FBI Aids Terrorist Death Ray Plot to Foil Terrorist Death Ray Plot


Why are undercover FBI agents always actively setting up terrorist plots and foiling them?

Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton

Well, it appears they may be running out of new ideas. The most recent to come out in the mainstream media actually involved a death ray.

That’s right — a death ray.

FBI Aids Terrorist Death Ray Plot to Foil Terrorist Death Ray Plot

The Atlantic Wire reports:

First, the plan allegedly crafted by [Glendon] Crawford and alleged co-conspirator Eric J. Feight was ridiculous — the death ray wouldn’t work. The plan involved mounting a remote-control operated X-ray laser on top of a truck to kill people without them noticing.

Second, the death ray was inoperable. Crawford and Feight never got a real radiation source.

Third, the death ray was built with the help of the FBI. The undercover FBI agents or informants gave Crawford the tools to build his death ray — X-ray tubes — and technical specs on how to use it. (The specs were altered to change their output capacity.) Crawford had some engineering experience, and was trying to figure out how to make them more powerful. An FBI informant also financed the plot, giving Feight $1,000 to build the remote control device. Undercover agents told Feight they’d get him access to an X-ray assembly facility…

The list goes on and on about how, without the FBI, this would not have even happened (or at least never even remotely become a reality), and the men were unsure of the plan and were reluctant to actually kill anyone anyway.

Just as in nearly every other supposed terrorist plot since 9/11, the FBI has been involved in provocateuring alleged suspects from start to finish. That includes goading on the patsy, providing any bomb-making materials and other weaponry necessary, typically funding the ‘project’ and frequently pointing those involved towards high-value symbolic targets.

Once the plot is disrupted, the events are generally played up in the media as yet another attempted terror plot the public at large were saved from, and the role of FBI “sting” operation is casually mentioned later in the story, long after the headline has made national/global impact.

Wash, rinse, repeat. This tactic deliberately perpetuates the myth of terrorism that statistically harms very few people as compared with other real dangers in the world, but is framed in the media as a critical event (actually aiding in instilling the perpetrators’ intended terror). The Brookings Institution think tank even dubbed the resultant syndrome as the “CNN Effect”, where skewed media reports and the perception of immediate danger are purposefully played up and exaggerated in people’s minds.

Worse, these pseudo-events portray the supposed threat of a single individual or small group of individuals — who might decide to attack society — while obscuring the real build up of military and government powers that pose a far greater threat.

The death ray is a real technology conceived of by the infamous Nikola Tesla, and it has been developed — not by lone malcontents working in basements somewhere, but by warfare-tech contractors working inside the military-industrial complex. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (known as DARPA) which completes research and military projects for the U.S. Department of Defense has created a “next-gen” drone, for instance, which has been equipped with an actual unlimited magazine ‘death ray’ laser.

It’s pretty clear that this death ray won’t be commandeered by any hobbyist or hacker, but instead will ultimately serve military or Homeland Security purposes…whatever those purposes are.

AARON DYKES AND MELISSA MELTON created TruthstreamMedia.com, where this article first appeared.

Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton

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