False Preachers and Prophets Exposed 2016


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  1. And all those hungry and homeless people hmmm just check Haiti. What a Lie we are believing. Too much greedy pastors, share to people who need it.

  2. krisluvkev says:

    LOL…. so they are false because they are all rich?

  3. the people that go for this are supreme jackasses


  5. 4XWHORE says:

    I find Christians are brainwashed to believe in faith. The facts are untrue and nature is against god. Questions answered with "you have to have faith" are not answers. How many hospitals hire faith healers? Hospitals should be full of them. How many people of the bible had a bible? Who is King James? Was Christianity the first religion? How many religions before Christianity share a virgin birth, 12 disciples, persecution for a belief and a resurrection?  How many pastors live in mansions from the money of poor? From the outside looking in it's very easy to see god was created in the image of man. If you believe you should be good to others because the bible says so, so you can go to heaven, doesn't make you religious. It makes you an asshole.

  6. The bible says by their fruits you shall know them mattew 7:16 , what are the friuts (galatian 5:22-23) and remember you all that the bible also says the heart of man is desperately wicked jeremiah 17;9 like people looking for bad in people and remember they are human beings like you not angels . people make mistake no one is perfect.Mattew 7:1-3 Dont Judge people or ministers if they claim to be ministers of God. dont condemn this people and have a free spirit. so God judges you and see your heart. and about the riches proverb 10:22. THANKS

  7. agree with most but TB Joshua is legit.

  8. Das Xeres says:

    All of them are fake they let peter pop off out of jail and he's back to doing the same old stuff, I believe theses people and used by the government and they need to be tax and shut down and give these people money back. I say a class action case should go against these ministries , all of them I got out in time long time ago before i went broke. Fools like Fred Price. I went to him for help after being under his ministry for years and there answer was to sell me his book on high fiance !!!get fake ass Morris Cerullo meeting long time ago they flew a witch in name Juanita Bynum in just to raise the Offering that's what they use this female for she is a straight out street hustler, This woman had the people feeling so bad when she raise an offering. Quote she said" don't come up here with less than a 100 dollars" so dogmatic about it I got up left I heard a voice in me say they are heaping it upon them selves!! That's when I knew than to get out of enemy camp period . The bible is warning us against them not so call sinners. They crept in , they are men of old , they are turned over to a reprobate mind. God don't like them their religion makes is law of non effect. They left their first estate. They are curse with a cruse and they can't change and the insanity goes on and on until people wake up!!! a LOT of young people have , and many are being expose and you know what the excuse is God forgives!! what a bunch of crap!! Pimp A Dollar (Creflo Dollar went to jail for beating his daughter, two people where murdered in his Church building, do you think people wake up some did. T.D. hog head Jake is a straight out PIMP with his Judgmental, dogmatic recycling teachings bull shit, they all need to be stop and TAX and make these fools give back the money, Don't exclude Paul and Jan Crouch the crimes against them goes on and on, Paul Crouch got sued by his homosexual lover a black man in Court for 200,00 thousand dollar, and won the case , people didn't know he was using the pray partners money to pay for this black man homosexual lover pen house each Month!! TBN Wake up people Ase…

  9. marc dewey says:

    So Kenneth is open but was offended and clammed up when asked about his collection of private jets so  I guess that pretty much says it all.And it also said here that Eddie Long needs to step down and repent and that's true but he should also be in prison with Jerry Sandusky if he's guilty of what was said here about what happened with those boys.

  10. The attack dogs are at it again. Pharisees of legalism are at it full bore and full of jealousy of those who are powerfully anointed to reach the masses. Envy is a sin as well. Lot's of envy being shown by these attack dogs.

  11. only like new money?? who does this preacher sow to?

  12. Big big fraudsters

  13. greedy selfish men n women

  14. Prayers useless Creflo?!?
    I think that's you as a preacher

  15. Joel you practice greed and the NWO

  16. I ripped up your books and CDs of blasphemy tonight Joyce Meyer and the Copeland's
    never will I follow your greedy blasphemy again!!!!
    May God rip your souls open and show you the evil in your hearts and wallets!!!!

  17. 5886angel says:

    i feel sorry for all the people that bought into this at these churches .churches are not the same as they used to be when i was little. but who knows it could have been happening then to i was just to young to realize it .this is one of the reasons I stop going to church. so many churches looking for money anybody ever live in a small town and see like 3 or 4 churches on ONE BLOCK !!!! jesus wants us to feed his sheep yet there are many churches not all, but many that charging for dinner plates ect….i seen so many church programs charging asking for donations no thanks i rather speak to jesus myself FOR FREE !! ALWAYS AT THE END OF A PROGRAM YOU CAN GET THIS OR THAT FOR A DONATION OF $$ jesus preached for FREE . lots of churches ask people to sow seeds give tithes saying give to the god . i have yet to see a pastor preacher deacon evangelist OR actually give the money to GOD !!!

  18. 5886angel says:

    im not saying its wrong to go to church im just talking from my experiances on seeing pastors not doing right .people saying jesus is coming now or anyday !!! i belive in my heart he has always been here .a person come up to me do you go to church? i said no they said why? i belive in my heart jesus is not just at church he is EVERYWHERE !!! so if i decide to pray it dont matter where i am at .people say if you dont do this if you dont do that you going to hell …..well i feel if you belive in the bible it says thou shall not judge how a person going to tell a person where they going huh ? just for that judgment alone people should watch what they say cause if your going to heaven you might have just gave me your spot !!!

  19. Man I thank God for the last gentleman Mr Paul Washer that's exactly what happened to me I was baptized in and worshipped at a clique fueled church for three or so years my kids and I in many church activities like the choir praise dance group ect. I would even donate money aside from tithing and countless other things for the love of The Lord primarily and because it was the church home I grew to love I haven't been in a church since(it kinda feels like a divorce) but my heart for Christ remains intact I'm just so relieved to have heard this truth exposed I even bought up issues regarding my insensitive and narcissistic choir director to my minister of music an "ordained " clergyman and it went unheard that's just one of many other issues and that TBN network in itself smh….Seeing this clip of TD Jakes being prayed over by dress wearing, twerk-halloween promoting Tyler Perry ?? Seriously? All he did was transfer his demons into "the bishop" wake up everybody

  20. I feel that some of these videos have been taken out of context, but there are some which give me concern as a Christian…..We need to check out what these people are saying with what the Bible teaches for ourselves, to do otherwise leaves us open to being deceived. Some of the pastors have gone over the top displaying their excessive wealth to those who are struggling to make ends meet on a daily basis……especially the one who has a fleet of aeroplanes?????

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