Everything Wrong With: Doctor Who: World War 3 in 17 Minutes or Less


Hooray for long titles and bots BBC ! I’m tired of all this stuff . Moffat ? If you read this , I will find you , and will force you to eat chips Fritos .


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  1. You should have a gave a sin off for the line – "And you kiss this man?"Thank you for the video.

  2. 14:14 I think he was going to say "Oh bollocks."

  3. 9:48 Does this episode get a sin for the fact Mickey has apparently seen Signs?

  4. The Raxacoracofallipatorions (hope I spelled that correctly) don't speak English they have translators we learned that in the Sarah Jane Adventures

  5. Just saying, you probably shouldn't insult the BBC.

  6. Hi Matt. It's Scott from UMYF 2015

  7. the food one
    in classic who there was a machine that created food.

  8. And no sin for racism?! 8:38
    Incorrect spelling of "Slitheen". 13:40
    Unsatisfactory knowledge of the Whoniverse. 15:47

  9. I'm sorry but I can't like it with how nitpicky you are when it comes to Mickey!

  10. josh lane says:

    it is annoying how the new video he uploaded was blocked. even though he wasn't earning money of it. why bbc why

  11. 8:23 Rose has a picture of the TARDIS and has the missing sign of her.

  12. Dante Giello says:

    So that's what the slitheen would do for a klondike.

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