F-35 Leaves for RIAT and Farnborough


Video by Cpl. Jonah Lovy Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort F-35B Lightning IIs depart from Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort June 29. Marine Fighter Attack …


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  1. MrBen527 says:

    I was praying he was going to stay in AB longer! lol

  2. Wallenst3in says:

    and i cant be there :(

  3. A very impressive aircraft with a bright future! It's not perfect but it's not nearly as bad as all these poorly informed haters think. Stop believing exaggerated clickbait news articles people!

  4. Tony Harrell says:

    Something about that canopy being hinged in the front just kinda bothers me.

  5. I'm going to this years FIA next month (July) so looking forward to seeing this aircraft – I live 5 minutes drive from Farnborough

  6. plumbit111 says:

    Man…. that was maybe 800-1000 ft before airborne not that impressive!

  7. Tim Lary says:

    Looks like Fort Zancudo.

  8. Is this thing fault free now?

  9. kolbola says:

    Has the F-35 family an automatic thrust system? As I see here and the footages of the airshow from Netherland that the AB is pulsing, or cutting down very early comparing to the traditional fighters. Earlier (a decade ago) I heard that LM developed a fully and during the flight an always operating thrust control to keep the plane in the optimal g load and speed during the maneuvering. Maybe it is what we can see now.

  10. james78ish says:


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