Everything New at Primark – Biggest ever video 1250 new items!!! | June 2016 | IlovePrimark


Primark Haul / shoplog June 2016 Womenswear, Ladies Fashion, Home ware, Cosmetics, Handbags, Accessories, Jewellery, Shoes, lingerie, underwear, socks …


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  1. fashion me says:

    when will this be in netherlands? xd

  2. can post a video of all the makeup and all of the cosmetics please

  3. but without the flash back thing

  4. tina brown says:

    Is this for primark stores in the UK?

  5. chicken wing says:

    I can't believe i watched the whole video haha. Well done !

  6. So Disney related at the start

  7. Just Bored says:

    Who is the winner of the giveaway? It is 1st June xx

  8. when will this be in Karlsruhe?

  9. omg i need that bohemian rapsydi t-shirt

  10. Loved it! I'm planning a trip to primark next week, you gave me so much inspo, as always ?

  11. what's the primark like in Westfield I'm from Ireland and I'm in England and tomorrow I'm going to Westfield what's the primark like there does anyone know ? c

  12. omg so much things that i really want but im not in Ireland right now ..i hope irish primark/penneys to have most of the things when i come back at August 🙁 Thanks for the amazing video xx

  13. thank you sooo much your the best yessssssss

  14. will any of this still be here around then end of month x ( love your vids)

  15. fini ct says:

    en que primark es esto?

  16. +Indy Ringeling +IndyRingeling omg look how lang…

  17. euh…je me suis perdue je croie

  18. Super! Dziękuje za filmik :)

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