FEMA Needs Another 1 Million MRE’s Today, Over 19 Million Ordered in Last Month

truther September 2, 2012 0

Due to Hurricane Isaac’s landfall and subsequent stalling, the Department of Homeland Security finds that they need 1,100,000 low sodium MRE’s to cope with the sudden demand.

And they literally need them TODAY! The shipment date is set for 1 September 2012.

From the solicitation:

FEMA requires Reduced Sodium Meals.   All meals must be shelf stable, self-heating, and include an entrée along with additional meal components that can be consumed either as part of the meal or reserved for a supplemental snack.

The meals should provide a variety of nutrient dense foods that reflect the basic food groups.  Saturated and trans fats, sodium and added sugars should be limited.  Nuts are NOT to be included due to diverticulitis and allergy conditions.  

Meal components should be appropriate for consumption by the full range of disaster survivors including children and seniors (65 years and older). 

Each case shall include at least six varieties of entrée meal. All meals/kits must have 30-36 months long shelf-life remaining upon delivery.  No beverages or drink mixes required.  Meals should include: utensil package, napkin, salt and pepper, and salt free seasoning packet.

These are not fancy meals. They are simple MRE that can be purchased by US citizens through a variety of sources.

Nutritional Requirements for “Commercial Meals”

Maximum calories  1460 per meal

Minimum calories   1050 per meal

Saturated Fat      13 grams or less (<10% of total calories)

Trans Fat              Between 0 -1 gram per meal

Total Fat              47 grams or less (<35% of total calories)

Sodium range         685mg up to 1570mg

Nutritional Requirements for “Reduced Sodium Meals”

Maximum calories  1200 per meal

Minimum calories   1050 per meal

Saturated Fat      13 grams or less (<10% of total calories)

Trans Fat              Between 0 -1 gram per meal

Total Fat              47 grams or less (<35% of total calories)

However, in the past 30 days, FEMA has already requested MRE’s three times, for a total of 19,123,704 meals. Solicitation Numbers  HSFE70-12-R-0019, HSFE70-12-R-0060, HSFE70-12-R-0081

This only underscores the need for individual citizens to prepare for disasters at the family level. If a apocalyptic event strikes America, there will be no one to help us. We would be on our own.


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