Fetty Wap Admits “I’m a Devil Worshiper”?


Rapper Fetty Wap admits that he’s a Devil worshiper on the music video for his song 679? The one-eyed rapper has Illuminati accusations swirling around him …


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  1. Queen says:

    You insult people and expect to get subscribers and likes wow bye

  2. You are such an arrogant idiot. You probably don't know this, but looking down and belittling others is also Satanic. Probably as satanic as the things currently happening in the music industry.You might want to upload a video exposing yourself?

  3. nobody give a fucking lie u dumass I hate u not true

  4. you sound like a HATER..

  5. you sound like a HATER..

  6. FuZionRBX says:

    It Says Im A Remy Boys Worshipper T_T

  7. If you don't like people like this guy, subscribe to me and we'll fight together

  8. Rambo Ill says:

    the illuminati is so fucking fake and these are just irritating ass niggers making shit up. Can't wait for the time when people like jay z Kanye west and p diddy die and met GOD! then GOD says your disrespectful then puts them in hell

  9. I hate Betty wap that fucking bitch

  10. bunch of animals? racist cunt

  11. It says RemyBoy lifestyle

  12. Stoned Gamer says:

    Fuck you……………..Fetty Wap RULES…….∆∆∆

  13. Rylee Johns says:

    "Remy boy lifestyle"

  14. Nigga you fucked up

  15. it's just a song I'm going to sue you I'm not going to subscribe nigga this is hell did you said slavery fuck you must be a part of the KKK

  16. afti03 says:

    this wetty fap guy is basicaly new to me, since i don't serve comercial music anymore, but it really is desgusting to see how many of these wiggas brag about this moronic way of life, AND people in the comment section are STILL RETARDED and don't believe it. fuck is wrong with people???

  17. afti03 says:

    Hey mark, do you know about ex warlock John Ramirez, by any chance?

  18. Max Grimes says:

    shut the fuck up fred Flintstone.. You just a pig praying on black men to fail. Go jump off the nearest bridge head first as soon as you can..

  19. Ryan Chavis says:

    you're a jackass… really.. even if that is true why the fuck do you care?? Are you God? Oh your not,, then who the fuck are you to judge these people? Who gives a shit if they all worship the devil? They're entertainers they get paid to make dumb ass people like you talk while you're not getting paid to talk shit about them,, you're probably the real devil worshipper…

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