FIVE GUYS in da Hood


SNAPCHAT: swoozie_snaps

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Video Details:
Art done with Photoshop CC
Edited with Premiere Pro CC
Camera: Canon 7D
Lens: 55mm

Song info:

“Seriously did you just” //

“Comedy Inquisitive 2” //


Wardrobe info:

FOREVER 21 Red + black flannel: (sold out but heres a shirt its comparable to from same place) //

N64 hoodie:

FOREVER 21 Army Jacket:

G Star Raw Jeans:

Adidas white NMD Runner PK:


25 Responses

  1. JuJu jones says:

    all that damn ketchup and mustard

  2. I live like right next to five guys

  3. assasim guy says:

    the shirt your wearing is from smg4 am I right or wrong

  4. Cringe says:

    sWooZie: What's up Alvin?
    Captions: What's up, my nigga?

  5. Tyler Starks says:

    The girl at the end looks so preaty.

  6. jacket is lit wat brand bape maybe

  7. When you from Trinidad and you exactly what he meant by deign Martin in Trinidad lol.

  8. ghost245353 says:

    You must REALLY dislike this guy since you used his real name.

  9. Johnny Utah says:

    What did the librarian say to the gamer

    Read more

  10. Maxie Ewing says:

    I think this week he will call you and ask for a ride

  11. future goffu says:

    when stuff like this happen can u vlog it

  12. Nancy Coomer says:

    I hate 5 guys. terrible staff, they are all so grumpy. gross food. I had a sloppily burger, no thanks

  13. Aye! Diego Martin not that bad LOL. Next time shout out Laventille šŸ™‚

  14. Daddy xxo says:

    in the beginning did he just say ''one day my father dies..'' or am i just hearing things?

  15. Mus Official says:

    Why the hell is he wearing a flannel, a hoodie, and what looks like a damn camo jean jacket with some ripped up jeans? Is this the new fucking style?

  16. you are getting fat swozie?

  17. poke power says:

    Can I have his n64 jumper please

  18. thug life from alex cllarck

  19. when you watch swoozie before school, at school… lol

  20. NellyBell says:

    I'm on my break from working at my job at five guys. I have never clicked faster

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