Family Guy – Brian Cuts His Ear Off to Prevent World War II


Family Guy – Brian Cuts His Ear Off to Prevent World War II


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  1. Aman Haridas says:

    You wanna get High?

  2. Astor Abdi says:

    what episode is it

  3. Ok 5 minutes Miss GAGINA BIG and I will be back with your Evian.

  4. Tan Styles says:

    This is more like a really bad acid trip. Not shrooms lol

  5. This is fucking creepy.

  6. Syed Ahmed says:

    lol no one got the lesbians and def women wear the smae cloths allusion. its from the book about a def lesbian woman

  7. chengstax says:

    I did psychadelic mushrooms before, it doesn't affect me like that at all. It sucked. I was fully aware and conscious the whole time, I thought I'd be drunk or something. All it did was give me some optical illusions and made me more sensitive to sound and light. But the whole time I was like 'this is it?' Mind not warped. Not like in a dream at all. But then again, I can't get drunk either. I can drink all day long and not be drunk, my mind just won't fly away, I just loose my balance and maybe pass out and get a massive hangover if i drink enough. I think a lot of people are just pretending when they're high. I did a lot of weed, heroin, crack, extacy, etc with my friends and nada. I only pretended to be wack because it'd be weird if I was the only one sober/not high. People get hooked right away but I'm just like 'meh', kinda sucks.

  8. Worst episode of family guy, hands down

  9. stewie at the end ????

  10. No one wants to be finger-banged by you, Meg!

  11. RDC says:

    A true hero….

  12. Ramskii-Kun says:

    Lesbians and deaf women wears the same clothes
    5 more minutes miss GaGINA BIG

  13. Anubis fox says:

    Best parody ever

  14. I luv it?❤❤❤

  15. I don't know the maximum potential of what mushrooms can do to you, but when I took some (about a gram and a half), the most I saw were that the designs in the tiles on my bathroom floor were shifting about. Sort of like when you stare at the snake optical illusion and you start seeing the circles move in your peripherals.

    You probably need to take a different/ more potent psychedelic if you want to see the things that Brian has seen.

  16. The worst part is that Brian's Peter hallucination is something Peter would actually do.

  17. KCGamer says:

    King Makk has 3101 subscribers

  18. TomahawkESP says:

    3:25 what is that a reference to?

  19. Indego84 says:

    3:27 Is that a reference to something?

  20. Did you try the chicken, buddy?

  21. Jez says:

    Rerererereturn the map. Rererererereturn what you have stolen from me! lol

  22. Lightblinder says:

    I wonder if seth actually does these drugs that are featured on the show and the things the characters see/do are what happen to him, cause they are so specific lol

  23. Still gets me this series.

  24. Jerrybomb says:

    Man, never expected a Time Bandits reference in a Family Guy episode

  25. Keir Hardy says:


  26. Jack Yang says:

    Shrooms fucked me worse than this

  27. Smokey 420 says:

    When Brian starts trippin out in the crib play this song provided in the link below:

  28. Malik Roman says:

    wtf to happens to people when they each mushrooms any way

  29. Pudding says:

    I am high af… This is unsettling

  30. Jarno Datema says:

    oh brian, thinks he matters in the world

  31. lmao I could do with some shrooms too

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