http : //www.canadastreetnews.com/indexmouthsofbabes.htm Out of the mouths of babies you have perfected praise . YEE HAA ! Brigitte DePape for Prime …


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  1. Jimmy Joe says:

    Lmao yeah ok eh lol the homeless would be the first people to find it lol lies all lies and as for N.W.O. THEY CAN KISS MY ASS CAUSE I AIN'T GOING DOWN WITH OUT FIGHT!!!

  2. Aaron Young says:

    There are 3 FEMA Stations in Canada, but none in Maritimes, i been warning Premier's by letter, and email's with youtube videos of asteroid which will hit in Atlantic Ocean on Sept. 24, 2015. Vey sad I've not heard from them or Pastor's i tried to warn. Be prepared, if not saved please accept Jesus Christ. If saved he will provide and protect us. Also to Christians, we will go through the Tribulation, the PRE-TRIB "rapture" biggest deception in the Christian community for over 150 years, to put us asleep. Dont belive this FALSE christ is second coming. JESUS CHRIST coming at end of the Tribulation, with sound of the trumpet, and his angels, in the clouds.

  3. S.R. Hurst says:

    Paranoid ranting. Nothing of the sort is happening in Canada.

  4. Feral Enemy Mystifies America…….Have a T shirt made and wear it !

  5. This video is 3 years old and it has accurately predicted the future as we see them setting the stage with military equipment around the country.
     We need to be paying attention and continue to spread the word.
    This is the tipping point and we need at least to understand what that means as citizens of the countries that make up North America.
     They have breached the Southern Border allowing the free flow of illegals to gain entrance to the United States.
     They have opened the gates of the Fema camps and are taking away our freedoms as quickly as they can manipulate them.
     They want to start a civil war and or martial law entrapment.
    We have to be ready to stand our ground.
     Talk to a war vet they will help anyone understand what's taking place under our noses that the media will not touch as they are not allowed to report on military actions..

  6. glen gaffney says:

    fema railway cars in sudbury, politicians are professional liars and manipulators. fema camps in wainwright alberta.

  7. John Charles says:

    FEMA will operate in Canada. Wake the hell up! your denial is due to your fear!
    Get saved NOW, Jesus Christ will take his bride in the pre-trib rapture, it is not deluded escapism, it is proven in the bible, some of you just don't understand it. The Bride of Christ will come with Him at the Second Coming. Praise be to GOD!!
    Islam is Satanic and so is Mohammed/Allah and all who follow disgusting Sharia Law and the Evil Quran.

  8. True?  Just Google up US NORTHCOM.  The geographic scope of NORTHCOM's command will encompass the American homeland, Canada, Mexico, portions of the Caribbean, and U.S. coastal waters …

  9. I  have yet to see any definitive proof of these camps, despite claims (or the us ones for that matter), but that doesn't mean I don't believe it's possible, or that other things such as low key military operations for this reason within cities are not happening. I know for a fact many a canadian is truly that stupid to dismiss this, as reflected by many comments most likely legit contained here.

  10. oh ya, and this particular video was bullshit, misleading title, too much of that on here.

  11. glen gaffney says:

    coffin liners in capreol a railway town at old sawmill not on google maps. fema like cars at Sudbury railway station. homeless disappearing en masse being rounded up and getting chemical lobotomized then commit suicide.wake up Canada


  13. don't you have a job or anything better to do instead of spread this nonsense

  14. So many zombies who refuse to wake up and so little time left!

  15. John Rideout says:

    This is nothing but bullshit! Where did it mention ANYTHING about them being in Canada!!?? Place your bullshit somewhere else and stop the spread of lies you moron!

  16. Funny, nothing in here in regards to canada

  17. Etoile Star says:

    target super center cornwall…

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