Everything Wrong With Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, Part 2


Revenge of the Sins. Part 1 of this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0TGcvtzjUs The Ables: Freepoint High game, NOW available on Steam Early …


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  1. Seriously? The Obi Wan/ Anakin duel is the best fight in the saga.

  2. SantsaStark says:


  3. Lara Wynd says:

    6:45 I lost it at this part x'D

  4. ameer adel says:

    i clicked angrily, and i m not angry anymore

  5. KR BL says:

    People are going to hate me when I say this but I prefer the prequels a tiny bit better than the original trilogy

  6. Gulyabani says:

    A lot of nitpicking, i see

  7. But wait Obi wan didn't bring Padme to the lava planet she brought him after he snuck into her ship without her knowing.

  8. Camaroni1000 says:

    If you actually paid attention to the anakin and pane love story in episode 2 you would learn that anakin hates sand. So sending him to a desert planet was genius! Also all the stuff about the painful memories of his mother and stuff.

  9. Tyler Morton says:

    I thought you were going to say something about idk, obi wan cutting analins… LIMBS off?!

  10. Best thing about CinemaSins is people taking it seriously in the comment section.

  11. Gweedo Lara says:

    10:03 Okay I get it, you dont like the prequel trilogy, but that was just unnecessary.

  12. XSoulswiperX says:

    why does this guy sound like a cunt

  13. The light saber fights aren't boring… I don't see how they are…

  14. His name should have been Obi-One-Liner…

  15. Leo Martinez says:

    why you sin such dumb things, for example you sinned the legendary far far away quote wtf

  16. you Have to take three sins because he had a chip in his brain and your eyes change when you go to the dark side. and anikan was married in secret stupid

  17. Claude Lynch says:

    yelmo, you're unique! bright swift what's your opinion about tjat !!!

  18. xPandaBethx says:

    Loving the Disney references in this one

  19. lovily! hey how's it goipg? cycle song what's your opinion about this, guyt !!

  20. I hear pregnant women are more emotional, so I give Padme a pass on that. I'm going to say she died of a broken heart in combination with postpartum depression. Also I felt like Ani's "Noooooo" scene needed more sins. Like it would have been sooooooooooo much better if he just screamed and things warped and blow up around him.

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