Exposed talking to satan Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, etc making satanic signs




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  1. Billy Bones says:

    I dont doubt some use the sign to show aligence to satan,but cant some of the preachers be doing it not knowing? Throughout the day theres no telling how many times we all could make the sign not knowing.

  2. You guys must be smoking your socks. You are typically so completely brainwashed to be looking for Satan and devil's behind every tree and under every rock.

  3. whoever you are "analyzing" these videos, do you have any idea what an idiot you are? I feel sorry for you guys

  4. 5 flapjacks says:

    If anybody in you tube land needs to flee from one of these horrible hireling outfits, but doesn't know where…i can recommend an internet bible teaching pastor Joe Cortes teachingfaith .com All his content is free…There is a plethora of topics in the archives…start with a series titled, 'a change of mind' of 'the table of the Lord'…You will find rock solid bible teaching…Joe is no man pleaser….He will teach you from Gods Word what you need, not what you want (which is the flesh man pleasers deliver)…

  5. Thank you Aussie brother for unveiling this. I am extremely and deeply saddened by some of the reveals. Particularly with Jesse Duplantis.. I love him.. I think his ministry mustn't have a good intecessory team.. I am going to pray whenever I am lead. There are many in these days that need to be lifted up in prayer. God bless and Shalom brother xoox.

  6. Two great books everyone must read written for Pastors. Now available on…FREE… Colonization the kingdom of heaven to earth. And Kingdom citizenship for earth living, by Melitta Jass Keller.

  7. the holy spirit does not make mistakes any hand gestures being made cannot an will not be of the Holy spirit no matter how much time u use your hands it will not happen p.s Christ said birds have nest ,foxes have holes but the son of God has nowhere to lay his head

  8. Sonya Gower says:

    @ 31:55 JD says i wanna tell you something,,, not what you think he said.
    I don't like any of these false preachers at all! so thank you for sharing this,
    have you thought about updating by adding monkey mouth Joyce Meyer,god must glorify US joel osteen and his ugly money hungry wife the daystar wicca symbol and MANY MANY others that have come along?

  9. Susan Jensen says:

    These look pretty old when there was this movement . I'm think maybe that conservative baptist church was better .

  10. John Algarme says:

    I don't believe in no Satan but on seeing these hicks: I been hill billyized !

  11. I think presenting them in their true satanic nature, unmasked so that the people can see the devil behind these ugly evil lying thieving corrupt reprobates, might be a better way to go about it. Don't bring yourself down to there level, because if they look down the will see the gates of hell opening below their feet!! They are hideous disgraces to the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

  12. emma skyrme says:

    Please excuse my dyslexia, some of what is in this vidio just like religion itself is twisted. and their are a lot of people who have used certain signs out of popuarity without knowing what they ment, which i have seen for my self, i used to do some of those signs untill i learnt where they came form. But I hope that these vidios will help leadears to get pushed closer to the ywashua/ God of the bible, . and so more able to help others.

  13. God knows all and what he stated in many Churches is true my Pastor stated $20 and $50 would appear in our wallets and pocket books one Sunday at service but the only ones that waved money in the air was the people on her pay roll 10 people out of 200 got money from God………BS….WATCH YOUR PASTORS MANY OF THEM HAVE SOLD OUT TO SATAN LEAVE THAT CHURCH….The bible states come out of her my people so you are not guilty of her sins and iniquities……NO MAN NEEDS TO TECH YOU NOTHING ONLY THE HOLY SPIRIT TRUST NO ONE ONLY JESUS……FOLLOW JESUS AND HIM ALONE…..REPENT.

  14. Scott Lowery says:

    who do you think is the number one false teacher out of all of them

  15. None of this is real it's not Christian it's not satanic it's nothing but a web of lies good old-fashioned earthly lies. Gods aren't real

  16. Go see:" the dumbing down of the sheep"

  17. Jim Bous says:

    Wake up American brothers and sisters your pastor and preachers in these meetings are LEAD BY THE EVIL spirits /// Please pray and ask the Lord Jesus to free you from their influence its a demonic influence,, God have Mercy on us ..

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