Fioravanti – The Arrival

20 Over the course of the past year, Leo Fioravanti has turned from a kid you need to keep tabs on, to a man you need to start paying …


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  1. Great video! Rock and Roll lives!

  2. 3:45 Best overtake of a wave snake ever. Classy!

  3. Come tagline ci vorrebbe: Kelly chi?
    Big up Leo, daje tutta!

  4. Orgoglio italiano!!! grande Leo

  5. SurfCulture says:

    Grande LEO !!! Forza Italia!!!

  6. he is one hell of a surfer

  7. Fuck yea leo get it!

  8. Mr Roper says:

    He'll make a good champion

  9. que grandeza ver a El Salvador entre los paraisos radicales !! yewww sivar !!

  10. Leo la legenda. Thanks Quiksilver!!! Online on We Travel We Surf:

  11. next level surfing, can't wait to see you on the world tour next year

  12. Nate Brice says:

    what a waste of great surfing and cameras with the shitty music choice

  13. WΔVΣS ŦU says:

    This kid came back from a major injury and kills it. Hes definitely a future world champion

  14. Good job Leo! Keep pushing!

  15. lucasrangel says:

    quiksilver me dar um shorte 8 anos pra mim

  16. CJ Gamer says:

    That was insane!

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