‘Expelled Russians Have 72 Hours To Leave U.S.’- Obama (Dec.30, 2016 Headlines)


In A Surprise Move, Putin Will Not Expel U.S. Diplomats In Response To Obama, Trump To Be ‘Rougher’ With Russia? Record Israeli Settlements in Palestine, …


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  1. FLOWER says:

    Russia is hacking all over the world. Russia is broke and looking for a come up.

  2. Satan vs Satan !!! They both will wipe each other out

  3. Mont Gee says:

    Don King is loving Trump two peas in a pod .

  4. Hillary's own words got her in trouble, quit blaming other entities.

  5. Johnny says:

    good for Putin , obama that piece of shit want to start war with Russia , ww3 every1 DIE , while obama get on his air force one ,obama said russia is a weak country , russia still got enough NUKE to blow up the world x 3 , that fucking piece of shit obama need to STFU and LEAVE with his wife MIchael , there is still NO PROOF russia hack , and the Hack HELP us understand hillary is obama's puppet , how evil she is , all her LIE , some people might not like Russia , but do we really want to start WW3 Nuke War with russia ?

  6. Lmk66 Lmk66 says:

    these democrat are" loony toon! !! ahhh ahhh. u idiot" lost! nasty dick" licking Obama! !!

  7. Sky Blu says:

    Well where's the story? You couldn't just cut out all of the junk to get to the title of your video?

  8. People need to wake up to what's going on.The Russian diplomats won't be safe from the Zionists in US.Obama is "expelling" them to keep them safe.Zionists are seething after the UN resolution which Obama Admin failed to vetoe.

  9. Tom Almow says:

    Obama should see Hillary Clinton going to prison for the Libyan fiasco.

  10. North North says:

    Putin just laughing at Barack Obama Putin probably saying what a crybaby birches Barack Obama is no lies and a lot of American people coming to realize that too I can't wait for Donald Trump go into the Oval Office

  11. This isn't news. This is anti Obama anti democrats – pro trump, pro Russia pro my cock in trumps wife biased bull shit

  12. Krazy U says:

    Wait a minute. Pres Obama is closing Russian compounds located in the US because he accused them of spying. What did he think they were doing whole time they were here? Don phuken King? WTF!!!

  13. Putin is a lot smarter then this black aggressive stupid idiot.

  14. obama is an ittiot. thank God Putin has sense and wont get revengeful. He will wait until Trump is sworn in. Where is our congress? they should recant the United nations policy. really jews & christians can not use Jerusalem to pray. obama is an obomanation and will burn in hell, he backed the wrong horse., really the poopy pope & london bankers, the west india trading company..chatham house, we get it the queen sold out Israel & America

  15. There is no coinage of the palistines who are really the philistiens of old. this is just propaganda again…we see right through you. Say yes to Jesus who was born of a virgin & his blood from his father is Adnoi Israels God, Abrahams God.not hate brother love

  16. thought this wierdo didn't believe in deportation lol

  17. Putin the peace lover. Thank goodness Obama is like a lying warmonger. There is no proof of anything he is saying. Wiki leaks say not Russia leaking info. Hilary and Obama and democrats are dangerous to the world. Thank goodness for trump.

  18. James Greer says:

    Obama sticks his big foot in his mouth again. what a moron.

  19. Judah Rise says:

    I have far more respect for the "Whites" in Russia than I do for "Whites" in Europe and the USA. The USA has only had Zionist puppets and traitors for president since John F. Kennedy. It is easy to see, Trump will not be, and can not be, a Messiah for "Whites" in the USA. Trump's wealth is based in and on the Rothschild Central Banking System, the Fiat Money System, which is controlled by the Federal Reserve Bank(a private institution). Do you really expect Trump to shoot himself in his own foot? Trump has to function within the system that is, or he would end up like Kennedy, Saddam, Kadahfi, or Assad.

  20. Doesn't it suck, the voted out President (Barry Sotorro) makes world-shattering decisions AFTER he's been voted out.
    What a rigged fake democracy the US has become. In most other democracies, the newly elected Party enters office right away, which is only natural and fair.
    This 2-3 month wait, was obviously put in place by the Elite to give them time to sabotage any change that might threaten their power and wealth.
    The US needs another 1776, only this time, the enemy is not the British, but the Billionaires.

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