FEMA Camps, Mass Graves And Ebola In The US – The Time Is Now


Susan Duclos

A must-see reminder below containing previous warnings and predictions starting with one from January 2014, where it was reported that plans were in the works for mass graves in the US and cemetaries were being readied for a “flu” outbreak. Alex Jones has compiled a number of his warnings, but he hasn’t been the only one issuing them over the lst few years and even longer in some cases. There has been an agenda, a plan put into place, FEMA Camps documented, mass graves, bio weapons labs not only in west Africa but throughout the United States as well, where deadly pathogens have been worked on, hybrid viruses created and now we see multiple infectious viruses running rampant in both places.

FEMA Camps, Mass Graves And Ebola In The US – The Time Is Now

West Africa has seen over 3,000 deaths from Ebola. The US has this mysterious EV-68 (enterovirus 68) that has now spread to 43 states and DC, with the CDC stating “In the upcoming weeks, more states will have confirmed cases of EV-D68 infection.” Now we have a confirmed case of Ebola in the US, with hospitals reporting over 100 cases involving Ebola-like symptoms since July….. but we are only learning about in October from the MSM?

Perhaps the most telling report was where the US State Department specifically ordered 160,000 specially made Ebola HAZMAT suits before the first patient (that a we know about) was diagnosed in the US

With the most recent information coming out, now is the time to start paying attention to those who were ignored when they first starting warning of this agenda, and I would urge you to take the time and listen to three recent interviews and shows, reported here at All News PipleLine, because they are from the very people that tried to sound the alarm and were waved away as conspiracy theorists, but now, their warnings and predictions have come true.

An interview conducted by Live free or Die and myself with Dave Hodges, The Hawk from Thursday and the Hagmann and Hagmann Show with Steve Quayle and Greg Evensen

For those that say “well I don’t have time to listen to 20 minutes, or two hours”……. MAKE TIME…… because these are the people that have been doing the job the MSM has refused to do, these are the people that have reported what the US government has been doing and the MSM has been complicit in covering up…. these are the people that may very well save your life and the lives of your family.

Two of those interview will be embedded below the Alex Jones video below and the third is divided up into four parts, which can be found in this ANP article.

The time for denial, the time for screaming “fear porn,” the time for burying your head in the sand and pretending this isn’t all happening… is over. The time to listen, prepare,  and to take steps to protect yourselves… is now.

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  1. Serf says:

    The ones in control of the planet are not human but reptilians without empathy or compassion and see humans as an inferior species and see humans as humans see animals. Reptilians see humans as a human resource in every sense of the word.


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