Fact and Fiction of the Roman Colosseum (Documentary)


Fact and Fiction of the Roman Colosseum (Documentary) )… … …


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  1. 1:50
    Martin Crapper also makes toilets in Scotland :)

  2. Frew Ofstew says:

    How did they get the ships into the Colosseum?

  3. why on earth they get a bloke called martin crapper to tell us the romans could have staged these sea battles in the coloseum, I can't help but think he is talking "crap"

  4. Gw En says:

    Anyone wondering how they got the ships in instead of focussing so much on how they got the water in? 

  5. zarasbazaar says:

    They're assuming that the present flow of the San Gregorio is representative of the flow of the stream in the days of Ancient Rome. Considering the changes in the land, the water table, and water usage over 2000 years, this is not a reasonable assumption.

  6. Matty Allman says:

    Yeah….crowd control but ya have to watch ya bloody footing. I been in the colosseum and the Stairs are the safest of stairs. No banisters and the stairs some are perfect 90 degrees others are not 

  7. sueishere25 says:

    I hope I wouldn't have watched the killings if I lived there back then. 

  8. Lots of they might of, probably and I thinks being said here. Crapper is crap. Let's test a underground creek 2000 yrs latter and say "no the flow rate here couldn't do it" … there have been a lot of changes to the area that would effect the flow of the river in 2000 yrs. 

  9. ramirolin says:

    quelli erano bei tempi. se divertivamo co' li spettacoli de guera, li cristiani finivano tutti la dentro, co li leoni che se li magnaveno. mannaggia che bei tempi-

  10. Lance Boil says:

    The majority of the Coloseum's destruction was caused by the Vatican tearing it down to salvage materials.

  11. SRV. 123 says:

    I just watched a similar video about the 7 wonders of Rome. They say that one portion of the show at the stadium there were women who had to perform sex acts with donkeys and other animals before being killed. I found that too hard to believe. I glad this vid also straightens out the shit the popes spread about throwing christians to the lions. Known liars.

  12. colosseum rome new discovery this picture

  13. VidShowcase says:

    If you lived in the Roman era, would you have attended the bloody and deadly killings in the Colosseum? Would you attend if something like that was allowed today?

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