Exclusive: U.S. Government Orders 250,000 Hazmat Suits to be Sent to Dallas

truther October 31, 2014 2
Paul Joseph Watson
Manager with large shipping company confirms purchase

A manager with a major shipping company has exclusively revealed to Infowars that the U.S. government has ordered 250,000 Hazmat suits to be sent to Dallas, the location of the first Ebola outbreak in the United States.

Exclusive U.S. Government Orders 250,000 Hazmat Suits to be Sent to Dallas

The manager of the shipping company proved his credentials to Infowars by providing a photo ID and sending a verified email from the company account, but wishes to remain anonymous due to understandable fears that he could be fired for revealing the information.

“I just learned we have been asked to ship 250,000 HAZMAT suits to Dallas, TX. for the US Government. Again this is happening today, we are pulling these suits for the US Government to Dallas, TX,” states the individual, who manages the drivers who work for the shipping company.

The purchase of a quarter of a million Hazmat suits to be sent to Dallas confirms that health authorities are still very concerned about the spread of Ebola after two nurses in the city who cared for patient zero, Thomas Eric Duncan, contracted the virus earlier this month.

In an interview on the Alex Jones Show last week, Doctor James Lawrenzi revealed that Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), a private operator of health care facilities, had removed protective gear and Hazmat suits from local hospitals without replacing it. Lawrenzi also revealed that potential cases of Ebola were going unreported and that patients were being “disappeared” from hospitals.

As we reported earlier, PPE distributor Lakeland Industries announced yesterday that it had received 1 million orders for Hazmat suits from government agencies worldwide, a press release that prompted the company’s stock price to soar by 30 per cent in after-hours trading.

Lakeland initially hit the headlines in September after revealing that it had received an order from the U.S. State Department for 160,000 Hazmat suits.

Other federal agencies like the National Institutes of Health are also stockpiling PPE gear in anticipation of an unnamed “emergency event” disrupting the supply chain at some point in the future. Infowars also confirmed with numerous distributors that the federal government is exhausting supplies of Hazmat suits and that stock is being placed on hold for “government needs”.

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  1. Frank November 1, 2014 at 8:55 pm - Reply

    The Demonic Number 33 is EVERYWHERE in Ebola


  2. charles allan October 31, 2014 at 10:37 pm - Reply

    Madness of this self inflicted false flag scenario psyop. Not a single death by ebola in america and you would think ww3 had started.
    All done for NWO control and forced vaccination population reduction. AND big pharma will make a fortune.
    Dont take the vaccine when it comes – full of toxins , live ebola (attenuated ?) and naobot DNA which will
    attack and take over your own DNA .
    Dont take any vaccine – they dont work. Read Dr Hadwen’s lectures – still relevant .

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