Fake News Almost Caused Nuclear War


Israel and Pakistan almost went to war over a fake news story. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment …


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  1. Nediler says:

    Sad how people listen to TYT…

  2. SupremeBuu says:

    Welcome to 2017 where countries declare war in a tweet!

  3. dima9917 says:

    Israelis get annihilation threats all the time. Look at Iran.
    And they did have an opportunity to use nukes in '73 but they didn't


  5. "im in the camp that fake news is ironically real". And its ironically you Cenk.

  6. Jdgaf myob says:

    I'm just flabbergasted and now so over fake news, no, unrealistic, unreliable, zero interest no more…stick to associated press guys, fake news is only ego boosting the providers, it's stupid

  7. Evidently they did check.  Cenk is full of shilllt and he lovessssssss Pizza

  8. Ernst Lustig says:

    Summarizing the pedo story and the Pakistani twitter error under the same "fake news" umbrella is quite idiotic. Why is this guy such a disappointment?

  9. Genk denies the Armenian genocide.

  10. Jack Forbes says:

    I've said it before but I really don't understand how Cenk is being so naive on the threat of fake news. Germany had the right idea. A $5 million dollar fine against fake news. This sorta thing is not something you want to take a half measure on, especially since more and more people are realizing it's a very profitable business.

  11. Sunny Mehta says:

    what the hell were they waiting for

  12. What is this??? Why was my comment censored and deleted? I thought this channel was "for the people by the people". Seems its not like that at all. It seems you guy's get hurt if you are called out for your own bullshit and fake news. news you get straight from RT. there was not almost a nuclear war. If there was those country's would be at a higher state of alert. It's just click bait and twisting facts. You guy's are no better then all the other news outlets. And the claim that you are "for the people by the people" is totally false. You don't care about truth only your own agenda's and opinions. When is this going to stop… When will i finally be able to find a news outlet that shows the truth for what it is and put their own opinions aside so we can actually learn instead of being fed bullshit. Lets see how long this comment will stay.

  13. Cenk wearing a dress jacket AND a dress shirt??!! WHAT IS THIIIIISSSS???!!!!

  14. One of the biggest "fake news" sources is The Young Turks.

  15. brad kessler says:

    TYT spews fake news.

  16. brad kessler says:

    liberal news is fake news.

  17. The Duke says:

    how about 50 procent of dem. believe that Russia hacked the voting machines? fake news?

  18. About 50% of the trump supporters believe that pizzagate is real. About 50% of clinton supporters believe that Russia hacked the US elections. Both false.

  19. VIVEK D says:

    Pakistan threatening Israel is like a dog threatening a wolf. One is deadly and other only pretends to be.

  20. VIVEK D says:

    I wish it were not a fake news. Pakistan vapourised by Israelis would be too much fun.

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