a hint: "As above, so below" with above referring to literal meanings and below referring to hidden meanings.

  39. Jas K says:

    Spoilt it with that fucking stupid disguised voice.

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