So excited to have picked up a few more pieces from Fashion Nova! I’m going to show you guys what I got in this try-on haul:) Enjoy! USE MY DISCOUNT CODE …


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  1. Ila& Aury says:

    Tu e Feliphe stareste benissimo insieme!!❤️❤️ i love you!! Mi saluti in un tuo video?? Ti adoro!! Hi❤️

  2. Paulina2000 says:

    ti sta tutto benissimo e mi piace un sacco il fatto che ci siano i sottotitoli sotto e mi piaci un sacco tuuu??❤️

  3. Anna Dalaidi says:

    Sempre più bella è sempre più brava?? so proud of you, Tia‼️❤️

  4. Ada Unveiled says:

    I am LOVING that red romper omg!

  5. Stai benissimo con questo colore di capelli!!Sei stupenda e se davvero bellissima❤️La tuta bianca ti fa sembrare una modella❤️

  6. Lullaby931 says:

    Ciao Tia!! Ti ho scoperto da poco e già ti adoro! Sarebbe molto interessante un video sui college americani, sulle confraternite… Sono molto curiosa!! Ti mando un abbraccio! ?

  7. I love your new hairstyle

  8. Wow! They're all beautiful dresses!

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  9. Hi, is there a way to contact you privately?

  10. Sei bellissima con questi capelli❤❤ LI ADOROOO

  11. u are so beautiful and I love your body. so CAN I BE YOU?

  12. that set is too cute, love it!

  13. U r so beautiful. I was kinda asking are u specifically african american or carribean ,African girl

  14. Hold on….. Fashion Nova's clothing is all made in America??????

  15. Your foundation in this vid is amaaazinggg lol what brand is it? I have a similar skin type

  16. dear how do you bleach ur teeth?

  17. I'm sorry. But how can I decide the colour of the hair that I want to buy on Aliexpress?

  18. TheNessa says:

    You should get the McKenna dress in taupe like the one Kylie Jenner wore. Such a sexy dress

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