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Primark Haul / shoplog / what’s new – September 2016 – Autumn Collection Womenswear, Ladies Fashion, Homeware, Cosmetics, Handbags, Accessories, …


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  1. i cannot wait to go in 3 weeks ?? so many cool stuff ?

  2. Aneta F says:

    dzięki za filmy

  3. Anthea C says:

    Hi, what primark store do you film this in? Great vid ?

  4. Leo Klein says:

    weiss jemand wie viel der London und Berlin kaputzenpulli kostet

  5. can you do more phone cases videos and can you show some for iphone 4 please

  6. M says:

    Are they the same collections in germany?

  7. Sophie xoxo says:

    wow voll krass dass du dir soviel Arbeit machst und alles fotografierst ? Danke für das Video ! jetzt weiss ich, wo ich als nächstes einkaufen muss ???

  8. HOW to buy this please

  9. Nina Husen says:

    Are they the same collections in Holland? ?

  10. Hello! I've got a question, if this september/autumn collection will be in Primark whole september, I mean these clothes and shoes and so on.

  11. Paula Laye says:

    love and adore primark black gilets, I've had mine for nearly five years and wash it regularly and still looks great' paid only eight pounds for it….. Want and need the navy blue version….

  12. every single item in every single department ! thankyou so much, i think i love you! ? ?

  13. Primark have come a long way in last couple of years there clothers are so up to date in fashion and affordable.x

  14. Clara says:

    Does anybody know how much the black jacket at 4:10 is?

  15. Devektra says:

    ¿Y en España-Valencia, estará la mayoría de las cosas? ¿O no?

  16. I hope the same collections are in Austria :-)

  17. Melina Ille says:

    Also gibt es jetzt in den primark Läden Herbst /wintermode? :)

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