First Apocalypse – Extinction Of Dinosaurs (Doomsday Documentary)


In this edition of The End Of The World videos and documentaries, we are going to take you through a journey where you can learn about the extinction of …


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  1. @1:11 The dude says "We have no evidence that any single dinosaur lived long enough to be ?????? by the meteor". WTF is he saying there?? I have listened to it so many times trying to figure it out that none of what he says even sounds like real words anymore.

  2. Stacy Elliot says:

    As to the pandemic theories – if hurts to see the guy of Bob Bakker's caliber even considering such absurd hypothesis. Some virus that kills ALL dinos? It's just like considering that a plague could eliminate not only humans but every other mammal – the cows, the cats, the horses, the whales – you see the picture. And even the plague only managed to kill 1/3 of European HUMAN population, the rest survived. So ludicrous idea like that is worth considering while the idea of expanding planet is not? That's the general state of the "scientific" mind today. However – let's not forget about the continental drift ideas. It had taken a few hundred years for that to be considered, now hadn't it?

  3. Cesar Hake says:

    I wonder when will the day finally come that the bright scientific community start thinking seriously about the expanding Earth. The planet is expanding and the places it expands at are the oceans. Look how drastically did the oceans expand around 70-60 mln years ago. Before that the oceans in our understanding have barely existed. All that water on what now is continents was fairly shallow, no mile and over depths were available. Once the planet cracked up, the water from the continents simply ran off into these gigantic ravines that were opening between the parts of Earth crust that are our continents today. That changed the continental climate AND impacted the oceans. Could be responsible for the demise of the ammonites, which in turn could have caused a collapse of the food chain – ammonites evidently provided food for a lot of marine creatures. But – to be honest – even that does NOT explain why the sharks, the turtles and the crocodiles survived. Why did fish survive? Frogs? Why did birds survive while small feathered dinosaurs (there were a plenty) did not? Etc. Well, at least now we can have fun trying to puzzle it out.

  4. David Keyes says:

    No place was spared however they will never tell you what really killed the dinosaurs. We had a mass extinction 12,800 years ago. when a body enters our atmosphere it burns off much of the atmosphere. This reduces the oxygen level as well as reduces the ozone level reducing the size of animals and plants that can live on our planet. The dragons that survived are descended from baby dragons that never reached full size. Even plants got smaller reducing the food for plant eaters and effecting the entire food chain. It will happen again. All it will take is an asteroid to enter out atmosphere and fly by.

  5. Daniel Jones says:

    So if the earth has healed from this 65 million year old calamity and Africa and Asia were least affected by it, why are there no elephants capable of growing to the size of some of these gigantic dinosaurs? Moreover, how could the dinosaurs have found enough food on the same planet elephants live on, to grow to the monstrous size they supposedly were?

  6. OK, I get it. This establishment mainstream media produced fairy tale is just propaganda for the climate change scam that wants to tax the people for breathing their leader's air. Anyone going along with this climate change scam is either a willing accomplice to globalist tyranny or they have the mind of a child.

  7. Cole Martins says:

    Most likely the cause of our extinction will be aliens or zombies…something like that. Lol.

  8. Don't forget that nowadays many humans are responsible for endangering animals

  9. i tried they take the links out

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