FALL CLOTHING HAUL + TRY ON, Free People, LF / Kallie Kaiser


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  1. can says:

    I hate to ask this question, but as a fellow college student, how do you afford to store at LF and Free People and buy books? What jobs pays that much-I'd love to work there

  2. JelloItsMe says:

    How tall is she? In some shots she looks v tall and others she doesn't and it making my brain want to quit.

  3. Omg my school won't let me wear T-shirts!! This haul tho!

  4. Love your makeup look in this video :)

  5. Issy Vardas says:

    Kallie's hauls are my favourite but they're also my least favourite cause they make me wanna spend all my money aha

  6. Morgane Jans says:

    from where are the sunglasses? I really dig them x

  7. You copied someone else my biggest fan ever

  8. Sara MArco says:

    heeey I just wanted to ask where you got the velvet dress that you wore when you tried the denim shambre

  9. ALISBYALI S says:

    omg i love everything u got girl now i wanna go shopping but i cant cause im broke lol


  11. Potato Jem says:

    Are you Australian? x
    I love you xxx

  12. Cara Marie says:

    Love this haul!!! Everything you got is so so cute!! I just posted a huge fall haul I would love if you came and checked it out ❤️

  13. where is the sweater you are wearing from??

  14. were is her lipstick from ?!

  15. Paige Connor says:

    where is your velvet dress from??!!!

  16. I am so happy I discovered you! Your style is on point and you are the exact same size as me in pants and shoes. I loooove LF and it's fun to find out about other online boutiques from your vids. Thank youu! 🙂 Hope many, many more people subscribe to you soon! xoxo

  17. where did you get the white sweater???

  18. camilleon says:

    Can anyone tell me where she got that last top??? I couldn't understand the name :(

  19. hey wheres your choker from? its cute as!

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