Everything Wrong With WALL-E in 12 Minutes Or Less


Well, this is one of our favorite Pixar movies ever, but it still has sins. Please check out David Wong’s hilarious new book It’s amazing: http://futuristicviolence.com …


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  1. Kharmatos13 says:

    riighht cuz America is the only country that has fat and lazy people. eye roll

  2. Roboners, I'm crying

  3. parrot lad says:

    Then u said americans are fat i wasnt mad i agreed with you and got some cake.

  4. There is nothing wrong with WALL-E.

  5. I don't track kale everywhere, I track basil and tofu everywhere.

  6. Jinxy Minxy says:

    This is the only cinema sins video I haven't watched since even though i've been watching them for 4 years, and I an not ok with that. Ding

  7. julius ochoa says:

    0:05 this is what happens when Donald Trump becomes president

  8. MetallicGirl says:

    This movie was shit.

  9. Noah Senhg says:

    I always click on this, then remember that wall-e is my all-time favourite Disney movie and that I don't want to have it ruined by you so I click away again xD
    am I the only one who does this?

  10. 11:00 But Brawndo has what plants crave, it has electrolytes!

  11. TheDewman03 says:

    Another sin: How do the giant stacks of trash blocks not fall over during these storms that WALL-E needs to run from? Either they are so strong WALL-E has to run for safety or they are so weak that they can't knock over a giant Jenga tower. It can't be both!

  12. Flashbang says:

    8:55 Discount GlaDOS +CinemaSins

  13. 20 sins for the middle finger at the very audience that they want to watch this bullshit. 30 for everybody thinking it is good despite this. 40 for making me check the time every 5 mins while watching this movie in theaters.

  14. I'm giving you 100 sins for bleeping out all the expletives, but not actually bothering just not saying them in the first place.. You're censoring yourself, you fuckmuppet. Why would you use the expletives in the first place if you already know you're going to bleep them later? Makes 0 sense. Also, that beep is annoying as fuck!

  15. When my mom was pregnant for my brother, her room had a tv in it with… idk netflix? and me and her watched this movie non-stop… and for some reason being in a hospital have me a rush, like adrenaline… for some reason… and so everytime i watch this movie I feel the same way.. that gets me to my point of this comment.. isn't it weird how if a human has contact with something in the past that was vaguely connected with a feeling like happiness, anger, or sadness that when they come in contact again with the same thing they get that feeling again?

  16. RCO Gamer says:

    can someone tell me what movie has the least amount of sins?

  17. M0n5a says:

    Another sin for the electromagnet scene: Don't computer systems fail when they are exposed to magnetic radiation? So EVE should be dead at the start of the movie! ding

  18. 3:36 because EVE is electric but in that case the magnet would suck the power out so ok

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