Failure Is Success!

truther October 10, 2013 1

Jim Kirwan

Newspeak Axioms ­ kirwan 2003

Failure Is Success!

Over the weekend the truth came out. The government’s mega-plan to finally service (At only four times the cost of old medicine) – the millions of creatures they have spent the last twenty-years addicting to drugs and fake-treatments in a system that keeps people sick and treats no one who wants to get well.

Need health care coverage?

Just dial 1-800-F**KYO

To reach Obamacare’s national hotline (1)

This government’s plan has been recognized as a total success: If that is, you subscribe to NEWSPEAK, where FAILURE IS ALWAYS SUCCESS!

An amazing 99% of those who say they want to enroll in this criminal rip-off can’t get the system to work for them. This from the same people that have spent the last 13 years monitoring and recording every conversation, e-mail and private movement not just in this country but in most of the world.

“In the New World Order ­ There will be a place for Every One” This is what they‘ve planned for you and me!

Every thought word and deed you’ve had since February-2001 is being stored for the government’s future use against you ­ by the same spies that cannot manage to make the 30,000 pages of lies, hijackings and extortions in Obamacare work: Because they are

“Incapable of managing their own computer programs”?

It is far more likely that the outcome which the world is seeing as the total failure of Obamacare – is exactly what was planned for Amerika. So why are so many of the walking-dead still trying to talk to this bunch of Outlaws? Apparently they just don’t understand the whole plan was to addict the whole population and then cut all of you off totally!

YES -They did this to you and they’ve only just begun!

Can’t you just hardly wait to see what comes next?


It is way past time to start making some real noise, file some lawsuits, shake the street lights, let no member of the government be able to sleep – start the Impeachment process ­ against the whole damned government not just Obama-Biden & the Congress…

This criminal-cabal has shown you, to your faces, that they have nothing but contempt for America and for the American public. They have been publicly murdering us for the last seven years, but since they haven’t been slaughtering the rich, there is little to no coverage of their tortures, tasering, brutalities and now the routine and blatant murder of ordinary people.

Now they’re using the public to serve as human-targets to be routinely murdered in live-fire-drills “to practice on”, supposedly to prepare the world’s dumbest cops that ever served in the USA, in order to prepare them for the real thing which will also be coming down on us from the same creatures that have just denied you health coverage of any kind ­ and at 4 times the cost.


Do you think that you have enough reasons now?

To finally get off your ass and make this government and the criminals who run it ­


For what they’re doing to us all!

Is anyone planning on punishing the people who quit working for you or me, when they let the government just shut down. There is no government now ­ so let’s start acting like it.

Their authority is dead, let’s keep it that way!

Why for instance was a vote held on Sunday (yesterday) to bring FEMA back on-line? Even without a government for them to serve? FEMA has a long criminal-record of never doing anything at all for any Americans ­ they’re in the business of covering-up the crimes of the government from Hurricane-Andrew (5,700 people died) to the latest catastrophe that FMA will no doubt ever even get close to ­ so why fund them now?

This fraud that calls itself the government is fond of saying

“The government does not negotiate with terrorists”

It’s also past time for the people to adopt the same principles and refuse to negotiate with the terrorists that are occupying the offices of this government, the congress and the courts!

Its time to begin to think about necktie parties people, for all those creatures that keep trying to tell us they work for us but they get paid by Israel to sink this place and all Americans with it!

Jim Kirwan

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  1. 5 War Veteran October 11, 2013 at 3:36 am - Reply

    Just wait until the addicted no longer have their drugs. It is HIGH time to remove the criminals from the US Government.

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