Eyewitness To Illuminati Event Delivers Bombshell & Unveils Sinister Plot! Ben Baruch Tells All


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  1. just shut up and ask her out already, wow.

  2. Tim Stars says:

    The filthy Jews are to blame for it all . Judgement is only coming for them. I don't know what this lier is talking about . Hahaa

  3. xola xosa says:

    smh. this schill.

  4. Louie Lou says:

    God must be a psycho!!
    He kills and he lets the innocent be killed…he let his own son die…let Kim Kardashian have a good life…and many more "miracles"!!!
    God and Devil are the same thing!!!
    Human in Peace are what bible calls as PARADISE!!
    World according what religion asks is HELL!!
    Just stop the damn wars and influence of money in our life

  5. What Scripture is it that says that NO ONE Knows the Day or the Hour…those prophesying when the end will come is not to be listened or be taken seriously……..

  6. The only enemy the US have, is their own government.

  7. arrow cohen says:

    תורתי אל תעזבו

  8. I like all your videos and subjects. Way to go!

  9. Ezk :38,39 has Russia and Islamic allies being "pulled" by God to take a "spoil" from Isreal . America has no solid verses in scripture!

  10. Donald Bole says:

    yes, Lisa, you have it right…Obama is a puppet…he is a puppet of the Muslim Brotherhood, that stated in 1991 that they were going to put a Trojan horse in the White House so they can interannly destroy America…and Egypt has found evidence that BHO is a member of the MB…

  11. wow this mans self confidence is so annoying, who's show is it lisa,you should have told him to shove off

  12. 57unicorn says:

    Lets remove ALL MONEY from this equation, and what do we have left?
    Think about it.

  13. Brian Harmon says:

    The United States armed and help train ISIS also, its much bigger than country against country and you said it "AGENDA"!

  14. buzzsaw301 says:

    Lisa you look completely hot in this video, I always thought you were good looking but you look amazing in this video 

  15. buzzsaw301 says:

    Also, I only believe about 20% of what this guy says

  16. I keep having dreams of these machines flying around the skies watching us and coming down to earth, they feel evil and in the dream I know they are from the evil one. I have had a recent dream about a wedding and wedding bands. could the government be using ufo machines from area 51 they have been inventing?

  17. kcookish says:

    I used to listen to Lisa, but no more after this, this is hogwash and a bunch of lies…. this interview is all about this nut talking, how great and connected he is. RIGHT!!!

  18. hmm…. Russia and China are enimies? Baruchs are not as smart as I thought. Although it is understandable.

  19. Lisa, he is using you as a channel to the Christian followers to push his agenda. Check out his body language.

  20. I smell a Zionist pig when I see one. Russia behind ISIS? Where do you get your information from Benjamin?

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