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Primark Haul / Primark shoplog / Penneys haul / January 2016 Womeswear, Ladies Fashion, Homeware, Cosmetics, Shoes Music from Jukedeck – create your …


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  1. are these all of the new coats/jackets in store

  2. c'est quand les soldes

  3. xOreo Geakx says:

    Where are the onesies???

  4. jeez i love this channel not only do i go into primark like ALOT i also like how when i watched this video i knew what was new some of the items that i like the look of that were new had the prices on them so yh i love the video

  5. also were is that primark is it in london and will all those items be in like most primarks

  6. We need a Primark store in our country like NOW. (I live in Hungary.)

  7. Wie viel kostet der schwarz Lederne Rucksack. Er kommt im Video gleich nach dem Portmonee. Würde mich auf eine Antwort freuen:)

  8. Noel Healy says:

    Thanks so much

  9. BEAUTY- FOOD says:

    e ce que l'ont peut retrouver ces meme article dans le primark de paris ?

  10. I love your videos but could make videos of the same kind of punch in Berska store

  11. Chocho Maya says:

    Very cool liked everything I wish you success
    I love your videos


  12. great video is this a London store?

  13. Ayfer Han says:

    this viedeo is perfect

  14. Diana Diana says:

    Great video !!!! I found the music at the beginning sooo relaxing. Now ive got to go to Primark today!

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