Federal Court Admits Hepatitis B Vaccine Caused Fatal Auto-Immune Disorder

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Elizabeth Renter

In our society today, newborns are injected with loads of chemicals nearly as soon as they enter the world. In the name of “prevention”, we give them vaccines that we aren’t even sure are safe. As a matter of fact, in many cases, we know them to be unsafe. This is the case with the hepatitis B vaccine, approved for infants at birth but admittedly responsible for causing serious illness and even death.

The United States Court of Federal Claims sided with the estate of Tambra Harris, who died as a result of an auto-immune disease called systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). The court awarded $475,000 following her death after finding the hepatitis vaccine caused her injury in the form of SLE. But this near-admittance of a cause-effect relationship between the vaccine and the illness and subsequent death isn’t enough. No, we still give the shot to babies.

Federal Court Admits Hepatitis B Vaccine Caused Fatal Auto-Immune Disorder

So, what is hepatitis B and why are we told that it is so important that newborn infants are vaccinated against it? Hepatitis B is not pleasant and can be deadly. But newborns (and the vast majority of people at any age) aren’t at risk of contracting the disease. It’s spread by contact with bodily fluids, as in through unprotected sex or dirty needles.

The risks associated with the hepatitis B vaccine are far more pressing than the risk of contracting the disease, says Dr. Jane Orient of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS). “For most children, the risk of a serious vaccine reaction may be 100 times greater than the risk of hepatitis B.”

Still, newborns are given the vaccine within moments of entering the world.

Considered by many to be crimes against infants, the hep-b vaccination, the vaccine has been linked to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), multiple sclerosis, and other autoimmune disorders. Many experts have questioned the prolific use of the vaccine since it stepped on the scene a few decades ago. What’s more, many parents are starting to question the need for the vaccine.

“In increasing numbers, parents across the country are contacting the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) to report opposition to regulations being enacted by state health department officials that legally require children to be injected with three doses of hepatitis B vaccine before being allowed to attend daycare, kindergarten, elementary school, high school or college,” National Vaccine Information Center reads.

As a parent, it is still your decision whether or not to vaccinate your child. There is plenty of research out there to help guide you in this decision. Don’t let your doctor or the people around you be your only source of information. Do your research and determine the best solution for your child’s long-term health.

This article originally appeared on Natural Society

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  1. Rudy ! January 18, 2013 at 6:09 pm - Reply

    Private schools are the best since centuries !

    Refuse vaccines in the future if … they are to be injected in the RIGHT hand (can contain nanochip for tracking/manipulating). !

  2. gary January 18, 2013 at 2:21 am - Reply

    Back in the late 80’s, our three sons were entering the public school system, we got into quite a few discussions with the school about various requirements we felt were not safe for our children. My solution was to pull the 3 boys from public school, spend the money, and place them in a private school. This turned out to be a really good thing to do, as that school refused to take in children that would not cooperate, tossing them out. If the child had behavioral problems, the parent had to stay in the class with that child. If the parent could not control their own child, the student was rejected from school. Guess what >> the students that remained realized that it was a privilege to attend that school, and focused on their education. Our three sons went on to receive full tuition scholarships in AZ and all received college degrees. Our investment in private school has resulted in 3 solid performing and reasonable young adults. If there is data that says it is dangerous, then you have to weigh the consequences of doing what they want versus the benefits not don’t do it and implementing your plan B. In our case, we always chose Plan B.

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