Ex-communist nations expose Obama ‘fraud’


by Chelsea Schilling | (WND)

Media from former communist nations are once again breaking through the veil of silence surrounding President Obama’s eligibility for office – even when the U.S. media refuse to investigate what is being called the “largest scandal in American history.”

First, it was the Russian news website Pravda.

Then, it was The Voice of Russia – successor of Radio Moscow, the official station of the Soviet Union.

And now it’s the Czech Republic’s Neviditelný pes (The Invisible Dog), a popular news website from Prague, that’s sounding the alarm.

Help Sheriff Joe blow the lid off Obama’s fraud. Join the Cold Case Posse right now!

Likewise, Russia’s Pravda has published a second expose on the issue by Dianna Cotter, a senior at American Military University.

Russia’s Pravda: ‘Largest scandal in American history’

As WND reported, Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse announced there is probable cause indicating the documents released by the White House last April purported to be Obama’s original, long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration card are actually forgeries.

“Pravda called out the U.S. press for its deliberate neglect of the largest scandal in modern American history,” Cotter wrote in a March 29 Pravda commentary. “Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio released credible forensic evidence that Barack Obama, presumed President of the United States, presented to the world a forged Birth Certificate on April 27th, 2011.”

She added, “Since then, the scandal has only expanded. Former United States Postal Service worker Allen Hulton has recently come forward with compelling testimony given under Oath, which leads to only one conclusion: Barack Obama attended College in the United States as a Foreign Student.”

Cotter details results from a WND investigation revealing a retired U.S. Postal Service carrier claims the parents of former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers helped finance Obama’s Harvard education – and that Ayers’ mother indicated she believed Obama was a foreign student.

“There is little doubt Mr. Obama has been less than honest with regard to the Ayers family and their significance in his life. As disingenuous as this is, it is by no means the most important revelation,” she wrote. “If correct, and Obama was introduced to Hulton as a Foreign Student, this means Barack Hussein Obama would have been using a Foreign Passport to get and prove his foreign student status for entrance into Occidental College, Columbia, and later Harvard Universities. Because Hulton has signed an Affidavit, this cannot be disregarded as mere hearsay; it is instead evidentiary in nature.”

Cotter also noted that the U.S. media have remained silent about Obama’s Selective Service card.

“Has the wider American media addressed any of this in context?” she asked. “It may be the largest scandal in American history, certainly the most significant constitutional crisis the nation has faced since the end of the Civil War.


“They don’t dare. …

“To be brutally clear, the power and backing of the United States Federal Government is being used to silence the press about Barack Obama. Either outright or through coercion, the media is complicit in covering up the crimes of the fraud Barack Obama and his unconstitutional government. These patterns are clear and unmistakable.”

As WND reported, Pravda also published a March 7 piece from Cotter on the topic. In that commentary, she accused the American media of being “tame,” afraid to publish news and “deliberately hiding the evidence published on the internet about [President Obama’s] defrauding of the American public and the deliberate evisceration of the Constitution of the United States.”

Czech press: More known about ‘birth of Jesus two millennia ago’

Now, Neviditelný pes (translated “The Invisible Dog”), a popular news website from Prague, Czech Republic, has published a two-part series noting that even Americans seeking to apply for a driver’s license must submit proof of their identity.

According to a rough Google translation, the article explained, “It is the responsibility of applicants for the [presidency] to make available documents about his previous life – to present a birth certificate …”

The article continues, “So now we know more about the circumstances of the birth of Jesus two millennia ago than about Obama half a century ago.”

The piece offers detailed background on the eligibility issue and the investigation led by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. A roughly translated version of the series is available here and here.

The Voice of Russia: ‘Obama’s birth certificate may be forgery’

WND also reported when The Voice of Russia – successor of Radio Moscow, the official station of the Soviet Union – published an exclusive interview with Sheriff Joe Arpaio March 26 titled, “Obama’s birth certificate may be forgery.”

“Wherever I go, people commend me for doing this,” Arpaio told The Voice of Russia. “So, naturally this has been probably the biggest censorship and blackout in the history of journalism when no one from the national level will cover the story.”

However, in the recent The Voice of Russia interview, the Russian host argued that the Obama eligibility issue has been covered by “hundreds” of U.S. news outlets for years – after both Donald Trump and Arpaio brought up the question.

“Well, I wish you would tell me who they are. I’m sure it’s not national. CBS, ABC, cable?” Arpaio asked. “Just show me who has been covering it. They haven’t been covering. I’m not going to get into inside sources that say that they don’t want to cover it, that’s another issue when we are talking about the media. But where is all the news? You are calling me, you are dealing with Russia, so I have to talk to Russia to get this story out.”

Listen to Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s interview with The Voice of Russia here.

Read the preliminary findings of Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse investigation after six months investigating Obama’s constitutional eligibility to serve as president in “A Question of Eligibility,” co-authored by Jerome Corsi and Mike Zullo.

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  1. Randall Fields says:

    Threats to the media by Obama and his goons go as far back as at least 2008. The threats were so blatant that people were afraid for their own, and their families safety!!! They will not name the 2 major radio networks or individuals that have been threatened, but they do name 4 of the major network news channels {Fox News, NBC, CBS, and CNN}. George Soros {What a surprise} and George Bush are also involved. This is from “The Roth Show” {Radio} on Friday, August 7, 2009. “Must Listen” {mp3 player}. If you don’t want to listen to the full 3 hours, just listen to the first half of hour 2, and/or the first 15 minutes of hour 3;

    The story was first posted at the following 2 web sites on 8/4/09. {Without some of the details in the audio above} Check it out here;
    Present at this meeting, she verified that the network official issued “warnings” to the personalities “to avoid any on-air discussion of the birth place, eligibility, and news accounts of litigation compelling [Barack Hussein] Obama to produce a legitimate copy of his birth certificate.” She stated that the network executive had her arrange the conference immediately following a meeting “between [the network executive] and an attorney closely associated with candidate Obama who was acting on his behalf.”
    The statement of a corporate secretary for a major news network confirming the existence of a one-page inter-office memo, bearing the markings “confidential” and “not for dissemination,” addressed and distributed to news anchors and on-air talent” that specifically instructed the recipients to avoid any discussion pertaining to the Obama birth certificate controversy. The memo was written and distributed in October 2008,

    Share This!!!

  2. Randall Fields says:

    How Many Different Obama Birth Certificates Are There??? Let’s Find Out…Shall We???
    Notice the type and numbers at the bottom of the COLB at the following site from 2008. Some of them look like they were written in by hand and some of them are “Different” from the other COLB’s in this post. You may have to copy and paste the image so you can enlarge the document to see it better;
    Here is what it says at the bottom of the above document:
    Bottom left: OHSM 1 1 {Rev 11 01} LASER
    Bottom Right: [HRS 334-13(b), 234-19]
    Here is what it says at the bottom of the following documents:
    Bottom left: OHSM 1.1 (Rev. 11/01) LASER
    Bottom right: [HRS 338-13(b), 338-19]

    Keep in mind, when Obama received his COLB, he received it by mail already folded.
    At this site, notice the fold at the top going from one side to the other side, through the “STATE OF HAWAII” printed seal. Also notice the “seal impression” and fold clearly visible at the bottom of this document; {Make note of the certificate number, 151 1961 – 010641}
    Same site, notice there is “NO” seal impression at the bottom of this document;
    Same site again, the 2 folds and the seal impression even more prominent. Plus, notice the drastic color change of the document;

    At this site, you can see an image of the fold at the top, but not at the bottom of the document. You can also see a slight image of the seal impression at the bottom.

    At this site, you cannot see “any” image of a fold at the top or bottom of the document, and you cannot see any image of the seal impression at the bottom {Even if you enlarge the document}.

    Black and white version {pdf file, 1 page} Notice there is “NO” fold image at the top or bottom, and there is “NO” image of seal impression. {You can enlarge the image at this site}

    And then you have this from the White House, black type only, 1 page pdf file {Notice the site at the bottom of the page};
    The White House got that from this site, which is “not” black type only. You can clearly see how it was pasted together, No wonder the White House only used black type;

    Look at all of the changes made to the COLB in this video, {9 min., 55 sec.} here;
    I this video, you will see the following {Among other things} about Obama’s COLB: {Starts at 40 seconds into the video}
    Top center, it says, “CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH”, instead of “CERTIFICATION OF LIVE BIRTH”.
    In the upper left, it says: “STATE OF HAWAII DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH”, instead of “STATE OF HAWAII HONOLULU”.
    I the upper right, the “Certificate No.” is now at the top instead of “DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH HAWAII U.S.A.”.
    In the middle of the document, it says “ISLAND OF BIRTH HAWAII”, instead of “ISLAND OF BIRTH OAHU”.
    Middle right, it says “COUNTY OF BIRTH HAWAII”, instead of “COUNTY OF BIRTH HONOLULU”.
    Lower left, it says “FATHER’S NAME BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA I”, instead of “FATHER’S NAME BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA” {Note, there is no “I”}.
    Lower left, It says “FATHER’S RACE BLACK”, instead of “FATHER’S RACE AFRICAN”.
    Along the right side, they have added the country of birth for both the mother and father.

    Remember the certificate number in the site above, 151 1961 – 010641.
    At this site {pdf file, 1 page} is the “Long Form Birth Certificate”, the certificate number is, 151 61 10641;
    Plus, at this site, left click on the document, then right click and copy the image. Then place the image in an e-mail, or a file, and look at what happens. Almost none of the black type shows up…Enlarge the image {A lot} and take a close look at it. In some places, it does “not” seem to say what it says in the document, and you can also see some type and numbers “under” the green background.
    Now I don’t know a hole lot about computers, but that seems a little weird to me…How about you???

    And here is a birth certificate, recently released from Kenya by “African Press International” {Unknown if it is authentic} Click on the image for a larger version;

    And just for fun: In 2008, an Indonesian news site reported that Barry Soetoro {Barack Obama} was born in Kenya. And you would think that they know this because Obama lived and went to school there;
    Excerpt: Barrak Hussein Obama II was born to a white American Ann Dunham and Kenyan Barrak Hussein Obama Snr, in Nyang’oma Kogelo now in Kenya.

  3. GJS says:

    I sincerely hope this is not just another ploy to try to turn peoples attention from what’s truly going on having said that if this is indeed actual he should be prosecuted.
    NO-ONE on this Earth should have total control, be immune to prosecution or NOT answer to anyone, when this happens, if it hasn’t already begun then god help us ALL self interested groups will mean the death of us all.
    Throughout history mankind has been foretold it will destroy itself but thankfully it has never happened, this time around so many things are critical at the same time the odds are more heavily in favour of our anihilation than at ANY time before, people have to realise this fact before it is truly too late.
    I wish you all well.

  4. NOZ CAVAN says:


  5. MountainHome says:

    It’s good to read that others are coming forward and showing the fraud that is happening in America. Thank you for the great article!!

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