Evil with a Nice Face – The Janus Principle

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-World’s Biggest Liars-

What is the Unfathomable Evil behind Establishment Liars and Mass-Media “Talking Heads”?

Who controls the Establishment and what is their incredibly Evil Secret that empowers their Agenda? What drives the Establishment’s Duplicity & Deception which is beyond Normal Imagination or Comprehension?

What Secret Evil empowers the Establishment’s Iron-Grip of control over each other and their Major Mass Media, the USG including the Congress, the Administration, the US Department of Justice, the Judiciary and American Law Enforcement?

What is this Evil Secret that drives the endless Establishment Propaganda Machine of the Nightly International News?

by Preston James

The Roman God Janus which symbolizes the ancient Babylonian knowledge of using two faces to keep the public fooled or confused. This involves projecting a benevolent but false “public servant” face which is completely disconnected from an evil demonic monster self within which deploys grotesque evil in secret to serve the establishment’s Secret Evil Agenda of a NWO takeover. Masters of the Janus Principle know that any disclosure of their Secret Evil Practices which can include rampant and extreme secret perversities, S&M, pedophilia and even child sacrifice, if understood and believed by the masses, would mean a fairly quick dethronement and total loss of power with massive shame projected against them. Those at the very top of the establishment Hierarchy know that they must initiate any “Rising Star” in their Hierarchy by dirtying them up in grotesque ways involving Luciferian Evil and criminally insane practices. This provides a strong secret hold on all Establishment Hierarchy Members and is the Hierarchy Leaders main Control Mechanism, which must be very heavy-handed in order to be effective in controlling these criminal psychopaths that the Establishment consists of. And the Establishment Top Policy-makers have worked hard and paid a lot of money to gain complete control over the Major Mass Media which dispenses their Psyops and false narratives in lockstep and gladly displays their outside phony, happy public servant face to the public. The Janus Principle is the biggest Evil Secret of all that empowers and runs all the dirty political games inside the beltway. It is also used by those that run the Israeli Espionage Fronts inside America like AIPAC and the like, who are known to run Congress from behind the Curtain.

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  Evil with  a Nice Face – The Janus Principle

Unquestionably, the World’s Biggest Liars are the appointed “Talking Heads” of the Controlled major Mass Media (CMMM) and those King-Makers and Top Policy-Makers that pull their strings.

These folks are the Establishment Liars (ELs), the Talking Heads of the Nightly World News and the Mainstream Major Mass Media who are selected for their smiley attractive faces which can elicit seriousness, truthfulness and credibility with news consumers while at the very same time being stories based on twisted lies, half truth and USG Psyops.

Each of these folks has proved they can be trusted to read only their assigned scripts and Not to actually report the real facts behind the current events in the World as they unfold.

The only time Truth can seep into News Reports is usually early in the story before the Establishment’s Top Policy-Makers have time to come up with their Psyops and supporting false narratives which they design to support their political goals and Agenda.

This has happened mostly at a local level close to such events, but as the reporting goes network it is vetted and changed to meet the Establishment’s Agenda.

Many of these Establishment Liars (ELs) aka “Talking Heads” present themselves as Investigative Journalists, but never go after the serious stories or dig out the actual truth behind them because they are not allowed to be serious Investigative Reporters under any circumstances.

If any of these “talking heads” ever tried to become serious Investigative reporters they would soon have enormous pressures brought against them or soon be out of a job, blacklisted forever from any News organization or Network.

So instead of doing serious Investigative reporting based on truth, these media Establishment puppets AKA nightly news “Talking Heads” peddle establishment authored reports, false narratives, comprised of scripts which support the publicly unknown, incredibly Evil Establishment Agenda.

In order to get further ahead in the establishment System or Hierarchy, these Establishment Liars must be highly motivated to read a prescribed script and limit their reports to that exact script. They know that if they don’t, they cannot rise in the establishment Media System and could easily lose their job and even become instantly blacklisted in the news industry.

If they do what is expected of them, they receive fat salaries and expect to eventually work their way up in the Major Mass Media food-chain, which is basically part of the Establishment. If they obey their prescribed rules and stay within their allowed parameters they hope to become a top Major Media News Figure with a multi-million dollar yearly salary, to be able to eventually obtain a life filled with ultimate luxury, credibility and fame with the masses.

There have been early Establishment “recruits” who were rising stars who made apparently “a deal with the devil”, that is, participated in an establishment-prescribed deception on the masses and were highly rewarded by being promoted up in the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) Food Chain very rapidly to superstar status.

If a “rising star” passes a prescribed test, or what some insiders describe as an induction ceremony, they are given entrance into the Establishment and many of its riches, status, power and privileges. Everyone who advances up the establishment Food chain

220px-Dan_Rather_in_July_2011One well known case was Dan Rather, who was in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963, and then claimed he personally witnessed JFK’s head snap forward as one of the first to view the Zapruder film at its first showing to the top news reporters, which even though now has been proven to be morphed, showed just the opposite of his statement to be true.

Certainly seems that he was greatly rewarded for what he knew was a complete lie. Was he approached and told this was a “National Security Matter” or was he asked to report this by a superior? And yet years later when he went completely off the reservation, that is, stepped out from his assigned parameters, the networks dumped him like a hot potato over night.

What did Dan Rather do that brought the house down on his illustrious career and what did he do to seek redemption?

Dan Rather had reported on the story exposing Bush2’s false claims about his prior service in the Texas Air National Guard. At the time the Major Network News Services claimed his story was completely wrong. However, Dan Rather still claims his story is true, but it cost him is 24 year career as a top CBS Talking head.

Like a number of establishment Darlings that become more truth oriented as they get older and approach the end of their lives, Dan rather seemed to have changed directions inside and his moral compass began to work. But when this kind of inner transformation occurs, one must pay a heavy price for any commitment to the truth.

A very experienced long term VT Intel source with a well established track record has claimed that Dan Rather was provided a Phone Recording between Timothy McVeigh and Bush1 before the Murrah Bombing which directly implicated both in this specially staged Gladio-style False-Flag Inside-job operation.

This source claims that Rather called Bush1 and asked him about this and two days later Rather’s secretary and very good friend of twenty years at CBS received Anthrax in the mail.

Later on, Dan Rather remembered this and exposed the fact that Bush2 was secretly AWOL in a cocaine Rehab program when he was supposed to be active at the Texas national Guard. Rather was forced out of CBS but since has done very well on his own and in a sense has somewhat redeemed himself.

It is also known that McVeigh never died at his fake execution and was carried out the back door on a stretcher. The authorities did not perform an autopsy and claimed he was immediately cremated which was a lie.

It has been alleged that Shandra Levy had been given a position at the federal bureau of Prisons and was responsible for scheduling McVeigh’s execution and knew it was faked.

Allegedly Shandra Levy made the mistake of telling a girlfriend on the phone and was “disappeared” for that slip and her mentor and S&M companion Representative Gary Condom was blamed by many and forced out of Congress, even though he didn’t murder her and had no part in it. Later on her body was taken out of CIA storage and was dumped where it was found and a suitable Patsy was selected and adjudicated.

Some “rising stars” are judged by top Media Controllers to have “superstar” potential and are then given a basic test at some point to see if they are willing to become duplicitous.

phoeni75The ability to be or to become Duplicitous is a basic secret requirement necessary to rise to any high position in the Establishment’s System including the Major News networks which are their highly valued Propaganda Arm.

Yes, the CMMM is highly valued by the Top Policy-Makers of the establishment because they use it successfully on a continuing basis to dispense major Psyops and false narratives they need to support their secret Agenda of mind-kontrol over the suggestible masses.

If these “new Recruits” which appear to have high potential for “effective operational duplicity” these folks will be tested to see if they can be effectively programmed to lead a duplicitous “split life” of good on the outside counterbalanced with an evil and selfish ego on the inside.

That is they must be able to be human compromised while still being able to maintain an external public “smiley-faced” persona accompanied by a notably different hidden self. This hidden evil side, their new self must be one which is able to become notably narcissistic, completely compromised and able to be manipulated for large amounts of income, status or various type of perks and rewards while covered up from the public with a smiley-faced or credible public persona that smacks of a serious “public service” orientation.

The ability for one to split their Mind into a external mask with an internal corruptible, compromisable self is necessary if one is ever going to be allowed to climb the Establishment Food chain or attain any prominence in American Politics.

One must be able to initiate a controlled split in their ego with a compromisable and self-serving core-self while still maintaining the ability to put on a public pretense of being a caring, service-oriented person.

Obviously this strategy has worked because we know  that the top talking Heads of the Major News Networks are dispensing obvious continual lies and deceptions authors by Establishment Top Policy-Makers, while the Top Politicians and their PuppetMasters are engaged in unrelenting Secret Evil with their major lies, deceptions and RICO crimes imposed on the American masses via the CMMM and their ability to deploy vast amounts of money to bribes susceptible individuals in Law Enforcement and Government at all levels.

The Establishment’s Top policy-Makers participate in large RICO crime syndicates and have succeeded in corrupting every major American institution.

This strategy has allowed these establishment Top Policy-Makers to engage in state-sponsored organized RICO crime by participating in massive illegal narcotics and weapons trafficking, accompanied by billions of dollars of Wall Street money laundering, and other grand schemes of fraud such as the mortgage bubble. These scams provide billions of dollars for illegal money structuring like massive Commercial real estate acquisitions or construction projects and numerous ways to stash huge wealth in British Pounds Sterling or Swiss Francs.

This ability to be 100% self-serving on the inside at the highest levels of the Establishment Hierarchy with a loss of all basic human decency and morality, while behaving normally in public and maintaining the ability to project a false public persona, is a trait that has traditionally been characterized by the two headed Eagle of Freemasonry or the ancient Roman God Janus. Janus came to represent the deception of the masses by Political leaders which was necessary for acquisition of total power and mastery over the masses, accomplished by using the skills learned from past history to control the future. To operate under the Janus Principle one must set aside all basic human morality and do whatever is necessary to gain and maintain power while developing he necessary skill from studying the past to use to acquire complete control over the future.

The Janus Principle was the foundation of the later to emerge philosophy of Existentialism which was completely amoral and had a pure functional orientation.

This Janus Principle stimulated the later formation of Existentialism, best known as the Leo Straussian Bolshevik credo that “the desired Ends always justifies any means necessary to be used to obtain those desired ends”. Strauss was a Neo-Bolshevik and a notorious liar that taught it was a good idea to spread any lies necessary to obtain desired results in urban organizing as long as the lies could be made believable if only for a short time until the objective was obtained. In the forward of his book, he dedicated it to Lucifer and this type of commitment actually is the basis of the Deep, Dark secret of Freemasonry, the very top positions in both Political parties and the Establishment Top Policy-Makers as well as Nazi-ism, Bolshevism and most every ‘ism invented by the City of London empowered Babylonian Talmudists aka the “Illuminati”.

Some folks are born with the Janus Principle, but in order for it to become their life guiding principal it must be stimulated and developed by human compromise operations accepted by them and turned into attainment of a higher position in the Establishment’s hierarchy.

Some folks are born with this “Janus Ability”. Those that are also born with a great deal of intelligence accompanying this are the “Secret Psychopaths” that tend to rise to very high levels in the Corporate World, Wall Street and in Government, Intel or the Military, unless they were preselected and propelled to high positions because of family bloodlines.If those that are selected, groomed, educated and placed in high positions cannot develop the Janus Principle, then they are then discarded, usually through some leaked misdeed that smears them and destroys their political future.

In order to rise to the highest levels of the Establishment, one must not only have the Janus Ability but also usually have a very high level of intrinsic intelligent.

Janus Ability must be accompanied by an intelligent sensitivity to judge how others want you to behave and then to be able to produce that confidence engendering behavior while being able to serve a wicked system in order to attain as much status, wealth, privileges and power in the Establishment System.

Anyone person who pursues politics who is judged by the Establishment’s Top Policy-Makers of their own party to have great potential is provided a “Test” in which an attempt is made to human compromise them. Typically this test is offered by someone they trust who they thought was going to be their Political sponsor. If they take the bait and allow themselves to be compromised then they have passed the test and are allowed to advance in Politics and if they keep passing the “Human Compromise tests” provided they can climb very high.

Some of the final tests required to pass in order to attain the very highest Political positions require very sinister acts of deviance, sometimes abject criminality including payoff and various types of sexual deviancy often including homosexual or pedophile acts for the first time, and maybe even hard core S&M. Sometimes individuals who have already been known to be participants in these deviancies are selected for their human compromisability.

There have been two different secret LE investigations of pedophilia among Members of Congress. One was by an undercover FBI Asset, and another was for the NYCPD and the New York State Crime Commission. The first found that approximately 39% were active practicing pedophiles. the second found that about 42% were active practicing pedophiles. These figures were from reliable investigations about 20 years ago, but current LE experts say that not much has changed except for perhaps more S&M and secret homosexuality. At least one Southern Senator who lives a secret “closeted” life lives in fear that his lifestyle will be revealed by the “AIPAC Boys” who pull his strings, if he fails to satisfy their middle east war mongering demands.

Right now major evidence has been emerging of very high level pedophilia and ritual murder of children by Top Politicians and Government Officials in the UK, all covered up by Scotland Yard. Since highly connected Jimmy Saville died, significant evidence he provided kids to the upper crust and even some of the Royalty in England has emerged. This Evil pedophile/child murder in the UK  scandal is monstrous and cannot be contained even though top officials and Police Officials are desperate to do so.

Those who live by the Janus Principle walk a tight rope and can only keep their secrets from the public because they own and control the major mass media.

Those Psychopaths who have an uncanny ability to deliver their much needed positive public image or persona while engaging in obviously criminally insane acts which are so psychopathically self-serving and evil actually walk a tight rope between being prosecuted and skating. Those who climb the Establishment hierarchy to sufficiently high positions receive increased protection from the law as they rise, but they also tend to perform more hidden criminally psychopathic acts since they now have the power to do so. And if they ever displease their peer group of Top Policy-Makers they can be exposed for some of what they have done publicly and “thrown to the wolves”.00a4db07-fa5d-4e83-a736-49f7ae28daff

Those who do so are best described as good cons or confidence engendering folks. Those who fail and cannot process reality properly eventually end up in Jail.

If these “Rising Stars” are judged as suitable candidates to groom for the very highest levels, they are typically “set up” to be tested to see if they can participate in various forms of compromise or evil. If they refuse to participate for any reason, whether it from too much character or an intrinsic aversion, they are sidelined and never taken any higher in the Establishment Hierarchy.

Many of these Talking Head Establishment Liars (ELs) also learn that there is a very Dark Side to all that is behind the news even before they start to move up the Establishment Hierarchy on their way to a high position, but they are instinctively and they are street smart enough to look the other way and to keep looking the other way in order to preserve their careers.


Journalism 101

There are however exceptions to this. Take for example Sharyl Attkinson who actually was committed to being a real Investigative Journalist and acted like it. She refused to cover up what she discovered about Benghazi and had previously shown how Hillary Clinton was a baldfaced liar when she claimed she had landed in Bosnia under sniper fire, which never happened.


YouTube – Veterans Today –


index234Sharyl Attkinson persisted and did some more serious investigative work. When it became clear to top CBS management that she was beginning to be a serious problem, their friends at Media Matters were called in to give her an award and get her back on track, to start towing the establishment’s party line and Agenda.

This failed and she persisted in pursuing serious stories and the actual truth behind them. The result, her computer was hacked, she was surveilled and various organizational pressures were applied to her to bring her back to her assigned parameters which she had strayed from.

The result, she could not be bought off and resigned from CBS and wrote a very revealing book about it, and has successfully retained her self-respect and humanity. She is an American hero and deserves highest commendations like Gwenyth Todd.

And there are a number of other Journalists too who veered off of their assigned parameters and were fired for doing serious investigative journalism. Take the sad case of the great American hero, Gary Webb who discovered that Freeway Ricky Ross, the World biggest crack dealer, was being used as a Cutout for the CIA and their massive drug trafficking into the USA to raise money for Black Ops and to line the pockets of those high officials of the Bush Crime Cabal.

Gary Webb’s reporting and stories were absolutely 100% accurate and based on rock solid investigative reporting, making him one of the best Investigative reporters that America ever has had. The whole Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) Establishment turned on Gary Webb and published numerous stories which claimed he was completely wrong and attempted to discredit him and smear him. And when he persisted it cost him everything, his career in which he had been a rising star until he went out of his allowed parameters.

31HVGYLgfiL._UX250_51ASWRk2QnL._UY250_Gary Webb had been a highly awarded top Investigative Journalist, a Pulitzer Price Winner, the real deal. The establishment will just not tolerate with applying heavy duty harassment and in some cases murder as was the case with Gary Webb.

Gary Webb was shot twice in the head and it was called suicide and there were the typical very strange atypical LE procedure enacted in his case just like in Danny Casalaro’s murder or in the case of Colonel James Sabow’s murder for refusing to look the other way for massive narcotics trafficking using his base as a transhipment point.

The whole USG and American Intel Machine went into full operational mode to discredit and malign Gary Webb’s reporting that proved beyond any shadow of a doubt that the USG and the CIA were the World’s biggest illegal narcotic traffickers into the USA. At the time these coverup efforts were successful, but now many years later it is recognized that Gary Webb was accurate in his reporting and it was based on rock solid facts easily proved to be true.

Frederick Hitz the CIA Inspector General tells the truth with the best spin possible, but the truth is nonetheless contained in his report if one digs a bit.

Fred_Hitz_02_DA2Of course the CIA Internal Investigation by Frederick Hitz showed conclusively that at a minimum the CIA looked the other way and “allowed” illegal narcotics to be trafficked in and shared in the profits for covert operations. Hitz resigned as son as his report was made public. his report had candy-coated the facts as much as possible but the basic kernels of truth were admitted in his report that the CIA was complicit (aka responsible) for massive trafficking in illegal narcotics into America and shared in the profits.

No major Talking Head “Superstar” of the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) now or in the past has ever reported on any Network Nightly International News that the USG and its Intel Agencies has been continually trafficking in illegal Narcotics into the USA for Black Ops money and to enrich the top members of the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) and the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS).

geraldo-rivera-widefMajor Newscaster Geraldo Rivera is known to be a rebel at heart and often one who pushes the limits as far as he can without getting spanked too much, demoted or fired. He was allowed to make a major tongue-in-cheek story that the US Military was guarding the Afghanistan Opium production to keep the Taliban from getting it, an obvious whopper almost no-one believed.

And we now know for sure this was one of the main reasons the USG used the American military to attack Afghanistan since they Afghanis had no part in the Israeli/America inside-job Gladio-Style False-Flag attack on America of 9/11/01.


YouTube – Veterans Today –


No American Talking Head “Superstar” of the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) will ever disclose the Truth about the 9/11/01 attack on America being an Inside-Job, Gladio-style False-Flag attack done by agents of foreign-based espionage which included PNACers, Top NeoCons, Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens in high Corporate and USG positions and AIPAC, and Traitors at the top of the JCS, USAF, NORAD and the FAA. Obviously the Establishment will not allow it and it will only occur if and when the Establishment falls which thanks to the BRICS Nations Development banks may not be too far off.

Anyone who has become well informed about what has really been going on (and this is often more than not, those who have been habitual readers of Veterans Today) realize that what is reported on the Network Nightly International News by these Establishment Owned Talking Heads is complete lies and about as far away from the actual truth that is it mind-boggling.

The Worldwide Internet now poses a great danger to these super-elite deviant Criminal Psychopaths that sit at the top of the Establishment Hierarchy.

These super-elite Criminal Psychopaths who sit in the top positions of the Establishment Hierarchy now face  a great danger to their Duplicity which was never before possible and this has originated from the Worldwide Internet.

Those who have risen to the highest levels of the Establishment Hierarchy tend to have gained great Political Power over Law Enforcement and the Alphabets which is usually sufficient to cover their notably criminal secret acts which in some cases are so criminally insane that even when the public is told from credible sources their minds will just not accept such as true.

Traditionally the Establishment’s complete control exercised over the Major Mass Media has been more than sufficient to keep their criminally insane Evil acts completely secret from the Public at large. But as the Internet is starting to surpass the CMMM in popularity and credibility for many, especially the younger folks, the Political Cover provided by the false narratives dispensed by the CMMM’s Talking Heads whom they basically own and control, is rapidly diminishing.

And as these Top Policy-Makers, the Criminal Psychopaths who sit at the top of the Establishment Hierarchy are losing their Political cover traditionally provided by the CMMM, the public is beginning to gain information about the incredible Evil these Top Policy-Makers have been doing behind closed doors in secret. And when a certain percentage of the populace gains this knowledge, some experts say 12%is the magic number, a societal turning point or critical mass has been reached after which the American masses will rise up in many ways and somehow drive these Evil, Duplicitous criminally insane psychopaths from their power.

Basically this incredibly Evil Establishment has a Prescribed Agenda which requires the American masses to live in a Bankster induced worldwide Web-of-Debt and a social reality based on a Mirage of CMMM dispensed BIG Lies and false narratives which provide public support for this incredibly Evil Agenda.

There is a very deep, dark secret behind the incredibly Evil Agenda of the Establishment which is comprised on the Top Banksters, the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) which is also known as the Secret Shadow Government (SSG). At then end of this article you will be informed of the incredible evil that is the root cause of the establishment’s Evil Agenda.

If and when the masses ever come to understand what has been done to them and began to break out of this CMMM induced false reality and began to understand the incredible Evil behind it, they will rise up and somehow freeze the establishment’s Evil System dead in its tracks. And will pay any cost in their own lives and treasure to accomplish this goal which will become an immediate national obsession fueled by the Truth.

What is the Evil Secret behind the scenes that keeps all the Top Policy-Makers who sit at the top of the Establishment Hierarchy loyal to each other and drives all these USG False Narratives that are dispensed by the Controlled Major Mass Media which provide Political cover for these criminally insane psychopaths?

There is a very Dark Secret of unimaginable Evil behind what drives this Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) stories which are all essentially False and designed to keep the American Masses mind-kontrolled and living according to the incredibly Evil Prescribed Agenda of the Establishment which is comprised of the Top PuppetMasters who are the Top Policy-Makers, aka the leaders of the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS) and the Bush Crime Cabal.

Yes, the very Top Policy-Makers who sit at the very top of the Establishment Hierarchy share an incredibly Evil World Agenda that is so anti-human that it is incomprehensible to most even when they are informed about it from credible sources. It is a Death Cult Agenda based on “ministering mass painful death to purify the human race, reduce its number of “useless eaters” and unwashed and to gain incredible power from Lucifer who is the secret God they worship in private secret ceremonies involving pedophile abuse of young children, sometimes accompanied by their sacrifice and dismemberment. And credible sources have claimed that the very top World Policy makers, the super Kingpins of the Establishment actually hunt children to death at special hunting lodges of the Royalty.

Yes what is some specific evidence which illustrates this deep dark Secret Evil that is behind the Establishment and their Agenda which is responsible for a continuing stream of Psyops, False-Flags and supporting False Narratives used to cover them up?

This Evil is a greatly guarded secret and has until recently considered “unspeakable”. But now thanks to the Worldwide Internet, it is now being disclosed to the masses all over the World and many are starting to believe these reports from credible sources are True.

The Big Evil Secret that empowers the Establishment and keeps its top position-holders loyal to each other and to their Evil Agenda is the Janus Principle and all the secret rituals and extremely deviant Evil and sometimes homicidal practices related to it.

If the public ever learns and believe that these Establishment’s secret Evil Rituals and Practices behind closed doors are actually occurring, it will be the end of the Establishment’s illegitimate power and the end of their inhuman “evil beyond imagination” Agenda.

criticize (2)All politicians who move up the establishment system must pass certain key tests to prove they can be compromised and still lead duplicitous lives with a secret evil self hidden from the public, covered up by either a smiley face or a public persona that is completely false and misleading from what they are really like and what they are doing.

Gaining this ability to gathering and analyzing real evidence is key, and is a worldwide skill millions are gaining monthly to seriously attack these criminal conspiracies and coverups of the Establishment. Various Internet sites allow this information to be rapidly shared, digested and applied to other research efforts. In this way many dots can be quickly and effectively connected.

Here are some issues which have revealed credible facts about the deep unimaginable Evil of the very Top Policy-Makers that sit at the top of the  Establishment Hierarchy: Check out the evidence collected and the Common Law actions of Kevin Annett, a true international Hero who deserves highest commendations. Or check out all the stories in the British Press lately on the Jimmy Saville who procured children for the British Nobility and the Royal to pedophile and hunt as live game and murder at their hunting lodges. Or do some basic internet research on the horrible evil done by Marc Dutroux the Belgium Butcher who kept young children in basement dungeon cells and provided them to the European Royals at special insider Illuminati-type parties to sexually abuse, torture, and in some cases butcher and cannibalize.

Surprise, surprise, DC is a human cesspool of sexual filth and related human compromise!

dc-at-nightNow for the worst part. DC is a human cesspool of sexual perversions and filth. There are numerous credible witnesses who have dared to come forth and report this including the notable American Hero Gwenyth Todd who has been credited by top Military Analysts with preventing an escalation in the Mideast over Iran into WWIII.

And she paid the price, with attempts made to set her up to murder her, instead of the major Ticker-tape parade for a great American hero in NYC that she deserved, she had to leave America. This is truly disgusting to see such a great American hero treated like this.

It is well known that extreme practices of human filth have originated with those who appear to run AIPAC. Most such filth seems apparently to be linked directly or indirectly to the secret rituals of only the highest levels of Freemasonry and the OTO, with those at the lower levels fed false cover stories to protect “the Craft”, folks who are secretly called “Porch Monkeys” and the “unwashed” by their leaders.

How do we know that rampant secret homosexuality by closeted Senators and Representatives exists, as does hard core S&M, promiscuity beyond what most can imagine and even worse exists. the answer is that credible sources have come forth like Gwenyth Todd and many others, and numerous secret Intel Reports have been dumped into the public domain by Russian Federation Intel and French Intel. You will end up hearing it first from veterans Today as usual.

And what is the darkest evil that has been completely secret for so long? These are the incredibly evil acts done by the very Top group of DC Politicians and their associated very top levels of the secret societies. These acts include sexual abuse and pedophiling of young children and adolescents such as was done by Barney Frank and Craig Spence aka the Franklin Coverup and White House Page Boy scandal. And it is now known that those at the very highest echelon inside the Beltway also share the same incredibly Evil beyond imagination Luciferian sex and sacrifice secret ceremonies that include pedophiling young children and adolescents and even in some cases sacrifice, blood drinking and dismemberment of young children.

What the Major New Force is now present in the World which can elicit such a long needed Truth in the American Masses?

It is the worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg Press which can transmit information at the speed of light rather than the speed of paper and ink. The Internet has the potential to become what the Major Mass media had the potential to be and what was like back before the British Rothschild Bankster invasion of 1913 when the American Monetary Production and Distribution system was hijacked by the most Evil individuals that ever walked the face of the Earth.

In order for any community to rise up or even perhaps a whole nation, there must be a unitary stimulation of what is known to sociologists as the Conscience-Collective or the group conscience of the Group mind. Folks must rally around a major issue which they come to believe is necessary to resolve in order for them, their family and community and nation to be able to survive.

The Internet has offered the masses an opportunity to make a huge end run around the Establishment’s prescribed Mind-Kontrol system the CMMM which is comprised of socially engineered and scripted stories designed to lead them away from Truth.

It has become apparent that the Establishment has set up many websites through Cutouts, Stooges, sock-puppets and also uses a renegade faction of the US ARMY which is being run by eh CC at Fort Huachuca Cyber Warfare Center in Arizona.

Despite all these sophisticated efforts to neutralize Real Truth dispensed on such websites as Veterans Today or those Websites that dare to carry VT stories, the Establishment Intercept, misinformation and Stooge-efforts are generally failing. Why is this? the reason is simple, Real truth has a strong tendency to resonate with the masses and once picked up spreads like a contagious cold virus word to mouth between family, friends and associates.

And we now have numerous subgroups emerging all over the World that have developed a new past-time sport called “crack the government Big Lies and False-Flags. No its not “pin the tail on the donkey” which is done blindfolded, it is done with “eye wide open” using the vast informational and research capabilities of the worldwide Internet. which are so large they are unfathomable to most.

A new worldwide sport has now emerged, crack the Evil Establishment’s criminal conspiracies and coverups and then make sure everyone learns the truth about it by posting it on the worldwide Internet.

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Sandy Hoax, a now recognized FEMA/DHS Capstone “Live-Shooter” Drill with NO DEAD KIDS, and no deaths of anyone. This Sandy Hoax Drill was a phony Inside-job False-Flag attack on the Second Amendment and planned to be used to motivate the passage new very intrusive new, expensive Unconstitutional Mind-Kontrol System in the Public Schools, a system which would allow millions of dollars of hard earned taxpayer funds to be stolen by Establishment Kingpins. This is the kind of Mega-Hoax where the Establishment’s Top Policy-Makers typically use their Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) to produce and con the American Public with. Thanks to the Worldwide Internet and the incredible group research efforts of Professor Jim Fetzer, the new sport of “Crack the Government Conspiracies” has emerged all over the World. Every single piece of public evidence is now being scrutinized by millions of folks of all ages all over the World. Now instead of hundreds of shills, cover-uppers, limited hangout intercept stooge operations being pitted against a sole researcher and author, we have millions of very smart folks all over the World taking on these Establishment stooges and liars who keep pumping out these false narratives. Soon none of these will work any more to deceive the masses and then we will see the Evil establishment fall and it’s grip on reality and the masses dissolve like an ice-cube on a sidewalk in Phoenix, Arizona on any Forth of July. Truth communicated on the Internet resonates all over the World at the speed of light, and the Establishment’s control over their fake CMMM spoon-fed reality is just about over. A new Worldwide populism is now emerging to replace it. Stay tuned because you will be shocked by what happens as this new Worldwide Populism emerges. Some believe it will take few establishment prisoners.

The result which essentially was started by VT’s own Professor Jim Fetzer, is a new International past-time sport with millions of participants of all ages and occupations from all over the World working together and sharing all their finding gained from scrutinizing every possible piece of evidence behind all the Big Government Lies and Psyops related to Sandy Hook. So far the quality of their work is simply amazing and impressive. Doubt this? Just check out the facts behind Sandy Hoax, a FEMA/DHS Capstone Drill with No Dead Kids, No Dead Teachers and No Dead Anybody.

Or check out all the evidence that has been disclosed on VT that the 9/11/01 attack on America was a Nuclear attack involving pre-planted nuclear devices in each of the twin Towers which allowed controlled demolitions from the top down. Or find out why the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was created, by who and for what purposes?

What is the proof that there is an Evil Establishment that controls American politics and the Major Mass Media and does so in blatant disregard for American Rule of Law, the US Constitution and RICO Laws?

Veterans Today (on its VT News Radio Show) was the first to disclose a phone message recording that has the potential to bring down the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC), the Republican Party Leadership and most of the US Congress, and even perhaps the International Zionist Crime Syndicate’s (IZCS’s) grip on Congress as enacted through AIPAC, the well known Israeli espionage front. Doubt this, then read and study the VT article PuppetGate and then also PuppetGate the Continuing Saga.

What can be done to bring an end to the Establishments illicit power gained through their rampant use of the Evil duplicity which their deployment of the Janus Principle has produced?

Obviously the first step is to share this article with all your family, friends and associate who might be willing to read it and discuss it. Second, Veterans Today Managing Editor Jim Dean has provided a very good suggestion to call all one’s elected representative periodically and make appropriate but police objections to the USG’s characterizations of what is really happening. It is a now recognized fact that hundreds and thousands of phone calls to elected officials make them much more attentive and can erode this evil Establishment Agenda over time.

Next time you hear a top Politician dispense any narrative, stop and asked yourself what his/her inner secret face is really like.

Next time you see a Top Politician smiling and telling you a nice story, just stop and asked yourself what is their other face might be like, the Secret One that is controlled by the Establishment’s Janus Principle. And then ask yourself what would happen if the masses ever really found out what these duplicitous Traitors and self-serving agents of evil really do behind closed doors. then ask yourself how they are able to keep getting away with all this blatant unimaginable Evil they enact behind closed doors in secrecy. But be sure to realize that any major public awareness of the unimaginable Evil these traitors and Oath-beakers enact would immediately doom their Political Careers and their freedom to remain out of jail if it was ever revealed and believed by the masses.

220px-Bill_Cosby_(2010)Always remember this, the reason the Top Politicians get along so well with the richest Hollywood Actors is because these Actors have big money to donate and their fame can help their campaigns, and these folks share a highly-developed acting skill of putting on a scripted act quite successfully, typically accompanied by a False-Face.

And now 16 women have emerged claiming that World Famous Actor Bill Cosby had raped them many years ago, some claiming that they were given knockout drops, or a date rape drug, known today as Rohypnol. And another corroborating witness has come forth, an ex-CBS employee Frank Scotti who claims to have relevant information.

Cosby has continued to deny their claims but their stories corroborate and most have nothing to gain by coming forth. this certainly appears to be a case of the Janus Principle at work where fame and a nice public face make such secret crimes unimaginable to the public and the police even when credible claims have been made individually.

Now various Intel sources have revealed that the use of hypnotics like scopolomine (aka boradanga), Placidyl, Rohypnol also known as “knock-out drops”, Chloral Hydrate or “a Mickey Finn” or “Mickey have been used by CIA and Mossad Operatives. Some inside Intel sources have claimed that date rape type drugs such as Rohypnol are now being used as a secret sport against young white women in bars by some prominent Black Athletes. This is unfortunate because those doing this are a small minority that give a bad image to other Black athletes who would never commit such a crime.

It is known that some local police have enormous pressure applied to cover these crimes up by discrediting the victim, ignoring and refusing to prosecute or failing to use proper evidence collection or even to collect and study available video tapes adequately (evidence suppression). This is especially true for College teams where a Black Superstar is involved because any such prosecution could cause major blow-back and effect team support by prominent Establishment types and seriously harm the team’s image.

The poster boy for these serial date rapes made possible in most cases without being brought to justice was American Cosmetics heir Andrew Lester who fled to Mexico to escape prosecution. Too many victims woke up and started remembering too much. The dynamic efforts of well-known bounty Hunter Duane Chapman paid off because Chapman arrested him in Mexico. The Mexican authorities usual to their typical corrupt Establishment ways, arrested Chapman over some ridiculous, phony charge. Eventually Duane Chapman was released and has since had a successful reality program. I consider Duane Chapman an American Hero. He took on the Mexican Establishment and brought an Evil perp to justice who has bought freedom in Mexico due to his enormous fortune. It seems that Duane Chapman was later punished in the CMMM for perhaps refusing to be corrupted. But he bounced back and is doing fine.

Or take the very sad case of U of Minnesota College student Chris Jenkins who left a Minneapolis Uptown Bar on Halloween seemingly confused after beginning to act weird. It was apparently alleged that as he staggered away confused he was picked up by a step van and then murdered and dumped into the River. Are there secret police Files that still exist but have been buried which contain reports that young Mr. Jenkins was given a “Mickey” in his drink, then helped outside by a co-conspirator and then picked up by a Police Officer, now a retired, of a local police Department who perhaps murdered him for revenge for Mr. Jenkins perhaps being involved with his ex-wife or current girlfriend? Have these files been copied and do two previous Chiefs know? How many Intel Agencies have these secret files? Someday, maybe sooner than later will two certain Intel Agencies, one domestic and one international release all these secret files? It’s likely that such will happen at least eventually.

And when these files are released will they show the perp and his helpers left a smiley face drawing to provide a false lead to lead investigators to a special set of national occult sacrifice crimes, the I-94 murders and the missing St. John’s Abbey student, an alleged victim of secret monastical Alchemical crimes of a certain clergy group of sheep-dipped ex-Nazi pedophiles pretending to be Catholic Priests?

“I wish everyday I could go back to that naive place in the world where life was so simple. Where people were inherently good, where the sun shined just a bit brighter. It’s not simple. There are really bad people out there and they do really bad things.” – Sara Jenkins, sister of Chris Jenkins

Take the little known case of Maurice Walker from the University of Minnesota Basketball Team who a young local Minneapolis woman claimed and alleged that he did this to her while at a local Dinkytown Bar. She claimed she stepped outside to have a cigarette and that is all she remembers until she woke up being raped. It was claimed that Witnesses saw him follow her out and lead her away. She claimed she remembered nothing but woke up being raped by him in a nearby apartment. Walker claimed that he had sex, but that it was consensual and this was reported in the local news. The alleged victim stated it was clearly not consensual. The victim’s family claimed that the local Police covered this up and the prosecutor failed to bring charges or even investigate the case adequately.

As women begin to speak up and refuse to be shamed or blamed into silence what happened to Cosby is likely to be much more common and victims from the past start to rally together around Internet stories and allegations that never received proper Police attention or appropriate prosecutions because of the “Janus principle Protection System” of the Establishment. It’s a new day coming and the old Janus suppressions of truth will soon no longer work at all.

A Deep cover Intel Source with “access” has claimed that these Police have covered up such type allegations before a number of times and the prosecutor refused to investigate adequately or bring charges even when sufficient probable cause and supporting evidence was there. How interesting it is that the articles in the local papers have been buried or wiped, isn’t it. Advice for women in bars, never drink from an open glass or bottle, never go outside alone, be careful about letting someone mix you a drink at any party where non-close friends are present. Be careful of wild fraternity row parties. It’s pretty easy for someone to slip a few drops into your drink.

Now do not make the mistake of thinking that it is only some small proportion of top Black superstar athletes do this as a sport. There is a case now being investigated now against a University of Milwaukee Fraternity, Tau Kappa Epsilon over allegations of the use of date rape drugs.

Make a note of this. In the not too distant future all secrecy is ending. this means that all NSA raw data from all the way back to the Vietnam War and all secret American Intel files will be made public and accessible on the worldwide Internet, yes everything is going to come out. Move over Mr. Cosby, you are going to have a lot of company exposed for all their secret crimes, which will be shouted from the rooftops. The Janus Principle will be exposed for the dark Evil beyond normal imagination that it produces, a true plague of evil on humanity.

Once the masses figure this out as many have now come to understand what Gladio-style, inside-job False-Flag attacks are, this ploy to fool the masses using the Janus Principle will no longer work at all anymore.

Just try and remember this song and its lyrics the next time you hear any two-face Member of Congress or high USG Official speak, or almost any Top Policy-Maker at the top of the Establishment Hierarchy.

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