EXPOSED – The Satanic Art Of The Illuminati -Podesta/Helnwein/Abramovic – 2016 (Run2Christ)


Twisted art from a lost world. Exposing the concepts in modern art and delivering the message of The Cross. **LINKS BELOW** ****SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL …


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  1. A work of art, this video was. Praise God! I thank God for a brother like you. Freeeedom from the debt of sin, from death and from the Devil and all his devices. More than conquerors. We are of the royal priesthood, we are!

  2. A master piece, very good and inspirational.

  3. PimpMyGame. says:

    WOW! The feeels.

  4. good one !!!!!
    thanks !!! :)

  5. don't know if anyone has done a video about i-d magazine. because in an auld guy in my late 40's i can remember them doing this in the 1980's. makes you think.

  6. D Rock says:

    Eye Opening Brother….Always has been the weak and the sick that these beings prey upon…And it will NOT get any better…This World is going DOWN….

  7. Wow! Being a painter myself… This is powerful!

  8. Your "God" has allowed many things to happen. Your God seeks death and destruction. Christianity is the largest cult in the USA.

  9. Jay Cee says:

    This Podesta email from Wikileaks tells why they want to attack Russia, The Democrats plan on making billions after attacking Russia along with Angel Merkel
    here is a part of that email
    Energy Security Nuclear Energy Innovation Capabilities Act Unanimously Passes in the House ( Andrew Vaccaro On February 29th, the House unanimously passed H.R. 4084, the Nuclear Energy Innovation Capabilities Act. The energy bill seeks to support federal research and development, as well as stimulate private investment for advanced nuclear technology. Cheney and Holland in WSJ: America’s Chance to Help Break Russia’s Energy Dominance ( Andrew Vaccaro ASP CEO and BGen Stephen Cheney and senior fellow for energy and climate Andrew Holland recently published an article in The Wall Street Journal on how increased U.S. exports of LNG can help break Russian energy dominance in Europe.

  10. Our channels are very similar. Please check out my content when you can. I won't waste your time. I am exposing this satanic art directly and proving ontological omnipresence directly.
    I was trying alternate titles and didn't realize I'd have to wait three months to change it. FYI I'm Tucker, CCC signifies our common identity

  11. bob dad says:

    Connecting the dots between Hamilton and the electoral college.

  12. ric bonnell says:

    papa was on/in you. he is coming.

  13. Thanks, God save You.

  14. When the Narrator takes the words out Your mouth*

  15. 80s baby says:

    Two thumb's up,. Man that was one of the best videos on here I've seen, God bless you Run2Christ!

  16. Olive Farmer says:

    Then there's THIS:
    Here's the underlying wtf that is pushing USA to CIVIL WAR:


  18. May be your best video yet, bro. Gave me chills the whole way though, no kidding. God bless u

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