Fallen Angels & The New World Order – Age of Deceit 1 from FaceLikeTheSun (Full Documentary)


Hey anyone my brother in Christ Gonz gave me authorization to share his brilliant documentary Age of Deceit one with you all. It has blessed me and quite a few! So love! Total size function of Age of Deceit: Fallen Angels and the New Globe Order. A biblical appear at the background of fallen angels and it’s romantic relationship to the New Globe Order and the new age movement. Subject areas coated are the slide of mankind, the pre-flood entire world as Atlantis, the new age by theosophy, the fallen angels and their origin of planting the seeds to modern society, UFO’s, ET’s and abduction cases, demonic possession, channeling, and additional. All of these items are stated and predicted in the bible. Showcased on the online video are Chris White of http://youtube.com/knowwheretorun1984 and http://nowheretorunradio.com as very well as Douglas Hamp, author of “Corrupting the Picture: Angels, Aliens and the Antichrist” at http://douglashamp.com.

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Take note: Alice Bailey estimate at 27 min is taken out of context and is my blunder. Bailey is describing Nazi ideology, on the other hand it does not change her sights on Christianity as a total.

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20 Responses

  1. Amber Wendt says:

    When I feel any less close to God, I watch this and Age of Deceit 2. It always reminds me of the battle were in and God's love for us.

  2. Ben7474 Mute says:

    You know, I used to think that mabe there are human beings or "Aliens" from different worlds and galaxies that God might have made but they mabe light years away from us and mabe Chirst redemption reaches out to them as well but now, I really don't know. mabe when we get to heaven we'll know these things but for now, I know for sure that these so called "Aliens" are fallen angles and demons to mulnipulate and control us and to turn us away from God. We can know for sure that there are places in the "Eternity" universe where we must go when our souls leave this life. Heaven and the underworld which is below the earth (I believe).
    and mabe other relams the Lord might have made.

  3. agape of God in Christ Jesus of Nazareth,..we must study the trinitarian dogma carried on from klingon catholicism,..

  4. alaina huey says:

    people get ready the King of King and the Lord of Lord is come are you ready

  5. Steve Angell says:

    I do not mean to offend. Hear if you have ears to hear.

    What if the New Testament is just a part of this. What if it is a guide of the Fallen Angels as well? What if only the Old Testament is truly of God?

    Sorry but I see woeful ignorance of the Old Testament and what God teaches us in it.

    Read Acts 24 carefully. Notice Paul repented. Paul started teaching the Law of Moses and the prophets. No longer teaching the Law nailed to the cross. The record ends and does not give us the new teachings of Paul based solely on the Law of Moses.

    The New Testament, if read and you pay attention, is a warning against Rome. You can not be Christian and not Roman Catholic. They devised it. It is Rome's religion period.

    Satan does not exist in the Old Testament. Hasatan is the Hebrew and it simply means a generic accuser. A tester like when God tested Abraham.

    You have many valid points in this video. I am just so sad you can not see the reality of the Bible you read. You can not see how God really works with men.

  6. Mia6146 says:

    In common thought Mr Bush? You mean satanic thoughts you moron!!

  7. Great video…….Thanks for making it loud enough to hear without earphones.

  8. Don Bloom says:

    If they are not spirits, and are flesh and bones only, i would wonder if those lucifer servants here on earth wondered who shall hunt them and kill them? If, they are angels from heaven, the creator those critters are running from shall eventually kill them. your super man argument is no where close to frightening any intelligent man but the coward, superstitious and frail, and whom are afraid to make or fire a deadly gun into the hearts of liers. those names u are calling, and made them out to be smart ass super scientists is only to strengthen the folly of the nwo wishful thinking. The nwos better run and hide, they are good at that, and better be.; they are all homosexuals satan mattresses. show ur faces, and we blow them away. fuck off!


  10. One God one love under God's firmament!

  11. a demon needs some sort of invitation an angel will come on God's authority and would be glad you test him that this is so as it shows obedience and a heart after God.

  12. did anyone else catch what the man who say he is a psychic? that prior to a great event people are going to be like he claims that he is, and all this before 2012,its now 2016, and with the increase of evil,crimes, of all types, governments changing over to different ideas, and the sad thing is that there are many many people being lied to by people who want to willfully control them and bring them under the influence of the same spirit of what they themselves are under.

  13. There is so much information on the Internet, in libraries. bookstores, and in places where the news about this topic is being sent to. But ask yourself a question, how do this person know that they have seen a fallen angel? How is it that they have an actual account of a fallen angel? Is what they are saying true, has anyone else ever seen a fallen angel? To answer those questions; I am going to go to the only source that I can trust. With most of us, and with the knowledge that no other source of this subject could be answered by. My sources are retrieved from the Holy Spirit and the Holy word of God. I'm doing this because if it wasn't for the knowledge of finding out exactly what, who, when, where and how they can be explained about, then I truly don't think that this topic would ever be on the Internet. To the majority of people who claim that they have information about a fallen angel, i and many other people would like to know just exactly where you get this information from, and if they can not tell us then be ready or get prepared to meet the One who has them in Eternal chains, until the Great Judgement Day. Any information on the Internet concerning the knowledge that someone else says that they have seen a fallen angel, don't worry because not one of the Fallen angels are on this earth and unless Someone has the ability to get past the Guardian angel whom God has created to stand watch over like a turnkey in a prison and get one of them out and have the ability to tell or make him do whatever you want to, then guess what? you are bad. Listen, there is a reason for why no other fallen angel have been on the earth since the 200 or so others that are in their holding cells. God who is to be blessed and given praises ,honor and glory for what he has done, for the things that he is continually doing and for the things that will be done. People who are decievers, con artist's, scheisters,and just a like and love to take advantage of people's weaknesses, people who have this thing which to get into the minds of people and trip them with their supposed abilities. Many of those people who have been in the church and grew up in some area of Christianity,even though they stopped going to church,something that happened in their life convinced them to just turn back to the world, because with some money is the love of their lives, they are drawn to the smell of success in the amount of money that they can have, all they have to do is, sign on the dotted line, and don't even see standing right in front of them is a great adversary, and around him are the demons whom he uses to get people all signed up.

  14. Lulie Lawry says:

    Go to 1 hr 15 min! YES~~! In the Name of Jesus Christ I command you to leave and never return, By His Blood covering !Amen when i first started learning about this, even from Christians, i always asked "What about the Name of Jesus? does that work?" Even marzulli and others dont always tell the people the fact!>>
    The Name of Jesus Christ OVERCOMES all the abductions!

  15. Silvershadow says:

    utopia is democracy 😛

  16. Raven One says:

    The Wolves are in the church, government, media, and around the world.
    If you believe in Christ you will be prosecuted or spiritually attack.
    It's a a trialing time for Christians.
    Fight the good fight.
    Trust in God above the ways of man
    Keep the faith.
    Stand firm.
    Don't be destroy by lack of knowledge of the enemy's lies ,tricks,manipulation, deceptions, and games of the devil and his followers.

  17. Thanks for this video, I will ask others to watch for this video cleared up a lot of questions. Hell is real and the world need to know the truth so that the truth can make them free, I will be informing others about this video only to learn and know. Thank you.

  18. Rick Turner says:

    your forced ad shows your true colors

  19. bx bro says:

    I'm glad to still be here after everything thing I've been thru i love you jesus love you God I'm blessed!

  20. mwhe says:

    he who does not follow yehoshua will never see the kingdom of heaven

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