Fake Friends, Illuminati Is Real? | Coffee ‘n’ Catchup Ep 4


Salaam and hello everyone! Welcome to Episode 4 of Coffee ‘n’ Catchup 😀 In this week’s episode we share our thoughts on the Illuminati, and discuss how to …


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  1. farhana Ali says:

    love your blogs their so much truth in it . may allah keep you both happy give you a long an healthy life ameen . love you sister

  2. Shining star says:

    Thankyou, so much shamsa, for touching on this topic. I still feel scared of these groups, but your right Allah is the most high and all the secrets of the universe are with him. Love you both?.

  3. Jzk for your vlog. I very much enjoy them. I ask Allah to keep you both on the straight path and unite both on you on the hereafter!!!!

  4. v adiole says:

    You're a beautiful couple and I agree with everything u said.tfs

  5. Lailani M says:

    As salaamu alaykum. I enjoyed this episode. I completely understand about the "Fake Friends." I, unfortunately, have gone through that where people I thought were my friends, gave me good advice, helped me in times of need, hurt me or took advantage of me or my generosity. And it's really unfortunate because these friends were/are Muslims. I had to cut my ties with them.

  6. its calme says:

    Great video! Can you do a video about what you would say to your 19 year old self – if that makes sense X

  7. Fammi Ali says:

    Shamsa weldone, when off track just keep driving patiently. lol

  8. Mia Nabil says:

    MASHALLAH. You are my role model sister wallah you are.

  9. great video ma sha Allah

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