EXCLUSIVE: Pentagon may be involved in chemical attack in Syria, US intelligence colonel hacked mail reflect


The situation in Syria is still in the focus of world media. Experts predict another U.S. aggression for “human rights”. Washington regularly declares its readiness to attack Syria. The official version – to punish al-Assad and Syrian army for the use of chemical weapons against the civilian population.

Meanwhile, the media has spread new proofs of the U.S. intelligence involvement to chemical attacknear Damascus. Hacker got access to U.S. intelligence correspondence and published U.S. Army Col. ANTHONY J. MACDONALD’s mail. Macdonald is General Staff Director, Operations and Plans Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence the Army Staff. It’s about chemical attack in Syria.

EXCLUSIVE Pentagon may be involved in chemical attack in Syria, US intelligence colonel hacked mail reflect

In the message August 22 Eugene Furst congratulates Col. on successful operation and refers him to Wasington Post publication about chemical attack in Syria. From the Anthony’s wife dialog with her friend it’s clear the video with the children killed in the chemical attack near Damascus was staged by U.S. Intelligence.

Published data indicate Washington is willing to do anything to achieve its goals in the Middle East. Support for the Syrian opposition with political means and weapons hasn’t brought the expected results.

Under the circumstances the U.S. is ready once again to violate international law and attack Syria without UN Security Council approval. The world’s still the same – if policy doesn’t work, the aircraft carriers start acting!

Screenshots taken by Hacker of the COl. Mail:

Hacker also claimed to hack into various other Pentagon officers’ mail boxes:

  • Evans, Anthony O COL USARMY HQDA ASA ALT  (US)
  • Griffith, David M COL USARMY (US)
  • Bell, Craig A COL USARMY (US)
  • Parramore, David J (Dave) COL USARMY  MEDCOM HQ (US)
  • Morris, Daniel L COL USARMY (US)
  • Ellison, Brenda K COL USARMY (US)
  • Jennings, Wesley J COL USARMY HQDA DCS G-8  (US)
  • Eberle, Brian K COL  USARMY HQDA DCS G-3-5-7 (US)
  • Bradsher, John M COL USARMY (US)
  • Fish, Charles A COL USARMY JS J8 (US)
  • Roquemore, Darlene M COL USAF (US)
  • Mott, Robert L Jr COL USARMY HQDA  OTSG (US)
  • Parramore, David J (Dave) COL USARMY  MEDCOM HQ (US)
  • Weeks, Colin A LTC USARMY (US)
  • Reynolds, M Bridget LTC USARMY HQDA DCS G-2 (US)
  • Grahek, Christopher J LTC USARMY HQDA  OTSG (US)
  • Henderson, Valerie D LTC USARMY HQDA OCPA (US)

Hacker released a statement on Pastebin in which he also stated that he had no time to look through all their mails, might be more information he get and at last he said “I will upload their correspondence later.”

UPDATE: Well we are being asked by some of the media websites about the source that’s why we want to inform you that this news was also published in Telegraph and till now we also don’t have any info of hacker.


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  1. Nothing and nothing would suprise me when it comes from Obama and his left-wing liberal friends and supporters. Including mass murder. We need to stay of the middle east. Assad might be bad, but the people we are supporting are 100% worse. In seems, to me, that the NWO might have a had in this.

  2. Joe Sabanski says:

    I am sick to my stomach after reading the above article!!!!!!! I believe every word in the article! The war criminal,terrorist government in Washington,D.C.[which includes Obama,the Senate,and the Congress,and all the parasitic bastard lawyers who should all be put in prison] are only puppets for the war criminal,terrorists Zionist,Greedy,Pig Jews! The Jews have been a thorn in this earth,s back ever since the start of civilization-the Jews are not to be trusted-you trust a cobra snake before you trust any Jew! There is a reason why a criminal like Hitler rose to power in the 1920,s and 1930,s in Europe.You sleeping,ignorant,arrogant sheep in America try and figure this one out! A concerned American veteran whose heart has stopped bleeding for this war criminal terrorist government in American!!!!!! THE BIGGEST THREATS TO WORLD PEACE ARE:1;America,2:Isreal!

  3. 5 War Veteran says:

    Not that I am saying this isn’t true because it most likely is but . . . . .
    Anyone can fake a hacked email and claim it is real. However we all know the Zionist owned government of the USA is catering to their criminal whims. They have for the last 60 years.

  4. Ken Snyder says:

    What is amazing to me is, in the 1970’s the “Institute of Historical Review” published isaeli plans for the Middle East which involved taking over all the Arab oil-fields.At the time I thought “How could the illegal puny entity accomplish this?” Now it’s all coming into focus,they get zionist occupied america to do it for them.Look out Saudi Arabia,you are on the list as well as Egypt.The world must destroy israel before the jews use their nuke arsenal to threaten every country in the world.

  5. AdamC says:

    I saw this on Before It’s News yesterday. I’m skeptical on this one. Unless at least one of the military wives are foreign born and doesn’t speak English very well. At the same token if that is the case I have to question why only the highlighted sentences in the mails seem to contain this odd, middle eastern tint to them and seemingly nowhere else in the mail. I’m not as skeptical about the military communication but definitely the wives’ communication. And what is “capstone class”?

  6. Vicki M. says:

    If you stop and read this slowly you can see it’s two different people writing one email. The command of the English language in the majority of the email is obviously good. The incriminating sentence in each email has been interjected by an individual with poor language skills.

    My question here is why is Pakalertpress.com wasting everyone’s time with something so bogus?

    • Gretchen says:

      Even though I would expect something like this from our government, this is clearly some sort of contstructed hoax. Who ever wrote the incriminating sections has made the same grammatical and syntactical errors my S. Asian husband used to make (and get teased about by me). I hate when a news organization prints things like this that are so clearly constructed. It is like some sort of misinformation campaign and it instills doubt when something true and important is found. Pakalert – I like your site, but you must vet your sources before printing and publishing!

  7. Rich Buckley says:

    What I would tell my Congressman if I could, by Rich Buckley

    Don’t believe the so-called “classified materials” being shared with you on alleged Syrian use of chemical weapons. At this level of the game, one is safer to use one’s heart-felt intuition. The tactic of the Administration being used on Congressional Reps, “Are you prepared for the consequences of doing nothing?”… should be responded to with: “Violence inflicted on Syria based on lies, half-truths and mass deceptions will become your legacy Mr President following this path; truth has a way of revealing itself. And Sir, it remains within your office of President to always do something, does it not? Even a surprising, perhaps stunning, new and meaningful new page in your Administration — a true peace initiative based on truth not deceptions. So do nothing at your own risk. As for my congressional district, we will be finding new alternative energies in an aggressive effort of paradigm shift. Join us in this peaceful cause and leave this war behind. As for your critics, extend them love and light, peace and joy and bid them well, but move on to world peace”

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