Evil 666 Rising As CERN Prepares To Open The Illuminati Gates Of Baal


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  1. @ Kev- Will you have a live chat or call in when Anthony is there this evening?

  2. Temple of Baal to be rebuilt in New York City and London mid April 2016.

  3. Baal has over 50 different names including Marduk and Nibiru.

  4. Baal is idol worship anti-Christ…not good…

  5. spaz tastic says:

    just like abortion

  6. I might be my age, but I could barely hear you

  7. amy ramey says:

    We need to pray more.. Evil is going to get stronger in our world .. God bless us Lord.. Amen

  8. sounds like there will be a christening with blood somewhere when the gate is complete

  9. The KJV translates Strongs H1168 in the following manner: Baal (62x), Baal=lord WHAT? Yeppers. I was researching it yesterday. That Temple was a Christian Temple during Constantine's Reign-It then was burned once again and the Christians were killed. It has a lot of history. Here you can click on the letter/numbers to get the root to each word. https://www.blueletterbible.org/kjv/2ki/11/18/t_conc_324018

  10. truthseeker says:

    we need to pray stronger than ever !!

  11. "They" are not "elite". Watch the way you/we word things. "We" have Cern and "we" are smashing holes and "we" have the gates of Baal….
    Not I. Not me. I'm not in on this bullshit. Call them out and shine the light on all of it beforehand. Expose the sickness to pure oxygen, then send LOVE.

  12. When are you going to grow up and stop believing in satanic evil? The whole thing is in your head. I just see a creative cloths designer trying to be a bit contraversial. Woh, but you, you bath us in the evil thats only in your immature head. Pityful.

  13. Baal, Bel, Marduk, all names for Nimrod, god of the Freemasons!!!!

  14. Dina Smith says:

    seems like a good video. too bad the sound is too low. can't hear it

  15. Will there be any bi-sexuals orgies in Trafalgar Square ???

  16. Apollo rules the world !!!! Hail Apollo !!!!

  17. Danny Ashole says:

    Knock Knock….anyone in here?
    Hello? Someone said there's a bisexual orgy going on here?

  18. Jazzy says:

    It will be interesting to see what entity walks through the temples in New York and London. Both portals obviously. I'm sure Jesus is finding this ridiculousness very amusing.

  19. ISIS had that place for months and were supposedly destroying all the statues and anything that was regarded by them as an object to pay homage to ,anything that is not for allah they want destroyed yet they never knocked these gate things down . Are they under orders or secretly ISIS Satan worshippers

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