Exposed: Divide and Conquer Strategy To Grab Your Guns


Rick Wells

The Progressive’s war against the second amendment is a multi-fronted action; with an eastern front a mid-national front and a western front. This is in keeping with their proven tactics of incrementalism and the “divide and conquer” strategy.

The eastern front is composed largely of the liberal hotbeds of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States, while the western front is composed of the primarily liberal strongholds of California, Oregon and Washington. The mid-national front is the third prong which focused on Colorado as its initial target.

Exposed Divide and Conquer Strategy To Grab Your Guns

While all of these fronts have a significant rural population, which values their second amendment rights, there are enough of the densely populated liberal-leaning city dwellers to make their efforts effective. Additionally, the people in these initially-targeted urban areas are generally more liberal-minded and less concerned with erosion of their liberty.

This appears to be the method through which the Hussein Obama administration as well as the liberal gun-grabbers in Congress have chosen to advance their agenda.

After failing at a national attempt to restrict the right (not privilege) to bear arms, their attack has shifted to a more stealthy and well-funded state by state approach.

They exploitatively pursued gun and ammunition legislation on the heels of mass murders in the Aurora, Colorado theater incident and the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. Those events set the stage for restrictive legislation in Colorado as well as Connecticut and its neighbor New York.

Now, in the face of the backlash which has been incorrectly directed at gun owners, rather than the culpable pro-disarmament types, the state of Washington has its own unique challenge to the citizens’ rights to keep and bear arms.

A group supportive of gun rights and the Constitution has offered I-591, an initiative for the affirmation of primarily two basic tenets of gun rights. One is to establish and assert that it is illegal for the state to confiscate the citizens’ guns. The second is the prohibition against any background check requirements unless a uniformed national standard is required.

In an apparent attempt to cloudy the water, and invalidate or pre-empt the pro-gun rights bill I-591, another initiative has appeared. It is I-594, an initiative sponsored by the Barack Hussein Obama front group, Organizing for Action. Organizing for Action is an evolution of Organizing for America, which was itself an outgrowth of the Obama 2008 campaign. Their website URL is and their website is littered with the infamous “flag O” logo of the narcissist-in-chief. That would certainly lead one to believe that this is a national anti-gun effort with Democrat Party connections.

They pitch it in an innocent-enough sounding presentation, detailing its “reasonable” benefits. However, the measure would establish specific and unique state registration requirements which would be incompatible with a different, national standard set by I-591.

It could thereby necessarily invalidate portions of I-591 if approved and could require much more stringent background check standards. Additionally, the measure could be interpreted by voters as an alternative to I-591 in its entirety, possibly resulting in a failure of the bill and its protection against gun confiscation.

What is presented as a reasonable alternative to a shortcoming in the gun registration process, i-594 is a dilution more likely intended to confuse the issue, to detract and distract from the efforts of and potentially defeat i-591.

On a side note, also on the western front, another salvo was just fired in the war on the second amendment in the city of San Francisco. On October 29th, a ban on magazines of a capacity greater than ten rounds was approved unanimously by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. California is a progressive’s paradise as the implementation of laws locally designed to ultimately expand upward is the model of choice, and a successful one.

In regards to Washington State, on October 31st, an email was sent out from, urging people to work for the required signatures and votes to get I-594 before the state legislature or the voters. There is not much doubt who the gun-grabbers are behind these and other actions and their reasons for wanting to disarm Americans.

An unarmed population cannot defend themselves from a tyrannical government.

It is fortuitous for the gun-grabbers that the mass shootings are taking place in liberal strongholds, as that helps to facilitate their agenda nationally. I would expect the next such incident to also occur in a Democrat-leaning area, to be followed closely by comparable legislation.

Of course it would just be coincidence, but that wouldn’t stop the left from seizing upon the opportunity.

We know how the lefties feel about wasting a perfectly good crisis.


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  1. 5 War Veteran says:

    I am an oath keeper. I have honor. Molon Labe!

  2. PHUGEMAWL says:

    Just about every alternative media site I look at is guns, guns, more guns …… I’m sick of reading all this Wyatt Earp mentality, anyone with a gun is keeping it for one purpose … to shoot someone else! AND I’m sick of hearing about Vets wanting to keep their weapons, not so with vets I know. No, I’m definitely not a Govt troll, but Christ, there’s got to be a better way than trying to preserve a 200 year old law which was generated for a Colt 45 and a single shot Winchester !!!

    • carl says:

      regardless how old the law is the idea still applies ,an armed citizenry can resist a government that is out of control making its people slaves of a all controlling government .The founding fathers knew what they were doing they created this country under the noses of the world powers at the time and did what no other country had done before .A country of the people not the King or the dictator a country of laws not men,.

  3. DDearborn says:


    I find it interesting that this article attempts to subtly blame “Muslims” for the gun grab. In fact nothing could be further from the truth. It is not “Hussein” Obama administration that is leading the charge to take our guns and destroy our liberties. Obama’s White House and key leaders in Congress who are leading the campaign to destroy the Republic via the destruction of the Constitution are JEWISH and ZIONIST. There are NO Muslims in the White House Or Congress in charge of anything.

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