EXPLAINED: The New World Order Agenda


In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV points out the Agenda of the New Entire world Buy.
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28 Responses

  1. genius. .Kanye West genius

  2. LuxMindset says:

    Trump has just saved us all!!

  3. Inflation is like rape??? Why is the alternative media so fucked up??? Drop the drama cause drama queen don't look good on you.

  4. I still don't get it. Why all this?

  5. But hold on . What is new about this? they have been doing it hundreds of years???

  6. Raymond7779 says:

    5:45 minute mark = Donald Trump

  7. Rute Leitao says:

    You are a badass foreal!!!

  8. Its worse, bill clinton goes to these pedo islands and has a sick desire to control women

  9. thank you. chris. god. bless. monk. adrian

  10. spidernrain says:

    People are so scared of death and love their money.


  12. Aphex Remix says:

    Can you please fucking STOP talking about this NWO problem as if it only concerns you fucking Americans!! I cannot bring this subject to light in order to enlighten people as you say if you keep revering to just America. I live in Holland. The international junction point for the 32 billion a year industry that is called human trafficking of children and women is my fucking smallo tiny country ok. We are more of a cog, more of importance for the NWO than your FUCKING country cause you know what sir. It is all your own faults. And it is your fault that the rest of the world is breaking down so mr. cause of the problem maybe you should stop caring about your shit satanic country that was made to go down from the start.. and start caring about what you are and have been doing to the rest of world's population through your sick satanic Disney and your sick sattanic hollywood and your stupid fucking citizins who vote for zionist scumbags over and over again who destroy our countries. We don't fucking care about America anymore. You always said you where the greatest country in the world looking down at the rest of us and most of you still do with their IQ's of around 80. It is time for you to redeem yourself against the countries you've destroyed and the people's lives you have destroyed instead of again only caring about your own FUCKING country.

  13. Jen Love says:

    +Skipper Del Cairde Really? Please show me the curve of the earth then!!

  14. Jen Love says:

    By the way, the earth is also flat. 'Globalisation' cannot exist on a plane. Great video but you need to research the flat earth. Before you say "oh my god you fucking idiot" LOOK INTO IT!! It's just another enormous lie we've been fed by the authorities. The rabbit hole goes deeper than you can ever imagine!!

  15. Joy Hasan says:

    u just shit shit nd shit but nothing said that mattared?? what is NWO

  16. This guy sounds just like Owen Wilson ??

  17. Em zi says:

    are you related to the owen brothers????

  18. sb6455 says:

    lol Illuminati card game 'Let's Get Really Organized'. The mainstream revolution this guy is calling for can be seen at the end of V for Vendetta, and is the fake esoteric revolution toward the NWO. It's been described by Newage initiates like Benjamin Creme, David Icke or Russell Brand. But illuminist Benjamin Creme probably sums up this false awakening to nwo best:-

    "HUMANITY is a tremendous force for good and the changes [to NWO] will take place through the raised voice of THE PEOPLE. The voice of the people of all nations rising up, inspired by Maitreya, led by Him, activated by Maitreya — whether they know He is Maitreya or not. The united will of the people will force the governments to change [World Government]. (Benjamin Creme, SI Nov 2003)"

    "HUMANITY is at a crossroads. One path into the future leads to increasing social and economic division, environmental destruction, war and planetary peril. The other path leads to increasing social harmony, economic and environmental balance, and a golden era [illuminated nwo] of peace." (Benjamin Creme –, from ‘Maitreya's priorities’)"

    "THE PEOPLE everywhere have sensed their collective power and are demanding a free and just world as theirs by right of being members of the ONE HUMANITY. This, I submit, is altogether new, and will manifest as a world public opinion with a voice so powerful and united that no government can stand against it. As one of the Masters has put it: “The voice of the people is the voice of wisdom.” (Benjamin Creme, SI Mar 2005)"

    Revolution anyone ?

    "We need to create one world: the ONE HUMANITY needs to live in the one world. At present we have two worlds: one for the rich and the super-rich, and one for the rest — the poor, the miserable and the literally starving to death." (Benjamin Creme)

    or NWO Redistribution perhaps ?
    "The plans for such a redistribution program [nwo] ― drawn up by economists, financiers and industrialists of great achievement ― are already in existence, awaiting only the DEMAND OF HUMANITY for their implementation. A sophisticated form of barter, on a global scale, will eventually replace the present [owo] economic system. (Maitreya's priorities, Benjamin Creme)"

    Esoteric philosophy toward World Government anyone ?

    "ORDINARY PEOPLE, intellectuals, educationalists, and others from a variety of walks of life will find they have a genuine voice in government. This will replace control of the masses through ideology. EVOLUTION means evolution towards freedom. (Maitreya,Sept.88)
    …Sweeping changes herald an era in which a new balance will be struck between the need of individuals for freedom and self-expression, and that of society for discipline and order.(Benjamin Creme’s Master,Oct.89)

    Perhaps some NWO one World religion ?
    "Eventually totalitarianism in political terms will become a thing of the past. Economic totalitarianism is also about to collapse. Maitreya has said in one of His messages given through me that HUMANITY MUST SEE ITSELF AS ONE [nwo]: brothers and sisters of one humanity, under the one God [Lucifers all seeing eye]…"Maitreya has foretold an economic crash which He said will begin in Japan" (Benjamin Creme–,from ‘A New Age Is Dawning')

    Please DYR

  19. sb6455 says:

    Don't be fooled. One World Religion is nothing to do with 'wealth extraction' nor 666 microchipping or in-the-know musicians flashing the 666 third-eye of illuminism is not to do with 'wealth extraction'. Nor transhumanism, or the destrction of the family, eugenics, lucictrusts new age or the general satanic trend the world sees to be going down. Even globalism, first tried in Babel under Nimrod is not about 'wealth extraction'. Societies like the Masons finally their initiates what its about when they reach the 32nd degree..

    But people only look at the front organizations, mainly political and financial ones like the Bilderbergs, CFR, UN, IMF etc and forget about the beliefs and philosophies of the secret society initiates who set them up. Organizationally the Illuminati are satanic houses that satan channel the world's money to for CONTROL. These 'Insider' wealthy families supply nations money for WAR etc. but this is only one area of what is a spiritual controlled agenda.

    What will people say when the nwo goes CASHLESS soon and insists people worship a number, an image or a mark ?

  20. roddyjen says:

    The title of this video is misleading. I came here wanting an actual explanation or outline (a sort of primer) on the NWO agenda. Even if there were very few details, I was hoping to come away with some new sources/evidence to explore on my own. But this was just a rant. Good for longtime listeners, maybe, but not very informative. Disappointing!

  21. A part from the religious aspects its now starting to make sense now the banking system the evils of government, I think if you take away the religious parts you have more of a chance of getting the message across. 

  22. Nobel king says:

    New world order is nwo turn it and it is own and Oprah Winfrey has her own tv Chanel called own Oprah Winfrey network

  23. PowerOf One says:

    good talk, many thanks.

  24. Ancient Ogre says:

    democratic dictatorships could be new world order explained

  25. james white says:

    They don't understand because of  wheat/gluten, Aspartame, Neotame,  MSG, Alcohol tobacco products , Fluoride, Hydrogenated fats and oils, GMO foods, irradiated foods, non organic foods (those with high pesticide reside), Bisphenols such as BPA and BPS, phthalates, parabens and microwaved food and drinks. HFCS/Glucose Fructose Syrup (contains mercury and the corn is likely to be GM)
    Some prescription medication Other health concerns include mercury in vaccines and aluminium witch is the cause for alzheimer's.

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