First Syrian refugees arrive in Germany under EU-Turkey exchange deal


The first group of Syrian refugees to be sent to Europe “in exchange for those returned to …


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  1. Foerdi94 says:

    The weather is Fitting. May God curse their rotten Brains for this madness. Eastern Europe should do it like Australia: Don't want to pay for millions of migrants who take away your Country and threaten you? Come to us.

  2. gregg8891 says:

    WOW that is terrible !!! they only had one week to pack and they even had to get up early !!!!! WTF !!!!!

  3. Andrej Turan says:

    muslims should be deported not imported.

  4. KarlVyt says:

    Looks like exactly the most fundamentalist refugees will be brought in. What kind of stupid deal is this?

  5. the only migrants that Greece deported where irregulars, not Syrians…and Germany can't wait to get more scum into their country…DISGUSTING!!!

  6. angela merekle the axis of evil ll reuin Germany soon with no protecting or jealously on her women shame on u really

  7. PJ says:

    Aww, Did they have to get up early in the morning. To do what, I hear you say?
    To take a free plane trip to Germany for a free holiday with FREE housing food clothes and medical care.
    And whats that you said? They only had one week to prepare and pack?
    These are ADULTS you're dealing with you softbrained lunatic, you're talking about them as if they were children.
    Absolutely disgusting!
    And as usual here on eurolies, not a single peep from the opposite side, with counter arguments with why this is a horrible idea.
    This is what you call news? Have you no integrity what so ever?

  8. Freezer says:

    All non Europeans go out from Europe!!

  9. And now Germany is flying them in!! LOL

  10. Why was that woman about to cry?! They had a week to pack and an early start… FFS.

  11. SuperHuia says:

    to accept the kindness of Germany and arrive in a full burka with face covered. omg.

  12. Jon Doe says:

    R.I.P. Western Europe to weak to fight back.

  13. Why is germany comitting suicide ?

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