First World War In The Air RAF Museum


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  1. Sakki says:

    come to think of it the first World War is not so long ago and yet we come so far with technology from back then

  2. Loved every minute Brother, I've been to RAF Cosford and it was ace. I took hundreds of photos, so I can appreciate how hard it is to get the aircraft in shot ?

  3. Machinee says:

    All those planes look so fragile, cant imagine going to war with those. Good video man.

  4. JenovaDoll says:

    Since they revealed BF1 I looked more into the history of WW1. It's really an interesting period especially because that is the reason Germany started WW2 and that again started the Cold War

  5. 311pique says:

    different from usual, cool

  6. I really hope Bf1 has a good variety of planes to make up for the lack of helis

  7. Paul Ellis says:

    Great vid!
    What a shame it takes a computer game to bring peoples attention to moments in history! #guitymyself

  8. Radu Andreyi says:

    Those were some serious brave pilots flying in these primitive planes

  9. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thanks for sharing this. Some very fragile looking planes there, kudos to the brave men who flew them.

  11. Shosho play some Dayz, now is playable (;

  12. AG.Cipher says:

    May i ask you what the music is Sho? It's really pretty :)

  13. mavvat says:

    Nice work Sho. As always

  14. 16 million soldiers dead…To bad they aren't remembered more often.

  15. shurkaku says:

    Man to be a test pilot back then can't imagine what kind of resolve you'd need.

  16. DaHoePatrol says:

    History is beautifully priceless to look at, nice video

  17. SycoDS says:

    Nice video sho thank you

  18. BF KILLER says:

    nivi video. U allways bring something different to ur videos.

  19. I just want to fly Sopwith Camels and scream "CURSE YOU, RED BARON!!!" each time I'm shot down.

    I will also purchase all Snoopy-related DLC that comes with this game.

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