Exposed illuminati “Temple of Lucifer” will shock you! (R$E)


America’s Temple of LUCIFER shocking illuminati Exposed (2016) An exclusive look inside America’s biggest Jesuit Temple in Washington DC. The sheer …


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  1. Am I the only one who heard a female voice whisper 2 or 3 times "it scares me"?

  2. taraist1 says:

    Jesus absolutely takes 2nd place to Mary in the catholic religion.. Not only Mary though, the Pope even! They worship the Pope as God on earth. The Pope is considered their earthly connection to God. The bible is clear on who is your connection to God.. that is Jesus and Jesus alone. How they can deny that, I will never understand. I mean why would you want an intermediary? When you can just talk to Him directly every day? Any time?

  3. steve o says:

    Nice work R$E. Everyday now, things are becoming more black and white. The information is increasing, accelerating. Secrets/hidden truths unfolding before our eyes. Almost at the grand finale.

  4. THIS video started off wrong…Fatima was not a figure to be worshiped but an example of a pure woman for other women to follow in her footstep and being modest. I hate when people don't do their research and the masses stupidly follow the sheep herder.

  5. And once again his name is not Jesus.. it's pronounced Zues..the j is silent. there are no j's in the Hebrew or any of the alphabets. The name Jesus came 400 yrs after his death and resurrection on the cross. Yeshua is his name. Jesuit comes from. jesus!!! The eye on the back of the dollar bill is the third eye. of the Minds Eye. Money… the love of money or mammon is the root of all evil!! Lucifer money on the back of the dollar bill. well I put his eye out. plus burned his ass too. you might as well walk paper your walls in your house with it . Its not worth anything. It has nothing to back it up. Its made from cotton an trees!!! But they light workers and higher Self is recreating the money backed by Gold and silver. that's real money not fiat dollars. that is why they have stolen trillions plus dollars. because they new what they were doing when they first started to print the money. 1933 Theodore Roosevelt House Joint resolution 192.. printing up money.. 1933. man turned his back on Yahweh and started to print money because they couldn't steal gold an silver. And Banks were created from fraud….the piece of paper is the dollar in place of them defrauding the people with there gold in there banks . Sad!!!!!!But Judgement is coming to America for all her murders and fraud. The False religious System is going down … The Light can see them now very well. God always gets his man or woman..going to Hell.

  6. The Light is Jesus Ch.

  7. Ron Kinard says:

    Good video +Round! This is a worth see and share!~Heads UP!

  8. The maker of this video is satan himself, and his minions who helped him are complete idiots.

  9. Black Rose says:

    It's really shocking me

  10. they're going to be in for a rude awakening!

  11. Mia says:

    wow. Thanks. Great info and put together awesomely

  12. omg tht stand up of tbe pope scared the shit outta me!!!

  13. Lucifer is not the sacred feminine Galatians 4:26 will share the insight Lucifer is a authority of lies so deceptive

  14. the Catholic Church worship Lucifer and hide ur HEAVENLY mother from you and deceive you telling you only about ur HEAVENLY Father such anguish I'm sad

  15. This is all so confusing to me

  16. Raynay says:

    What feminist god symbolizes America? Hillary?

  17. nwagate7 says:

    my favourite  pastor Charles lawson

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