FIRST WORLD WAR BEGINS | Trench Defense | Verdun Gameplay


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  1. As fun as these are, I kind of wish Raptor would play more games with a storyline/campaign in them. And I wish he had a better playlist system so I didn't have to go scrolling through tons of videos just to find one set of videos or specific grouping of them.

  2. FN1900 sounds like a barking dog.

  3. could you play as the French, and play as a different class

  4. A seven nation army couldn't hold me back…

  5. n /a says:


    The SMLE, 10 shots, 10 dead foot-soldiers of the Kaiser

  6. nickmmk says:

    nice video raptor really enjoyable

  7. Dipper Pines says:

    Mine is the springfield with scope

  8. Dipper Pines says:

    Mine is the springfield with scope

  9. Che Chan says:

    Can you play different groups?

  10. Sedan57Chevy says:

    1897 Trench Gun. o7

  11. Madsen light machine gun

  12. I like the m1911a1

  13. EpicFaceXP says:

    M1903 Springfield
    if its even available in an unscoped form

  14. can the good old British soldier be my favourite weapon.

  15. LayLow 333 says:

    Nice game play keep it up!

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