Fit For Rivals – ” Damage”


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  1. You don't know anything..about me.

  2. ik what happened guys
    god: oh shit I’m running out of time ill make two at once

    a few minutes later
    god: ill just add their voices

    renee and kellin r born
    god: oh fuck i switched up their voices..

  3. I wish the lyrics were more… I don't know. But her vocals are fantastic. The lyrics just need to match the bar her vocals has set.

  4. la amaba con su cabello largo :(

  5. Evelin Veras says:

    Andy + Kellin = She……. O.o

  6. Maru Acostas says:

    there are people that think they are crazy cut and not asii , it is to cut off your chest for everything bad that happens to you or as put in cold water ! are things you do and when you have no more help from anyone to support them feel alone and worse that's my thinking!

  7. Famble Chan says:

    This is seriously one of my favorite songs.

  8. Cecilia Soto says:

    Odio que no esté en spotify?

  9. Damage Damage Damage!!! ???

  10. Kayy says:

    Y U NO ON ITUNES ;-;

  11. OMG. This is the first time I'm listening to her music.I like her.But to me….

    She looks like a girl Jeff the killer.

  12. DAMN SHES HOT! And she also has a very unique voice, reminds me of a female Andy biersack

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