Flat Earth. Is it really possible? Are we not living on a spinning ball ? part 1


Flat Earth. Is it really possible ? Are we not living on a spinning ball ? Credits: The List Of Honor: – please – Google Search these names and remember… believe …


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  1. Fake Clouds says:

    Flat Earth.
    Is it really possible ?

  2. Termin says:

    Who ever it is that is speaking about the thermosphere is lying., outright lying. The source clearly states the thermospheere is hot, however there is simply not enough molecules to trasmit it via convection.

    His inability to not understand what he is reading is his problem, it is not an argument.

  3. Jeffrey Vonk says:

    There aren't real pictures of a globe earth yet everyone believes.
    However there are real pictures of the flat earth and no one believes.
    Crazy world.

  4. nasa just "reported" 72 new near earth asteroids, aren't you glad we have nasa to keep us safe at no cost to the tax payers

  5. many people don't believe the earth is flat,, how crazy is that??

  6. horse pucky,,, fewer molecules in space but you get fried if your caught in direct sun light

  7. I can't even watch this for more than 2 minutes. . such annoying sounds and useless noise takes away from what you are trying to convince us of.

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