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World famous celebrity Christmas and New Year Speeches       (24,Dec,2012,Geneva)  Fangruida,ruida-fang


Dear sirs, ladies and friends:

       Adams was already close to the New Year , coincides with Christmas , the first people in the world this would cause joy , happiness , well-being , the world of all colors , all faiths , all races , nationalities, ethnic groups, people of various languages ​​together joyously welcome the new year came in front of all mankind . At this moment, ten billion people will be steeped in the incomparable joy and revelry , the better for all mankind happy blessings and look forward to tomorrow .


       Time such as horse , mankind has entered the 21st century with pride . From the beginning of human society since the entire planet and human society has undergone earth-shaking changes. From the nascent space food to modern , from fire by rubbing sticks to the huge amount of atomic explosions, the most savage jungle from lower animals to modern industrial civilization competition fierce social competition and cooperation, from the various ethnic groups beauty myth and fantasy makes Asuka has gradually transformed into aircraft and spacecraft in space shuttle . . . . . . Human society has entered an unprecedented boom , strong, prosperous era. Of course, not to say that the real world is perfect, flowers everywhere : on the contrary , human society and the natural world is still very difficult , complex , a huge field full of all kinds of difficulties and crises . For example , peace , development, war, poverty , pestilence , natural disasters , earthquakes , resources, environment, competition , conflict, nuclear war , human rights, democracy, freedom . . . . . More problems and difficulties to show before mankind , we need to face and solve humanity . Religious sages , Jesus , Buddha , Mohammed and other masters of the wisdom and teachings to the world and conduction , and their descendants Qinqin to arms, Zhi Zhi to report . Of course, the philosophy of modern industrial civilization , ideological guru even with a new sense of the concept , pioneering great ideas to the world and civilization strong shock sent countless wonderful language.


 In today’s world , mankind has entered the 21st century greater Forte earthshaking changes . These are the great achievements of human endeavor endless .。About three million years ago, humans appeared on Earth

Around 3100 BC in Egypt to form a unified state of slavery

Appeared around 3000 BC in Mesopotamia city-state of slavery

Mid- 3000 BC Harappa Indus Valley culture

Egypt around 2100 BC, the poor slave uprising River

BC in 1894 to establish the Kingdom of Babylon

Around 1000 BC, Nubia establish slavery

594 BC, Solon of Athens

Sixth century BC, Cyrus the Persian unity , Buddhism in India, produced

539 BC the Persian occupation of Babylon

525 BC Persian destroy Egypt

509 BC Roman nobles established the dictatorship of the Republic of slavery

330 BC Persia was destroyed in Macedonia

The third century BC Magadha unified most parts of India

BC 73-71 years Spartacus Uprising

27 BC Octavian system established heads Roman Republic into Empire

BC Koguryo Korean peninsula after slavery

AD early rise of slavery in East Africa Axum

First century AD Christianity

In the third century the rise of Japan and Japan slavery

313 years of Christianity in Rome to obtain legal status

Fourth century occurred in North Africa , ” Elder brother Ernest ” campaign

378 Visigoths defeated the Roman army fort Adria

395 Rome split into two things

410 years Rome was occupied by the Visigoths

476 years of the Western Roman Empire , Western Europe, the collapse of slavery

Six century Frankish kingdom established

622 Muhammad fled from Mecca Medina pull Hegira

Eight century Arab empire formed

646 years of Japan’s new Taika reform

676 Silla unified Korea

The formation of the early nineteenth century English kingdom

843 Charlemagne Empire split , France , Germany , Italy, miniature produce

Ninth century feudal system established in Western Europe

962 years of the Holy Roman Empire established

1054 Christian Church split

1066 France, Duke of Normandy conquered England

Mid – 11th century heyday of the Kingdom of Ghana

1192 Japanese shogunate political establishment

Rise of the thirteenth century feudal state in Ethiopia

XIV century heyday kingdom of Mali , Italy appears the seeds of capitalism

Fourteen to sixteen century European Renaissance

1337 Hundred Years War begins

1358 French peasant uprising

1381 British watts. Taylor uprising

1453 Eastern Roman Empire , the Hundred Years War

Rise of the fifteenth century Songhai

The late fifteenth century, British and French centralized state formation , enclosure movement began

1480 Russia to get rid of Mongolia control


14-15 century European capitalism bud emergence

14th century established the Joseon Dynasty

1487-1488 voyage Dias reached the southern coast of Africa

1492 voyage of Columbus reached America

1497-1498 Voyage Vasco da Gama reached India

1519-1522 Magellan’s voyage around the world fleet

Early 16th century Mughal Empire in India to establish

Reformation in Western Europe 1520-1570

1566-1581 Netherlands Revolution

1600 British East India Company established

Early 17th century the Dutch invaded Indonesia, France, Britain , the Netherlands and in North American colonial plunder ; Tokugawa shogunate ruled Japan began

1640 British bourgeois revolution began

1688 English Glorious Revolution , the bourgeoisie and the establishment of a new aristocracy

17th century British and French became the major countries of the slave trade

1689 Russia Peter I began to reform

17 timing of the latter half of Louis XIV of France began to reform

17 timing of the latter half of Newtonian mechanics system established

Mid-18th century reforms of Frederick II of Prussia

In the late 18th century, Empress of Austria and Joseph reform theresien

1760s British industrial revolution began

1775-1783 North American War of Independence

1776 North American Continental Congress issued a ” Declaration of Independence ” , the United States of America declared independence

1785 watts improved steam engine in use

1789.7 French bourgeois revolution began

1792.9 established the first French Republic

1793.6-1794 . 7 French Jacobin dictatorship

1794 French hot coup

1799 Napoleon launched the ” Brumaire coup”

Haiti declared independence in 1804

1804 Napoleon proclaimed himself emperor of the French First Empire began

1810-1826 against Spanish colonial rule in Latin America Independence Movement

1815 Vienna System established

1830 French July Revolution

1831,1834 workers’ uprising in Lyon, France

1830s Faraday demonstrated electromagnetic induction

1836-1848 British Chartist movement

1844 Germany Sicilian workers uprising

1848.2 “The Communist Manifesto”

1848-18491848 revolution in Europe

1853-1856 Crimean War

1857-1859 Indian national uprising

Mid-19th century Darwinian theory of biological evolution creation

1861 reform of serfdom in Russia

1861-1865 American Civil War

1864 First International was founded

1868 Japan’s Meiji Restoration began

Franco-Prussian War 1870-1871

The early 1870s finally completed the unification of Italy

1871 German unification finally completed

1871.3-5 Paris Commune

1870s begin the second industrial revolution

1881-1899 Sudanese Mahdi uprising against the British

1882 Germany, Italy and Austria formed the Triple Alliance

1880s French finally established the rule of Vietnam

1889 Second International established

Late 19th early 20th century, the major capitalist countries have completed the transition to imperialism

Early 20th century colonial system eventually formed the world

Early 20th century, Einstein’s theory of relativity

1903 RSDLP Second Congress

1905-1908 upsurge of the national liberation movement in India

1907 CEFR compacts final form

1910 Japan formally annexed Korea

1910-1917 Mexican bourgeois revolution

1914-1918 World War I

( 20th century to the 1990s )

1917.11.7 ( Russian calendar October 25 ) October Socialist Revolution in Russia

1918.11 German November Revolution

1918-1922 Indian national liberation movement rising

Turkey’s Kemalist revolution 1919-1922

1919.3.1 Korea March 1st Movement

1919.3 Hungarian Soviet Republic was founded

Comintern established

1919.1-6 Paris Peace Conference

1921.11-1922 . 2 Washington Conference

1922.10 Mussolini came to power in Italy

1922.12 Soviet Union established

1925.10 Locarno Conference

1929-1933 economic crisis in the capitalist world

1931.9.18 Japanese imperialist invasion of Mukden Incident

1933.1 Hitler came to power in Germany

1933.3 Roosevelt became U.S. president , the implementation of the New Deal

1935 Seventh Congress of the Comintern

1935-1936 against the Italian invasion of Ethiopia, the national liberation movements

1936-1939 Spain national revolutionary war against fascism

1937.7.7 China Comprehensive Anti-Japanese War began

1938.9 Munich Conference

1939.8 Soviet-German non-aggression pact

1939.9 outbreak of World War II

1940.6 French surrender

1940 autumn Battle of Britain

1940.9 Germany, Italy and Japan signed a treaty of alliance

1941.6 Soviet-German War

1941.12 Pacific War

1941 Fall Atlantic Charter

Early 1942 , ” Declaration by United Nations ” to form the anti-fascist alliance

1942 Battle of Moscow

1942.6 Battle of Midway

1942.7-1943 . 2 Stalingrad

1943.12.1 in the United States and Britain issued a ” Cairo Declaration “

1943.11-12 Su Meiying meeting held in Tehran

1944.6 U.S. and British forces landed in Normandy , opening a second front in Europe

1945.2 Su Meiying Yalta Conference was held

1945.5.8 Germany signed an unconditional surrender

1945.9.2 Su Meiying Potsdam Conference held in Japan signed an unconditional surrender

10 the 1940s and 1950s the third technological revolution began

1945.10 United Nations to establish

1947 United States proposed the Truman Doctrine

Partition of India , India, Pakistan’s independence

1948 establishment of Israel , the first Middle East War

United States began to implement the Marshall Plan

1949 NATO established

1949.10.1 established People’s Republic of

1950-1953 U.S. invasion of the Korean War

-70 Early 1950s capitalist economic development in the early history of the golden age

1954 ” on the restoration of peace in Indochina Geneva Agreement ” signed

1955 Bandung Conference held in Asian and African countries

Establishment of the Warsaw Treaty Organization

1956 event in Poznan, Poland , Hungary Event

Second Middle East War ( Suez War )

1959 Cuban revolution to victory

1960 Africa has 17 national independence , this year was to become ” independent African Year”

The early 1960s formed the Non-Aligned Movement

20 In the early 1960s -1973 U.S. war of aggression against Vietnam

Mid- 1960s, the G77 produces

20 1960s and 1970s appeared in Asia ‘s rapid economic development in countries and regions

1967 establishing the European Community

1968 Soviet troops occupied Czechoslovakia

1971 China ‘s legal status in the United Nations to be restored

1972.2 U.S. President Richard Nixon ‘s visit to China , the Shanghai Communique

1973 United States “on the end of the war in Vietnam , to restore peace agreement ” was signed

Fourth Middle East War

1979 Sino-US relations

20 in the late 1980s in Eastern Europe

1991 Soviet Union

1992 NAFTA form

1993 establishing the European Union

2000 new pattern began to change the world , the world’s unrest

2100-2200 new world economic, political , order gradually formed , the United States , China , Europe, Russia, India , etc.

             New scientific and technological revolution, intellectual revolution , humans began to enter the ground – month, planetary society

2500-3000 new integrated world , the Arctic , the Antarctic development , the Moon , Mars, other planets gradual establishment of human living environment of human society into a high intelligence intelligent industry

3500-6000 Human Planet Earth super smart intelligent social community space . Human variation, the original social structure collapse , collapse analysis , the new structure of the planet ‘s survival , wisdom structure will appear

6000-10000 social Mars and other planets , Earth’s human variation, evolution, evolution of the original social structure changes , ground – March – Mars – other planets of the universe to expand natural living space

15000-50000 new era of the universe , the universe society of new physical , chemical, biological theorem refresh or rewrite

100000-1000000 universe descendants society, planet, universe, human nature, social upheaval , the extinction of species , other biological macromolecules , active life of the original gene ‘s birth, destruction , resurrection, and so on. Yuan Earth branch of human evolution , and more

Yuan multiverse natural part of social universe astral silence or destroyed, or re- birth and so on.

1,500,000 ——– universe fission , some stars and planets in the universe distribution of destruction , the collapse of space , space big bang , the universe of stars swallowed , decomposition, fission and so on. Cosmic regeneration, biological disasters , biological extinction , biological regeneration , the universe will explode , the universe can be resurrected again and again, to start a new history, super- spin particles — the universe , the universe – super- roton , the universe may Kuji , but after Kuji will be the new super- particle regeneration , and so forth endless need to process thousands of trillions of years , life forms disappeared, nature of the universe remains the same for cycling , the universe did not completely disappear or destroyed. Collapse deflated planet can shrink , but the universe still exists. Cosmic Kuji or destroyed , she converted to other forms and secretive existence , 1000000000000000 years later , they began a new qualitative reincarnation into play . . . . . . . . The time is light and the sun on an annual basis , at least in 70000000000000000000000 above . Existing natural history and physical chemistry Theorem contrast, dwarfs . . . . .





” The grass withers , the flower fades , because the breath of the LORD blows upon it ; Surely the people are grass. The grass withers , the flower fades ; but my

Are the word of God will stand forever ! ” ( ” Old Testament • Isaiah ” Chapter 40

There are outrageous insightful , Fang eternal character ; has eternal character , Fang Chao Fang learned ; learned a super square , square with unrivaled article. – ” Lingfeng cases of ” Volume 2 a person dies , the living people about is how much property he left behind , while overlooking the deceased’s Angels want to know is that the deceased had been hidden virtue plot . “Koran .” Overlooking the philosopher is lost in the horizon , but the horizon is uncertain, is where the transfer of heaven and earth , there is a field of knowledge and ignorance where the transfer . Aristotle : human nature is to seek knowledge . Confucius : Gentlemen and different, and not the villain .21-22 century world pattern of the world economy and world politics and the world’s future development patterns and Prospects for Reform ——— = US aspect of the world

Mankind has entered the great 21st century, the world has changed dramatically . This is the great innovation of all mankind and the Gospel . Worth celebrating . Various problems occurring in the world full of fun and earth-shattering . Changes and developments affecting the world ‘s engine first technological revolution, natural revolution, technological revolution no other changes will not be as widespread in today’s world so profoundly . For example , the spacecraft into the universe , the information revolution , gene revolution, nuclear energy , machinery, materials, information , medicine, transportation, energy, agricultural engineering, marine development, etc., explosive change or technological revolution. Productivity change is the most important change , the most fundamental change and revolution. Production tools, production, producers themselves so obvious .

Especially in the 21st century, the world has undergone drastic changes, technological revolution bear the brunt. Rapid development and changes in national competition . Face of global peace and human development in many major issues , the evolution of the world situation , the East and the West , and the future evolution of China-US relations , war and peace , private, and there , to dominate the world and nuclear weapons , the world’s political , economic, military , cultural, scientific changes in the development of technology, etc. , etc. . Particularly relevant to the East China’s economic reform and development, reform and change lanes into the deep end . One can not expect any new tricks reform , economic reform breakthrough progress, but did not have mutations difficult . State monopoly system will not fundamentally alter Although some reform, economic growth mainly of projects and are expanding rapidly , carrying out capital construction , infrastructure and real estate investment in stimulating other industries stimulate investment as economic restructuring , economic and technological changes , SOE reform , urbanization , the transfer of land and other property rights will be very difficult to change , 3-5 billion people, urbanization, industrialization and modernization , reduction of the demographic dividend , the transition of more obstacles. GDP growth will face foam to increase , rising prices , inflation, local debt surged , currency devaluation , excess capacity , the product is no market , the real estate bubble explosion , the stock market bubble of economic crisis , financial crisis, social crisis , political crisis presents ; GDP deceleration , increased unemployment , large, medium and small enterprises have been closed down , debt, expenses do not pay , the heavy pressure of an aging population and the burden of the financial crisis , economic crisis and social crisis to reproduce. 3-4 million migrant peasants and migrant workers will be difficult to solve society ‘s major economic , political and social problems. 3-4 billion people, urbanization, industrialization and modernization is a very long process hardships attempt in a day, at once , pure fantasy and dreams , this process requires at least 30-50-100 difficult transition year process . Not simply invest trillions of dollars can be converted successfully , very difficult. Attempts at once , is tantamount to asking for the impossible . The most critical is the overall structure of the national economy and supporting the harmonious development of the highly distorted distorted and unbalanced , to the whole economic development shadows and dire consequences. Economic imbalances , a serious imbalance in the proportion of various structures and disorders, a large number of economic and technical personnel shortage , the GDP will blew economy a huge threat and major challenge. Economic and technological improvement , waste of resources , environmental pollution, the follow-up support for the development of agriculture , infrastructure and industrial capacity efficiency seriously out of line . Industrial and agricultural structure than the more. Especially in the world economy is still in the doldrums and difficult period, expect China to reproduce the brilliant economy and GDP growth, very wishful thinking and ignorance. China ‘s economic growth standard value of 5-5.7 % , normal , acceleration value can be jumped to 7-8-10 % , but not lasting, life-cycle around 5-15-20 years, over this line , the outbreak of the economic crisis . Maintain the value of about 4.0 or less around 5.8-6.2 , economic law , beyond the red line , the crisis was underway . Violation of the rules of natural and economic laws , especially the rules of market economy , is bound to major mistakes and pitfalls unable to extricate themselves . Rely on state capitalism means you can save some stunts while, but can not save a long , long time, loopholes, abuses to structural imbalances , it will fall apart . As for China ‘s political reform and development , about 30-50-100-200 years ( maybe longer or shorter , a few thousand years of feudal ideology and cultural needs adequate time and procedures to eliminate and transform inheritance, lack of essential elements of democracy ) of democracy learning, imitation , absorption, transformation and restructuring and development phases and stages , to mature and grow, software and hardware available, it may transition to a democratic political victory . Otherwise , haste makes waste , it is difficult over . Of course, the idea of ​​democracy and freedom in the 21st century is not limited to past political realities of popular textbooks and political democracy . Democracy and freedom and human rights , equality, fraternity , etc. must also be inevitable absorption and transformation of highly complex re- dimerization , and gradually improve and a more idealistic and actualization . Freedom and democracy also needs improvement and continuous improvement, not perfection . However, this does not prevent the advance of democracy and freedom and changing reform and improve . Universe, everything in nature , is in perpetual motion change , and certainly not a static constant. Without that, there would be no nature and the universe , human society will naturally die and fall apart . Economic revolution , social revolution, the technology revolution, political revolution , gene revolution, the Earth revolution, revolution is the history of the development of the universe complex, requires insurmountable phases and processes , otherwise , haste makes waste , counterproductive. Leftist and rightist ideas and thinking are wrong. Including economic , political, are all true. As for the future of the world Decisive Force , mixed views . In fact, the . United States, Russia , Europe, the EU, Japan, India, Brazil, Canada, and other countries anyone can peak and decline , anyone can become a leading world superpower , the key lies in reform and supporting all necessary conditions have . America’s decline ? European decline ? The Soviet Union, China instead ? Japan, Russia , Britain , France, Germany and so completely lost ? ? India, Brazil and other countries weakness and China , the United States Bimei or contests ? Not simply in terms of GDP and population , bombs , missiles, aircraft carrier . Aircraft determine success or failure , more importantly, human consciousness behavior , rational and civilized humanity , leading influence in the world , and recognition of cognitive convergence force strength , superior political democracy , economy , science and technology so powerful strength, ideological and cultural appeal, per capita wealth levels and so on. Here , in particular, need to emphasize human consciousness rational and civilized behavior and absorption play and criticism , all political ideology , value systems, religion and culture , philosophy and the importance of human production and social practices associated with the important role . In other words , genetic heredity and variation , thinking and being an important relationship. Master of philosophy and religious philosophy, Buddhism and Confucianism , including the European Master of Philosophy and the essence of modern philosophers thought so . Countries in the future world will be a huge arena of competition and cooperation , in order to lead the world to dominate the world , requiring multiple combinations of composite dimerization of any single country and the nation to dominate the world will become increasingly difficult and dangerous . The so-called first , this is not the same and Sports Arena , just went to the first , is the world champion. State and national development and competitiveness , the key is that the whole body, that the overall value of the entire country , pentathlon , eight round . Rather than the competitive level of the individual and the individual strengths of the first, weaknesses too , will be eliminated. 21-22 century , a new era of human history , human society will open a high intelligence era, the planet revolutionary new era of human evolution and social development should be jumping the traditional old mode. Speaking atomic war , that the atomic bomb is the trump card , invincible . Atomic bomb in the future world , will be reduced gradually and progressively destroyed. Bomb countries abound , it lost the true meaning of war . Once started any atomic war , which person country can survive it ? Who are the losers and no winners , the destruction of Earth , species extinction , ecological degradation , population genetic variation , disease, pestilence throughout the world, environmental meltdown . There are no winners and losers together to see God ‘s deathbed self-destruction game. Therefore, the denuclearization of the world and will be the future choice for any scale war . However, the main line of peace does not mean it will not happen 21-22 century massive confrontation and war. National, ethnic, such as a blend of group interests and competition fierce battle sometimes appear , rattling , or even war against nuclear war , the world will fall apart , large-scale confrontation and war possible, of course , similar to the probability of World War II World War relatively low, global involved is small , but it does not exclude the danger of war persists . Even if the nuclear-free world , it does not mean that the world will be safe and sound, it would be too naive and too idealistic world it. However, the evolution of human society, more and more , the world needs competition paradigm shift in the way and transformed . We talked about reform , Reform and Revolution , should go with the flow , no one can fabricate history , only to conform to the historical , conform to society, and could transform history. So any program of economic reform , political reform movement, any meeting decided that the only kind of progress or compromise , and truly historic step forward to promote the need for enormous political courage and the greatest reformer of his talents Wineur , dare to break Creation such as political giant, probably in the distant future ; therefore , no such giants China and the era masters , in order to become a world giant , and that is beyond the reach of it. * % 8 — ? Unless the fanfare of projects and continue to invest in sexual stimulation enlarge the economy, including urbanization, expansion , etc. , infrastructure and real estate accounted for 40% of the weight , but the continuous rise, delicious difficult to digest , inflation , rising prices , excess capacity , the real estate bubble , the technology bubble , product no market , currency devaluation , junk notes follow. 20,30 years of rapid economic growth ? I am afraid that as long as the 3-5-10 year of big balloon exploded . Implementation of micro- stimulation, although there are some success, but social development of various structural contradictions sand into a mound , socio-economic and political contradictions polarization fermentation, piles of accumulated problems will trigger a chain reaction , making the situation more complex hazards. 2-3 million farmers , migrant workers , etc. ; slowing GDP, increased unemployment , business failures entire social unrest, no digestive capacity , debt, state-owned private dying. All roads are danger. Bumpy road , imagine the heavens opened and continue to the real estate bubble , prices soared to continue to continue to vigorously stimulate accelerated continue massive construction projects continue to 8% -9% , whether fantasy dementing GdP growth , ignorant arrogance syndrome, neurological disorder, economic structure , technological economy, economic restructuring easier said than done ? Hundreds of millions of the population of Great Change , step by step mandrel . Dangerous step . Therefore, the reform and development , unity of thinking is good , urbanization, economic reform package worth mentioning, or political reform and political progress, there will be no significant breakthroughs and progress , at best economic interests of administrative areas such as the reform of non-core or improved , in order to survive and crest waves. Market economy and political model is generally consistent with and complementary to , the market economy and democratic political compatibility ; completion of a one-sided aspect , very effective short-term , over time, will be a serious imbalance deformed into the inevitable crises and risks . Economy is the foundation , politics is the superstructure ; economic base changes, along with the political structure is also bound to change. Otherwise, the superstructure will be crumbling. This is the basic economic and political philosophy and rules of the game , no one escaped and exceptions . So , the simple economic reforms can not be very effective ; synergy between the two , in order to high-speed and stable development of the economy ; otherwise , loss of balance , there will be a huge critical situation and serious consequences. For example , real estate , stocks and so on. . . . . Free market economy is not a panacea , the so-called private ownership , public ownership has its rationality and applied degrees . Over limitations , it is necessary contrary to its original purpose . However, private and shared , the public , in a certain sense, is similar to, coincide. No basic personal , private, there would be no real public ; Conversely , there is no generalized sense of ‘ total ‘, “private ” will become nonsense nature and human society groups, the lack of common economic interests and sorry. Elimination of private ownership , public communism , which is the greatest battle in human history and philosophy , politics , religion, economy , etc. never-ending controversy and strife . In fact, the survival of human society, private ownership is the most basic cell ecology ; Of course, he can not and will not refuse to reject national wealth sharing is another important aspect of special significance. Therefore , philosophers , economists , sociologists, political thinker controversy and strife, inevitably fall into biased and extreme . ” ” There are private and are not contradictory , is an issue both a fundamental . ” Does not want to reconcile the contradictions between private public there , just to illustrate the basic premise of the private is there ; ” common public ‘is a myriad of private the co- polymerization polymerization . The total public but also to better private , shared basic social cell . The individual is the basic cell of cell populations , there is no it will not present the final . Possession and personal property protection is very important proposition and value theory , East and West in this debate have their way . But it did not relate to the so-called capitalism and socialism and communism absolute fracture gap , but only just past the philosophy of economics and political science and sociology Explaining deficiencies and natural defects . Either , is to eliminate private ownership , or is to eliminate the ” total public ‘, from theory and practice to the extreme and incompatible major social confrontation. Sort of debate and controversy , not a compromise , and, the key is to clarify the basic philosophers , economists, political scientists , sociologists have long puzzled the important ideas and perspectives. 21-22 century’s most important philosophy, economics , political science, sociology and public-private platitudes new solutions . poverty of Philosophy , economics, poverty, poverty, political science , obvious. nutshell : private , communal, sharing and shared to avoid extremes , this is the essence of all the problems and root causes , so modern philosophy home presumption , sharing and sharing, there are certain eclectic , and make a reasonable modification for my own use in any doctrine has some reasonable elements , and ultimately , the same thing , capitalism, socialism , state capitalism , syncretism , etc. . was not tasteless reconcile, but social development of integrated evolution only do you have me, I have you , reasonable absorption wrong to abandon the transformation , which is the historical evolution of left or leftist , rightist , amendment and such problems are easy to make and they can not see the whole picture of the nature and affairs , myopia or deafness. created all human achievements , we need to study , absorption, transformation, critically inherited development as capitalism and democracy is the absolute truth can not be corrected test, in fact , capitalism, democracy and freedom , also need to continue to reform and human development , which is only historical process modeling different historical different historians and natural scientists proposed a comprehensive history of the universe of human history research : about AD 4000-6000 , the wisdom of human society from the high post-industrial society into the planet intelligence community , the Moon society – Mars society , social universe , so future generations to judge the pros and cons of human now , our debates and battles both absurd and ridiculous extremely this is the historical development of human speech into a clear roadmap and timetable so-called state capitalism or, mixed economy worth mentioning, or pure market economy, the Chinese economic model could uphold and continue the development of China ‘s real economy, how , a variety of economic data is tricky, yet time validation . overly optimistic and pessimistic is not necessarily correct. could only go with the flow , strong recovery in the world economy needs at least a considerable period of time arrived in the middle of the 21st century , in the whole history of the world big shock adjustment period of great change , regardless of the economic , political, military , cultural, science and technology , and so were the case . conform history can make history, contrary to history would be eliminated by history . past adhere Greece, European civilization , the West lead World ; turning now to the East , such as the rise of China , Japan, India, three male , whether the East and the West overwhelmed ? temporarily , China led the way, by leaps and bounds , GDP leading the way ; however, this is only a short leap forward momentum brilliant , no force continued after hair , the key is the entire economic system reborn makeover , otherwise, it will send the old seriously ill , in serious imbalances dilemma, and let slip the opportunity of historical development , and from the glory of falling down , becoming two , three streams big country . Ones from the whole world is difficult giant throne . playing history , the last against being abandoned by history will be merciless and playing , which is the reason everything is Jesus Christ of the road, not only for China, the United States, India , Japan, Russia the EU also true in the past said that the heyday of European civilization , is, indeed , Europe and indeed to the history of mankind in order to contribute greatly to deny this is to profane history and human modern Oriental develops, whether it is the turn pancakes , Oriental overwhelm the West ? ? former West overwhelm the East ? history is history, but the continuation of history, should stand on the commanding heights of the historical development of the world situation and the balance point, in order to have a correct and objective reasonable explanation , otherwise , it will become fear America syndrome and syndrome of fear in the United States and China , are all human beings it is not necessary to myth or fear , it is impossible to become demons threatening the world and humanity and people have accepted the idea and the process of transformation and any nation and state , each with its long , each with its short , the East does not shine bright , bright bright oriental West . days menstrual days , rivers row , the East meets West , Western, large cell integration , compatibility with major powers guiding force needs the world , but need various forms of world domination ( world hegemony and world order, a certain sense complementary ) . chauvinism , the world hegemony of any country in the world to oppose hegemony and abandonment country mode, but after all, the world is not chaotic disorder , which requires differentiate and identify the profound meaning of hegemony and order . inclusive , relative benefit barriers, highly complex dimerization of 21-22 century natural philosophy of comprehensive structural polymer composite structure doctrine , not one -sided emphasis on the exclusion of the other , but also not simply mixed potion mixing , and to enhance the development of for example , Europe ‘s science and culture , democracy, freedom, human rights , free market economy , etc., some oriental harmony ideology, economic reform, some effective measures , etc., are large a tonic for the moon garden are foreign , China ‘s moon sixteen round, belittle , or arrogant, are extremely harmful, extremely dangerous people say American “common rule” principle is justified , but the world is not the world’s military and political world economy moves of several countries can , India, Russia , the European Union , Germany, Britain and France , Japan, Brazil, Canada, Arab and other participation rights and no voice , it also a big mistake and a special wrong even in the developing world , it is impossible without a leader , because humanity is still in the ‘ higher economic animals ‘ evolutionary road to the world leader in the superb skills , the key lead the way , rather than when the overlord , just right, captivated will go to the other extreme . example, strengthening the United Nations reform, strengthening the central role of the United Nations , permanent additions , Security Council resolution authority, the authority of the UN General Assembly , the International court of authority so that the Council’s special the role of the Security Council vote and veto reform. 21-22 century , the important role of the UN General Assembly and the ” world government” as seen special features . permanent , non-permanent members , Member States , regional organizations, national organizations such as the World no leader in the world is chaotic disorder . leader is not necessarily a large country , big country rich and powerful can act , small countries can also serve as an important role in the future rules of the game world, World History , World Civilization history, European history , Asian history, American history, African history, Arab history, and so the world Big masterpiece , Chinese history, American history, Russian history, British history, French history, German history, Indian history, Japanese history , the history of Brazil Mexican history . ….. and natural history, biological history, physical history , geological history, history of the universe , philosophy , history of literature , history of economics , military history, history of religion . …. history is a surface SPIEGEL to rewrite and writing history, no Jubi how can he intends to finish ? ? ….. .. In Europe and other countries for the future of the world exactly how China over the United States , will become the world’s a tyrant , have a phobia that China in 20-30-50 years later the world will become a more dominant Instead, the United States , the population first , GDP First, it is in the world, emerging as the world hegemon throne .. In fact , overly optimistic and exaggerated it. when the first kind of the GDP , as long as the GDP, instead of democracy , will distort and destroy human society, rationality, conscience and humanity ‘s bottom line , it will be very dangerous and very scary and unpredictable consequences for the outcome of China ‘s political also with the economic changes and changes occur . economic and political hard peel avatar. this is the basic principle of political economy , as well as the peak of world economic development theory , stage theory , etc. more competitive in today’s world , India, Brazil , United States and Russia , but also a strong opponent. Europe, the United States and Russia is China ‘s most powerful union competitor , constraints and suppression of disease into China and success . one thing down . Europe, the United States and Russia is a strong opponent of China’s rise , both sides need only tube collaboration and sharing , sharing impossible atomic war broke out , if so, the world will be a big bang , though , Europe, the United States and Russia each have a variety of disputes and conflicts , but in the fundamental interests of the plane was still relatively consistent , once Chinese aspirations to world throne , which for China ‘s rise and dominate the world will constitute a single great challenges and threats , so that assertion , China will be the future of the world giant, one-sided, short-sighted , especially concerning China CPC 18th Third Plenary Session of the reform program , the top-level design, and other economic, political initiatives such as the world has various forecasts and commentary , in fact, merely economic reforms or improvements . deep-seated reforms relations fundamental reforms , such as land transfer and land reform , fundamental reform of state-owned enterprises , political reform, a full market economy reforms , an independent judiciary , protection of private property reform , innovation and democratic politics , military institutional changes , such as almost difficult to start . As city group planning, anti-corruption plan, judicial authorization reform , taxation, finance, and other reforms have to be innovative , but the key reform and restructuring hardly any substantive changes or changes. enormous difficulty of reform and deepwater traveling very difficult and dangerous , in order to get out of just a few decades Gobi Desert and brilliant yellow grass to reach the other side , is simply balderdash and naive child’s play. subsequent rugged road more difficult , than the Long March but also obstacles. to be a great success, easier said than done . world should oppose hegemony , but the world can not disorderly chaos , otherwise , the human world will be a throwback to nascent , pure jungle primitive lower animals society and the world of human society and the world will be plunged into utter tragedy and catastrophe . society and humans will completely collapse. World Development changes, trend, China and other countries is undeniable strengths in Europe and America has been fading is an indisputable fact , however, lies in the reform and change , China , Russia, India , Brazil and other necessary changes and reforms , the United States , Europe, Japan , Germany, law also requires change and reform . the real world is a global shock, intense time of change , at least 50-100 years change, shock, hard to leave this territory no one now on the next assertion is still too early , of course China’s development potential and prospects are also very impressive, the key to reform and change the world need to change the rules of the game or patch , but the basic rules of the game can not overturn denied. example, democracy and human rights ; some require modification , the final the same thing. Epcot Who Controls ? answer is yes , both Chinese , including Europe, the United States and Russia , India, Brazil , Japan, Canada , the Islamic world , Africa , and of course there are the leader , otherwise, it caught no center to multi-center a . leader is not one, but a few , and open the door , or go hand in hand , it is difficult be made ​​absolutely the first , second, third, of course not be too much , otherwise it becomes the flock leader run the 。

The world is very broad , human history was merely the transition to childhood or infancy , we need to walk the road is still very long very long . Tens of thousands of years have flashed by , the subsequent light and the sun was just countless. In addition to the creation of history forever Endeavour is incomparable human rationality, wisdom and innovation, change.。Just focus on talking about the real world and the world of contradictory historical trajectory of development, also addressed the current objectives, priorities and long-term development options and political reform China’s political, economic, and economic reform. Talk, made less than justice, even if one’s mind, will not help long-winded, so the difficulties mentioned and discussed in this major reform where the risk lies danger, bear the brunt of the big reform, particularly with regard to economic reform in political reform and economic reform association difficult and the risk of pros and cons and deepwater areas where change, more difficult, such as GDP growth, slowdown brought about by the various crises and risks lies, but also to the social, political and other risks associated with the crisis and, difficulty and risk assessment of the crisis reforms catch a glimpse. Alert society is not to retreat, but despite the difficulties. China change this, Europe, emerging market countries, developing countries, developed countries, who are the same. Without reform will not change is the history behind abandoned eliminated. The simple truth Is there anything different controversy and insight it? Waits for no man, things change, times change, reform and the need for greater political courage and wisdom, the pace can be a little bigger, but reform involves all aspects of the room for maneuver is very small, big mistakes should be avoided. As for political reform will be times, then pass through economic reforms, political reforms will be put on the agenda. Because of the world, regardless of doctrine, what party, what society, what kind of system, what kind of doctrine, what reform and change, economic, political, military, cultural, and so can not be completely separated, prevails, their own way, is clearly impossible. Of course, the direction of political reform, the path, the goal is not exactly like the outside world to judge the kind of pure speculation westernized, pure westernized style political reforms, but with Chinese characteristics democratic political model, and Western democracy can Bimei and compatible sharing. Natural, and universal values, such as the world of democracy, freedom, human rights and other constitutional able to share and compatibility. All the achievements of mankind have created the critically inherit and absorb naturally impossible to exclude some of the important achievements of Western and experience gains and losses. Particularly China’s current political and economic situation, despite rapid economic growth, commendable, GdP forward towards the pinnacle of the world, however, is still a large developing country with underdeveloped countries. Urbanization hundreds of millions of peasant migrant workers, industrialization, modernization requires great effort and to complete the process of economic transformation also requires a long-term technical and economic struggle conversion upgrade, deepen the reform of state-owned enterprise system innovation into market-oriented operation entirely rural land The new system of land reform, agricultural development base of 1.4 billion people survive at stake, coupled with China’s thousands of years of traditional influence from the East Asiatic feudal social ideology and culture, almost 5-6 million farmers and migrant workers are social development of the key changes. 2,3 million troops, soldiers in rural areas accounted for 70% -80%, neglect and deny the reality of the existence of this powerful group that will see the trees but not the forest. Modern democracy hardware and software have still not fully rigorous implement Western-style democracy if it do the same? The answer is self-evident. Therefore, the issue of political reform is an extremely sensitive and complex issue. In this regard, I am not here to say, just focus on talking about the economy and economic reform, of course, is not shy about talking about political reform and human rights and democratic freedoms. To deeply understand China’s national conditions and the reality of the situation is particularly important, Japan, longer, survival and development of mankind as we have to compete, what will sooner or later bring to the table. More is involved in international political and economic reforms, and other major world economic developments and trends, the future rules of the game world, the world’s future development and competition model, the world’s political, economic, military, cultural, scientific, religious and stage and so on. Coincides with Christmas and New Year to Hom However, sadly, a myriad of thoughts. China’s reform and change despite the crisis and the risk of multiple, but do not make a fuss. And crises with hope in, hoping for a variety of profound reforms and development in order to get out bright prospects. Especially just heard an interview with reporters vocal, mentioned the issue of the dispute relating to the reform and conservative, in fact, reform and conservative society would be any objective existence of phenomena, including the United States, like hawks battle doves donkey, Europe Any country, any society, any political party, a variety of views and positions, factions, ethnic groups will exist around the dispute, the hawk-dove fight, a lot of tough and gentle, and so often see. This is all normal, left, center, right, through the ages, a place where there are people, their views, normal, all public opinion, unanimously, thousands of people face, could it? The world is so complex, rather than a single type of purely social. For example, today, we gathered here to celebrate Christmas, tomorrow it could also celebrate Asian Oriental Chinese New Year, the day after tomorrow they may celebrate the Islamic holiday, naturally vary between the three, though full of festive season, but there are very different, impossible trinity kidnapping to celebrate. World community, but also individuals. This is the world’s greatness and mystery. Able to take this opportunity to talk about the wonders of addressing complex and very touching and tenant issues, it may be a communication and learning. Every day in the history of the renovation, short-sighted and narrow are undesirable. In the long run, China’s reform is still promising change and development, 30 -50-100 years, 200 years, wear myopia can not see glorious vision. In Europe and America, Christmas and New Year as the Oriental delights lively, people celebrate Christmas or the annual Spring Festival and other traditional ethnic festivals. Sort of basic human genes listed the same, there is no fundamental difference. Moon, Mars, Sun also indistinguishable, in the East, the West is the same. Nature, the universe circles alike, and in the social and human consciousness, social organization, perhaps there is a large difference or distinction between different structural forms of social, ethnic, national identity, national psychology, religion, cultural awareness, language thinking, production, lifestyles, etc. as well as the different genetic variation and contrast with the political, economic structure, culture and other aspects such as customs, even the understanding and interpretation of democracy, freedom, human rights and other universal values ​​of the West There are also different views and disagreements, is not an exaggeration. Philosophy, political science, after all, is not very pure form and realistic political and economic structures, consciousness theory, combined with the natural needs and social practices in order to become possible. Otherwise, everything will become castles in the air, maritime mirage, elusive. All the achievements of civilization created by mankind, and must learn, research, development and succession, foreign things serve it. For example, for Marxism, now in the East and the West has a great influence, various studies school. Marx was a philosopher, economist, “Das Kapital”, “Dialectics of Nature”, etc., includes a very wide and very deep, especially his philosophical works worth reading. Study of human social history, natural to study a variety of academic thought modern philosophers. Otherwise, why create new history and future? Positivism, logical, scientism, humanism, “Western Marxism” (school), “young Marxist,” “structuralism”, existentialism, Kant, Hegel, Feuerbach, Western Philosophical should read, learn from the best, whichever is dross, as I used to, this is the right attitude. Overall absorption, do not ask indiscriminate; totally exclude, unapproachable, learning attitudes are wrong and must be firmly rejected. So, for China’s future development patterns and political patterns, economic structure model, both to vision, but also down to earth, left, right thinking should be avoided. Economic reform is very complex and difficult, deep water changes, a variety of risks and crises; political reform is more complicated difficult. However, regardless of economic reform, or political reform, military reform, cultural change, we need a solid, steady progress, not major mistakes, otherwise too costly, social unrest.




Dear sirs , ladies , friends, fellow world , the United Nations all citizens , before mankind have smooth sailing with traps, is full of vigor and hope, however, is full crisis and often neglected . Either , survival , or , perish. In the evolution of the universe , the natural world is changing, earth and mankind is also evolving into play . If humanity is not very distant future era, can the moon , Mars or other planets happiness joy freedom to celebrate Christmas and New Year and celebrate the planet , spring, that is the human world, the greatest and most magnificent kingdom of heaven. Only humans struggle to survive , only survive and symbiotic nature and the universe .




Once a new era is approaching, celebrate the joy of this festival , people of the world once again wish happiness and joy . Christmas Happy New Year merry , new spring arrival of joy. Happiness and joy will always belong to the diligent and intelligent people brave Yongwangzhiqian . The human kingdom is the man himself created the greatest and most magnificent paradise of God .


Thank you so much .。


The new spring flowers blooming meet, colorful 21-22 centuries of human history—-Fangruida


       Lecture on international business and economic and technological cooperation and scientific and technical trade negotiations academic discussion forums dinner (Amsterdam,The netherlands,14,apr,2013 )


  Gentlemen, ladies, distinguished from all walks of countries around the world work. Providers. Technology. Trade and industry elite. Leaders, distinguished experts and professors, distinguished guests and friends:



 This is the season of flowers in full bloom, I was fortunate to be invited to come here to attend the International Business economic and technological cooperation and exchange of trade negotiations as well as the exchange of scientific and technical forums, I am truly pleased. Especially with new and old friends get together to discuss the exchange, benefited, I feel joy. The trade exchange, the exhibition is very active and enthusiastic. Manufacturers around the world exquisite booth and film maker quite novel and innovative promotion. By the way, participated in the discussion and exchange of scientific and technical forums, I thoughts a lot, hard to describe. Flying over the sky, aerial Hanada, watching the movie instantly turned into orderly Hanada color box or a road landing rainbow; still visible along the verdant new land (polder), such as dams and clear blue coast, the scenery stunning Beautiful flowers, beautiful flowers, beautiful tulips symbolize noble, rich, colorful, solemn, success。。


“The first ripe fruit the first floor”, “walking footprints marching others who never left their mark,” which is Shakespeare and Einstein’s famous quote. Here, poetry and painting-like language, rippling music symbol, intoxicating.

  We are very clear and crisp, the source of life for any country regions for both the letter of the industrial, commercial, trade, technical, economic, financial investment, and so on. Especially in the new century, his importance is increasingly prominent. The world’s countries in the world rely on each other, inseparable. Market, globalization increasingly close. From a farming community to the industrial revolution, from nascent modern industrial civilization, from the human mythology for a better vision of the universe, the stars and the nations of the world to this day most of the great myths of the world’s space journey of the universe, the moon landing, Mars landing, human history indeed a new leap into a new era of breakthroughs in new civilization in the history of the universe. According to the analysis of the world economy than the annual report and the various aspect of comprehensive data, the total productivity of the modern human society far more than the development of productive forces in the past few years several thousands of times the sum of the times. In today’s global GDP of about U.S. $ 70-90 trillion, of which up to 50% – …… 70% from the modern industrial technology, agricultural technology, mechatronics, genetic bio-medicine, fertilizer, information and communication, transportation, manufacturing, energy, mining, infrastructure, information technology, aerospace, shipbuilding, high-speed rail, nuclear energy utilization, environmental protection, polymer materials, metallurgy, high-rise building, tunnel,. . . . . So, electric cars, electric airplanes, spacecraft accumulator, household appliances, household chemicals, distance education, military engineering, aircraft carriers, space shuttle, unmanned aircraft and so on. . . . . . . . Almost every aspect of human social life and have hundreds of thousands of modern civilization and modern science and technology products seamless. The traditional shackles of outdated human reason, cognition and perception of ideas, ideologies, philosophical thought, religious thought and culture, and so also will be dramatic collision and fission. Age of Enlightenment human again set sail from the new will confidently say goodbye to new ignorance and ignorant, to break the limitations of the era of history, well on its way towards a new starting point. From the nascent ape evolved to today’s modern humans, humans are paying a heavy price and sacrifice, including economic, political, military, religious, scientific and technical, cultural awareness, and so on, but also contains a substance based on thousands of years of human Production superstructure above all, politics, philosophy, religion, culture and ideology, academic and economic model of economic and political model, social model, military model, war mode, civilized mode of consciousness mode model of international cooperation, economic development and trade patterns , the concept of belief mode, covering the whole range of human and social survival in all areas and the development of civilization. Nature, including thousands of years of humankind peace, happiness, democracy, freedom, equality, richer value system. Various conflicts in the world is still ever-present. Natural revolution, science and technology revolution, social reform and revolution in the universe exists in nature all the time too. From Newton’s gravitation, cell theory, Darwin’s theory of evolution, Copernicus’s heliocentric and geocentric theory of the theory, the quark structure of the particles in the universe, the evolution of genes, the origin of life, the universe today, a variety of theoretical and academic, hypothesis, research and find another. Throughout the history of human cognition, peace and war, religion and philosophy and culture, economy, politics mode, human rights and democratic freedoms, total private, religious and cultural conflict, ethnic conflict, conflict awareness, clash of civilizations, territorial conflict, conflict with the interests of such , trade conflicts, cultural conflicts, military conflicts, psychological conflicts, wealth conflict, post-conflict countries, ideological conflict, and eventually mixed. There is no conflict and there is no contradiction between nature and human society. This is beyond reproach. At the same time, we can not put him simplistic, vulgar, confrontation and absolute extreme. Share and share, compromise and competition. Competition means confrontation, but confrontation is the lack of compromise and competition. Denied compromise, the society will tear limited to endless vicious battle; deny competition, the society does not have any impact on the vitality and social will and calm development without any changes from the jump. To compete and sharing, compromise, balance sharing basis. Only in this way, the entire society and the natural world to survive endless, eternal onslaught. Of course, as human nature and animal instinct, to be the ideal balance is very difficult, is based on the complexity of the evolution of human society and human genes into. In addition, there will be amazing what a more rational decision and explain it? ? Natural revolution, cosmic revolution, social revolution, gene revolution, wonderful in which, without saying that word. Newton’s famous masterpiece “Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy” and “cosmic system” and other great books really important to future generations to door inspiration and wisdom. Over time, the progressive development of human society, contradictions and conflicts will be less and less, getting smaller and smaller. In this regard, there was a world-famous news media reporters in the interview to ask questions and Fanji had told me, he said: You’re not moderation, half-hearted, but also the lack of fighting a successful career? In this regard, I smiled, only a few cross painted on his chest. God’s will. Not against the onslaught is to break the death; sharing and compromise is also not surrender, retreat third. Human greatness and most dangerous enemy is arrogant and greedy; humans most intimate friend is competing and sharing. Inclusive, cell fusion, sharing, and sharing. Each other, is a wise and sage. Stones from other hills may serve to polish jade. Any country and nation has a great brilliant performance of any country and the nation are bound and there is some missing astray. This requires learning and compatibility. Of course, any country has its cultural legacy, but also need to inherit and carry forward. This is not a contradiction. For example, the mathematics of calculus, the positive and negative power of nature, even if it is the flowers need pollination. Many essential phenomena of nature, mapping the light of wisdom many intriguing ideas. Clarifies the world philosopher, statesman tarnished only if extremely stupid and destroy the world. Of course, after all, is not the same doctrine and governance, and the earth is just the most important point: Any doctrine and academic is to explain the world and the real world requires not only theoretical thinking, more needs to be this or that theoretical thinking and social practices put into reality. This is also the same as an economist, how perfect economic theory created no danger, but in the real economic world, often mixed, into which it is difficult. For example, the market eco

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