Everything Wrong With Cinema Sins In 3 Minutes Or Less


This week we bring you everything wrong with… us. Because no movie, or YouTube channel, is without sin. In our case, the sins are pretty obvious, so this video …


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  1. Batman wayne says:

    did you also read fifty shades of grey?

  2. Wonder if they're gonna do another one that addresses everything wrong they may have done since this was released

  3. Rawr Box says:

    You are now breathing manually. . .

  4. You are sinning yourself for being white. You are a prime example of liberal idiocy. But I'm glad you admit it.

  5. Jamie Medlin says:

    how dare you say f**k twilight if any thing f**k you

  6. Jamie Medlin says:

    how dare you say f**k twilight if any thing f**k you

  7. Jamie Medlin says:

    how dare you say f**k twilight

  8. They should do an everything wrong with home.

  9. i knew it!!!!!!! you didnt read twilight!!! the book is better!!!

  10. Liam Bianco says:

    I hate this guys voice

  11. I love you assholes 🙂 have a good day

  12. gandalfalfa says:

    You better make that infinity plus one because I rather enjoy cinema sins and I don't appreciate how rude you're being.

  13. I love what you do and even some of the movies I love have a load of sins it doesn't matter because nothing is perfect , and this is just too funny

  14. AnuCode A.C says:

    im a fanboy, and im not pissed off

  15. People actually get offended by CinemaSins? How dumb can people online get?

  16. Judging by your Hunger Games cinema sins, though, I assume you haven't read those books either.

  17. Hay I have done some amateur film work and I agree with some of the sins you do.

  18. Hay I'm an American and I am interested in other cultures. Two things cause genacides: one ignorance and two gun control (this only became a reason in the 20th century but it is still a reason). (I brand sin anyone that hates this comment. You are aloud do feel neutral about it but if you diss this it means that you are a Nazi).

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